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  2. Advice? Shop carefully, preferably in person. Model numbers can shift between retailers, resulting in measurement creep and a fridge that doesn't fit. If you want to keep the warranty in good standing, confirm that the fridge will run on an inverter before buying. Also, check what the manufacturer requires for ambient temps, as these can void a warranty, too.
  3. Thanks. Ours runs off the lights at the top of the trailer and those don't come on unless we turn the headlights on. I meant when parking it for weeks. All the little things like the microwave lights and other little energy sucks killed it. (I edited) The mattress is a heated mattress...and hard as a rock. It will have to be replaced or at least topped, with memory foam.
  4. We agree with that actually the manufacturer would rather have them SItting at the dealers lot than in a manufacturer's lot. We drove the turnpikes to Nebraska for a rally and the transport traffic was heavy. In the 08 recession the Elkhart area was a ghost town. I recall all of the montana products being built in one plant.
  5. It's not unusual for lots of muscles to go into dormancy when ONE AS A GIMP favors these because the knees hurt. So even normal use is too much for these in the beginning after the knees get back to normal (no pain). I remember when one of my knees got to 100 degrees I reached "its limit". The PT gal said "we need to get to 110 degrees". She had my knee bent close to 100 degrees, she's massaging my leg getting me relaxed. HOLLY MOTHER OF JESUS, HOLLY TRINITY, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She smiled and said, "see, you can do it, your knee actually went past the 110 degrees". She told me that some patients are so bad between atrophied muscles and scar tissue from the surgery, in order to get them into PT, they have to put them under anesthesia and just bend things where they need to go. She said no one want to be in the room when they do it, because of all the snapping and popping.
  6. It is built to be towed.
  7. You're not alone. I've been trying since June 28th after receiving and returning a defective phone. A phone company without a working voice phone line ... what a concept! It's also interesting that Verizon has pushed back the shutdown of their CDMA network from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020, allowing an extra year to transition customers off of the CDMA network. I can't help but feel this is due to the Visible experience trying to upgrade existing phones from CDMA to HD Voice (VoLTE).
  8. Thank you, Alice, for a humorous look back at all the things we have learned along the way. Our Monday is complete.
  9. I liked the video at the end of the article showing the $625k Tiffin the guy uses for tailgate parties, including having someone else drive it to and from the games.
  10. Reminds me of an old Jonny Cash song “One piece at a time”.
  11. I got it one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime!
  12. Agree with Kirk. Start your motor, maybe even drive a few miles and let the house batteries charge. Then try again. Or if you can hook up somewhere, that may also be another option.
  13. You can't fix STUPID! Here's his sign.
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  15. Hope you had a great trip and a good learning experience!!!
  16. Historically, RVIA shipments to dealers have tended to outpace sales. Just because RVs re sitting on lots awaiting shipment doesn't mean there's anyone at the other end waiting to buy them. At least for awhile a manufacturer can show product going out the door in excess of what its dealers can sell. In the '08 recession one of our then local dealers was sitting on several MH's that were 3-4 years old but which had never been sold.
  17. Norcold shut down fromovertemp.going to Residential any advise appreciated. 2003 travel supreme 36 4 slides.Fridge in Kitchen slideout
  18. Would not know that by the RV's awaiting transport in the Elkhart, Goshen,ind area. Was there just last week and the lots are overflowing. The RV industry is however among the first to feel a economic downturn.
  19. #13. Not sure what Mf has to do with a mattress heater.
  20. #1 - You shouldn't have to do a shut off of your battery unless you run stuff in your rig off of the truck?
  21. We came over Monarch in mid September one year. Feet of Snow on the ground at the summit and snow banks on both sides of the pass. Yes, it had been plowed but the roadway was wet from the melting snow off the snow banks. Following week (end of September) snow storm hit Colorado Springs - just a skiff, but told us winter was coming. I wouldn't drive it in October, but that is just us. We'd be taking I-80 across or even better, dropping down to I-40 (Ballon Festival!). And by November we are on I-10. We didn't retire to have to worry about snow.
  22. LOVE IT! What an entertaining and realistic read. On #15, so then I'll stop using the smoke alarm as a timer And on #19, I thought just the parking lights activated the cameras. Spot
  23. Turn off the battery when you park her for weeks, or it dies. How to bypass an electric tongue jack and hand crank it. Buy any necessities before the day you are supposed to leave. There’s always a Wal-Mart within a half hour’s drive. Other drivers suck. When buying used, flush all the water lines – thoroughly. Pre-cooling a fridge and freezer with jugs of frozen water really helps – and also gives you good drinking water when you buy a used trailer, do not flush all the water lines thoroughly, and your water smells like sulfur. Turn on the campground water for a few minutes before you attach your drinking water hose and filter. Run lots of water through that hose – even brand new – before you hook it to the trailer! (Thankfully, I did this as black nasty gunk came through.) Even ducted AC is loud. Camping is fun. Camping with air conditioning is more fun. No matter how many times you say you're not going to watch TV and post on Facebook when you're camping - you will watch TV and post on Facebook. A heated mattress may sound nice for fall and winter – but memory foam sounds way better! Even on the best, heavy stoneware pan, turn the biscuits half-way through cooking or eat black-bottomed biscuits. If you don't run the exhaust fan when cooking, you will set off the smoke alarm. Tank sensors are just totally guessing and they aren't very good at it. Get a good checklist for set-up and break-down that says things like... Raise the tongue jack before you start driving! Furrion backup/observation cameras only work if you turn your headlights on. 20. Sanidumps LIES! Verify before you leave. 21. Dumping your tank isn't nearly as bad as I expected. 22. Those sewer hoses do NOT fit in the bumper. - Alice
  24. ^ Sounds like a splendid plan. We generally learn what we like and dislike, among other things, about an RV on the first one or two. Spot
  25. Phoenix, they are not sure what happened but the day after surgery as I was going into the shower I had so go up a small ramp maybe 6" long and the outside cord running down the back of the knee popped and locked the nurse had to help me sit down and then massage to get it unlocked. This hapend several times over the next couple of weeks. Then after I was outside walking I stubbed my toe it locked but as I was moving it tore loose it really hurt but never locked again. The consensus was the cord was trying to find a new home and it finally did. You are probably correct in that it comes from the butt muscles as stepping up on a block backwards as well as turning 90 degrees as I step up are 2 of the added exercises I do. It now only hurts a little when I bend the leg as far as it will go and then a little more. I will probably never get the range of motion you have achieved but it is coming about 130 now with a little help. The good thing is I can now walk as far as I want, shoe horses and do truck brake jobs. Sometimes it would be nice if it flexed more, and it will, but I could live with it as it is. I often use you for inspiration hope you dont mind. Lance
  26. Thank you $ Spot. I do like it. I am new to all of this so wanted to get people's opinions. This would be my first RV so I don't want to get anything huge to start out. As stated I would be using it weekends and vacations. When I retire I would like to full time in "something". I thought that getting something now to try would be a better option than waiting until I retire, buying something to live in and then discover that I don't like it. This way if I don't like RV'ing I could sell this and make different plans when I retire.
  27. A thought and offered in kindness; you've been looking at this trailer and seem attracted to it. The seller may not have had much interest from folks regarding this trailer till you. You like it and that's perfectly fine, but it doesn't appeal to me. Again in kindness and with the idea that our viewpoints (likes & dislikes) are subjective, but if I were to see this at a show I might peek in and then would just walk by, it simply doesn't appeal to me. And if I'm not alone, as in the seller not getting much interest in it, the prospect of getting it off the lot is very real with you. The price reduction and then the additional $1K off says they want to sell it, but there just may be something more. Given their desire to get it off the lot along with having a potential buyer, offer $11K cash. This only after reading the previous post & NADA link as I was leaning toward $10K cash and then possibly going up to $11K. Starting at $11K seems reasonable and if you go up to $12K as a compromise perhaps buyer & seller both win. Spot
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