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  2. Here's how one woman lives in her Prius for months at a time: https://www.cheaprvliving.com/other-conversions/living-prius/ Linda Sand
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  4. Al, thanks for your answer....No, I'm not trying to start any disagreement here.... please remember that I said there are no right or wrong answers.... I'm very pleased to hear that many people on the forum are inclusive of us part time group and from my experience so far on the forum, most are equally agreeable to letting folks have whatever size RV they want...Class A, B, C, trailer, 5th wheel, or even a teardrop... Please know that I had to quit another forum of people who were not like that...in fact, one person ridiculed me for spending a lot of money on my Sprinter.. and said that the only thing he thought it was good for was a rolling brothel.... that was the last straw and I dropped membership in the club.. extremely rude and offensive. People make individual choices all the time for various reasons... for me.. part time works.. other people may want to be on the road all the time.... There's a couple of people who think I'm envious of this and would like to be on the road more often... I'm very happy with the part time use and we do use the RV...in two years since I've owned it, I've logged just over 18,000 miles... that's not bad... it's being used... Most people have told me that normal annual miles is more like 5,000 per year.. I think the first year was an anomaly, I'll probably go about 5,000 miles per year from now on.. Enjoy your RV and travels.
  5. Good luck both with selling your house and buying a trailer! It was an awesome feeling yesterday when I finished all the paperwork to list the house. I know what you mean about being uncertain about whether you’ll like RVing. I was in the same boat over 3 years ago when I bought my trailer. Only different wrinkle was that I was using some inherited money to buy it and could only buy one once. So I ended up spending more but got it right, love my trailer. I hope you do too.
  8. Hopefully I’ll get an offer right away and won’t have to worry about it. My realtor has my house down for their agent caravan next week while I’m camping. I don’t think she’s planning an open house just yet. I think I’d rather go camping somewhere instead of remembering to wipe down the stainless steel kitchen sink every time I use it. But I’ll see when I get back.
  9. You can get retreads for $250 a tire. My truck came with retreads on drives and I have had no problems with them. One of my friends who drives a truck gets about 100k out of his drives. For me tires age out rather than wear. My tire guy says retreads should last 8 to 10 years. He recommended Acutread since they remold both tread and sidewall
  10. Colorado springs -RV tow-able. like new 2017 trail rated Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with E package and cold weather package. 8,000 miles 2" lifted, set up to be a toad vehicle/ towed- but never towed! Comes with $2800 transferable Extended Warranty, 8 years, 100,000 mile bumper to bumperJeep has Brake Buddy Stealth In Vehicle braking system and Blue Ox Alpha tow bar. no accidents, not a mark on it! tinted windows, 5% on all rears, 20% on the front 2 windows (I can remove the tint if you don't want it)brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain tires2" lift non smokers, no kids like new -mint condition 8,000 miles $30,000 cash or financing only, call Chris 719-323-0081
  11. "Their" taxes? I take it your partner is working? With dependents? Are you planning on fulltiming together?
  12. I'm late on this but many Goodyear/Wingfoot shops will do an alignment. Had it done in College Station, Texas.
  13. Yes, need more info and I assume you mean Aeolus Tires, I have never heard of them before so did a search and found they are made in China and have mixed reviews on the trucker forums. That price sounds high for an unknown brand. We bought new Dayton drive tires last year for around $350 each at TA and their Yokohama and Firestone tires look to be around $450 with Kelly Springfield's around $375 each.
  14. I believe that it will work if you can find a way to route the necessary wires between the A/C unit and the thermostat for the furnace location.
  15. The truck they where working on had a Cummins isx engine in it . It was in a logging truck that was a triple axle truck.
  16. DJW

    Latest Military News

    R I am sure they are working hard to ensure they color coordinate with their Umbrellas. Dennis
  17. I can feel the excitement building! I envy you a bit. Savor every experience as those first days on the road are a one time experience.
  18. Here's hoping for a quick sale for you guys!!!! We are preparing our house to go on the market the first of June. They are selling fast in our city, sometimes the same day. I suppose keeping it show ready is relative to a lot of factors such as the number of people living there (like kids) and pets. I've sold a few with us living in it which is a hassle if it stays on the market long because you have to be gone when they show it. If I'm understanding our realtor correctly, she is planning an open house right at the beginning. That's when the house should look it's best. So Plan A is sell to someone that already wants it and is waiting for it to go on the market or at the initial open house. And plan B would be to keep living in it until it sells. BUT Plan C is possible for us in that we are picking up our fifth wheel Monday and can live in it while the house is on the market. We just don't want the added cost of campgrounds so we are planning just to roll with whatever works and see how it goes. By the sale, our realtor expects to stage the house with some furniture. We will be down to living in the living room, kitchen, one bedroom and a bath. That's not that much to cleanup each day, especially as the bathroom is attached to the bedroom. Our last house that sold we rented a storage unit and put as much in it as possible during the sale.
  19. Posting this since it is a manual, and I need an automatic. I do not know seller or the truck. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2281009518877815/?ref=messenger_banner Seller's Description Very nice truck 800,000 miles deleted Cummins 13 spd fridge TV inverter tri pac apu like new tires and brakes truck needs nothing ready to go to work. Only reason for selling is I bought a pre elog. Seller's name is Greg Larson.
  20. Hello, this is my 2nd week of owning an RV (I bought it in AZ and am on my way back to the east coast). I might have made a big mistake this morning and contaminated my water tank. I filled up my water tank at a campground in Santa Fe this morning. I use a basic water filter I bought at Walmart (blue one that attaches to the hose). I ran the water for a few seconds and filled it up. When I removed the hose from the faucet, there were bunch of small worms on the mesh filter of the pressure regulator. They looked like tiny earthworms (but probably not). Gross! The worms were big enough that they were caught in the mesh filter. Since the water is also filtered, I hope that none of them are actually in the tank. But how about parasites, small eggs and such? I was in a hurry and wasn't at a full hookup site, so I am traveling with the water right now. I don't drink the water from the tank but I wash dishes with it. But I am boiling water to do my dishes for now. Has anyone run into something like this before? I read posts about disinfecting the tank with chlorine but many campsites say that they are on septic system and ask not to pour chemicals in their sewer. So what should I do? Thank you!
  21. so what does everyone think do you think it will work
  22. Yep - you did the upgrade for me right at the campsite in Wilmington, Ohio - greatly appreciated.
  23. I have my Aqua Hot system serviced annually for about $200. It’s not worth my time to do it myself and save $200. I would rather enjoy life and let some one else who is more qualified do it for me.
  24. Good to see the USAF is still hard at work on important uniform issues. Yes, that is sarcasm.
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