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  2. Glenn, I would expect the AC Output of the Inverter has its own built in limiting protection so no additional DIY after market protection would then be required. Of course, as I explained below, your RV Distribution Panel indeed has "its own 50 Amp Main Breaker" to monitor the current that passes THROUGH and AFTER it, but that doesn't protect the WIRING FROM Inverter output TO the Panels 50 Amp Main, the Magnums output protection and limiting should take care of that. SEHC DITTO Indeed there are as I recall numerous applications where fuses are preferred over circuit breakers. DITTO Also catastrophic fuse protection can be required "at or near" the battery, I forget the distances and current and voltage etc. requirements. Yall be safe and take care now John T
  3. Obviously, there's a difference between being paranoid about one's health and just being aware of changes that need to be addressed. To listen to some (many??) of our peers discuss medical procedures ad nauseum, one would think there's nothing else going on in their lives. My wife and I are quite aware of our health status, but don't spend much time focusing or obsessing about it. Certainly not fearful. We won't live forever. Jay
  4. It may raise it a little, but not the height of the block until you reach the max throw of the equalizer. Easy way to check the distance is to put a block under "one" tire and measure then put a block under "both" tires and measure.
  5. So, you are doing preventative care.
  6. It is a tankless water heater. It heats the water on demand very common in newer homes. It eliminates the need to keep, 10,30,50,80 gallons of water hot all the time. Dennis
  7. Wouldn't placing an 1 1/2" board under 1 wheel raise the coach 3/4"? It always has for us.
  8. With a tandem axle there's an equalizer between the springs that keeps the trailer somewhat level if one tire goes over a bump. So by putting blocks under one tire really doesn't do much good. It wont raise the rig much if at all. So to answer your question, you should put blocks under the tires of both axles.
  9. I listen to Watercolors a lot, too. Spa is just a few stations away from Watercolors. It is very relaxing. Sometimes I flip to a more modern jazz station for a bit. Maybe check out some of the Laugh USA comedians once in a while. Wife and I sometimes play name that tune on various music channels. I had SiriusXM on my motorcycle, but the reception is not as good and I had a harder time changing channels. On the bike I just listen to music on my phone thru bluetooth. Still have Sirius in the truck. I call them every 5 months to get the same rate instead of them bumping me up to their "regular" monthly rates.
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  11. In my experience with the new style Atwood furnace they do have a board problem. I am a Dometic/Atwood dealer. I have stumble through a number of this style furnaces that have board problems. What I have seen is moisture on the board when the humidity is high. And it corrodes the board and or connections. I think this is because of the location of the board being located towards the intake area on the blower, next to the burn chamber blower wheel. The opposite end of the heating blower wheel is where the old style furnaces locate the igniter board. And the old board location had interior air flow over it but at a much less restricted area. Then lowering the moisture separation problem. With the location of the board where the factory has it, makes the moisture in the air form a vapor trail. Then it condenses on the board. I have seen replacement boards on the new style furnaces fail in two months time. Now I have done some testing on old style Atwood furnaces and discovered the the seal on the inside of the exterior cover may not seal completely. I have two old style Atwood furnaces in our fifthwheel and they both leaked air past that seal that separates the interior from the exterior air. I then installed a screw to hold the center of the cover tight against the seal and the brace it seals to. Pull your cover and see if the seal fits tight or not. I have not tested any new style furnaces for that air leak. I getting close to retirement so working on the new style Atwood furnaces has ended for me. I had some discussions with Atwood on the problems that unit has so I will not work on them at all. Now if I was stuck with one of those I would? 1. Try a Dinosaur board. 2. Try to talk to Dinosaur about the problem. 3. Locate the board at another location. 4. My personal thing to do is to buy a old style furnace and install it where your original on is located. If you find a solution please let the members on this forum know what you did. Safe Travels, Vern
  12. I do not trust breakers on high ampere dc circuits. I do use Blue Sea battery disconnect switches. I also use these MRBF on the bus bar. https://shop.marinehowto.com/products/blue-sea-marine-rated-battery-fuse They save a couple of connections each. A catastrophic fuse could be required at the battery before the bus bar if the cable length is too long.
  13. Yes, the energy use is the same but the LED one produces 3200 lumens of light while a standard T8 tube has an initial output of ~2850 lumens. So, the energy efficiency of the LED tube is higher and, unlike a fluorescent tube, the light output won't decrease with time. Even though fluorescents are efficient, LEDs are more efficient. That's one of the reason, among several, that LEDs have pretty much pushed compact fluorescent light off the shelves. How much light is produce by a T8 tube?
  14. For the most part, I agree with Chad, but sometimes you don't have the correct thickness board or other leveling device to put under all tires. Putting slightly different thickness under tires shouldn't matter much, depending on what axles you have. We put up to 1 1/2" ( 2x10) different thickness under adjacent axles/tires, but no more.
  15. If you have a smart phone, check for a leveling app. My iPhone has a compass app that came standard and if you open it up then swipe left, the phone becomes a level.
  16. Very tastefull. Nicely done. Is that a water heater above the toilet? That certainly does not meet any codes for an RV!
  17. Kirk's LED shop lights are no more efficient than a T8 4 ft. flourescent. I am surprised as usually the LED is far more efficient.
  18. In general the German's heavily enforce protocol. At intersection with yield signs, the other direction has signs that indicate that you have the priority. If you stop when you have the right-away, you can get a ticket for delay of traffic. The left lane rule was significant. I have seen Mercedes going 130 mph pull over because a Ferrari was coming thru at 150 mph. The German police use Porsche for enforcement so they can catch you. Swerving over the centerline on curve can get you time in the German jail for endangering someone coming the other way. German police seldom assign 100% fault in an accident. Even if rear ended, why were you in the way of the car hitting you? Like a person pulling out from an arterial stop and not accelerating to the going speed. The ultimate was in the 70's when everyone was issuing lowered speed limits, the German actually posted speed limit signs. The Germans exactly followed the speed limits unlike out 5-10 over attitude. At the next election, they fired everyone who had a part in posting the speed limits.
  19. I had not intended to add breakers on the out side of inverters. It will connect to panel box in RV. It has its own 50amp breaker
  20. The suggestion of just the breaker is tempting.
  21. I have #4 running from each battery to a 8 post buss bar. Leaving buss bar with 2/0 to protection then inverters.
  22. Not anymore. After several years of them telling me my tissue is so dense that can't really tell anything I gave those up. Now it's just manual exams to check for lumps. I do get my A1C checked at least once year and it's good now that my doctor put me on a medicine that only has to be injected once a week. Life is good. Linda
  23. Which is why most of us are reluctant to give advice on this topic other than to encourage having a roadside service plan. Linda Sand
  24. Always support both tires on the side you are raising. It is best for the trailer and it’s suspension. I usually set the level on the floor inside the door of the trailer when I want to double check my trailers level. My wife also likes to open the bathroom door about half way to see if it swings one way or the other on its own as a final test. As for what type of level, any will work. With a regular small level, you need to check one direction and then turn it 90 degrees and check the other direction. With a small square bubble level with a circle in the center, you can get both directions at once without having to turn it.
  25. Hi Guys, My sister and I are visiting Canada for the first time. I certainly want to visit Vancouver Island. I was wondering is there a decent hotel/hostel to stay in/near downtown Vancouver. We're also trying to budget and not spend too much money. I searched a lot and found this hostel providing services. Have anyone here approached them for services? Any advice or recommendations of other places on Vancouver Island would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!!
  26. 38 foot 5iver with double axle When I need to raise one side for leveling should I put boards/blocks on both tires are only one? Also where is the best location to place the level? Any suggestions for type of level? Thanks
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