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  2. 80 were caught this year: https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/25/us/florida-python-bowl-trnd/index.html That is a minuscule amount when the total is estimated in the tens of thousands.
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  4. Sometimes the literature spec rates are bare bones.... meaning no awnings, for one thing. So your weight may be higher.
  5. I just googled it, it's called Natural Grocers, seems to be quite a few of them. They have a facebook site, click on location on the left side and it pops up a map of locations. Hope this helps you. https://www.facebook.com/pg/NaturalGrocersGrandForks/locations/?ref=page_internal Looks to be west of Illinois to the pacific. I don't know much about facebook links, hope this does not bring up my account to show this. Someone please check and let me know, don't want my dirty secrets to get aired out.... LOL
  6. They put in a big organic grocery store here in Grand Forks, ND about 3 years back. I've been seeing them more and more in the mid sized towns/cities in our state. I know in Seattle, WA there are quite a few around my dau's place. Oh, the stand alone store they built here, you could easily park a truck/camper.
  7. David, Yes, the Esclade is 4x4 and it will be 4-wheel down, no sure what you means by "brake by two") .I will have the hitch depot guys do the whole flat tow package(including connect the motorhome brake with the Escalade brake, tow bar, plate etc) for me, they quoted me $4,500.00, another shop quoted $5,500. That is a very good advice to reduce the motorhome load, I will definitely going to do that when I am towing, what do you think is the ideal buffer between the max tow capacity and the tow vehicles? 1000 lbs? Thanks again for your help. John
  8. It looks like Kirk's link was incomplete, Ray. Try this one: https://www.visible.com/party-pay
  9. https://www.cheaterwrench.com/how-it-works/ I think a member posted this a year or 2 ago. It's been saved in Favourites. I like the idea of being able to retorque the nuts if you label their location on the wheel. One of the bigger battery drills or impact drivers could probably handle it.
  10. Ray, Thanks! I will definitely take that in mind.
  11. I doubt the veracity of some of the statements made about this tool. The Amazon verbiage states "3200NM" torque. That calculates out to 2360 lb/ft. torque. Not believing it, and the reviews are not glowing.
  12. I'm guessing that you are going to have to put the trailer up on jack stands, remove all wheels, and take them to a place where you can get them replaced. Question: Do you really need new wheels, or were you just thinking that you can get new wheels and tires at home and then just make one trip? Is it possible to get the wheels and tires near where the trailer is? My thought is that, if you don't really have to replace the wheels, you can just pull the wheels and tires off, take them to the tire shop, have them replaced, and then reinstall the wheels with the new tires on them.
  13. John, you are on the right path. First question: can you tow your Escalade four-down, or do you need a dolly or trailer? According to Remco, you can tow four-down if you have AWD, but not if your is RWD. What's the difference? Weight. If you have to use a dolly or trailer you will have an appreciable weight on the hitch, which is carried by the motor home. You will also have at least 400 pounds more to tow, which will put you at or maybe above your max tow weight. Since you are kind of pushing your upper weight limits, you may want to consider putting your whole rig on a diet. You can't do much about the propane, but you can reduce your water weight. Maybe carry only 1/4 tank of fresh water on travel days, and be sure to dump your black and grey tanks. You can also plan grocery trips with weight in mind. Use up the canned goods as much as possible before traveling, then restock when you are landed. One thing you didn't mention was a braking system for your towed. You really need one. Do some research on that, and get it installed BEFORE you hit the road. That can usually be done at the same time as the base plate is installed. Cost will be $3000 or more for the two, depending on exactly what you get and how much work it takes to install them. Figure on being without the car for a couple of days.
  14. Welcome John! This article may prove helpful:https://www.lichtsinn.com/blog/how-much-can-a-motorhome-tow/ FWIW, towing at or above actual GCW will reduce the longevity of the towing vehicle, especially when driven hard.
  15. Charlie, I am askin 750, is there a Fastenal near you? They have a shipping service from store to store that is a good deal. The item has to be crated, I could wrap the pallet with some OSB for materials? I weighed the hitch, it is right at 400 pounds with the three stringers with a crate and pallet maybe 450. Steve
  16. Link says " Hmm…this isn’t the page you were looking for, is it?
  17. I didn't get a chance to catch this fellow again and he pulled out this morning. Clay
  18. Hi,All, I have a 2017 Thor WindSport J34, The GVWR is 22,000 lbs, I could not find the GCWR for 2017, but for 2020, it is 26,000.00 (link as following) https://www.thormotorcoach.com/hurricane/specs/ I assume it is the same as 2017 (please let me know if anyone believe it is different for 2017 model). The dry weight of the motorhome is 16,800. so my calculation is as following: Max towing capacity = 26,000 - 16,800 (Motorhome Weight) - 2,000 (cargo, passengers) - 420 (water) - 88 (propane tank) - 480 (gas) = 6,212 (lbs) I would like to flat tow my 2019 Escalade , curb weight 5,856 The motorhome hitch is rated 8,000lbs. the difference between Max towing capacity 6,212 - Escalade weight 5,825 = 400 lbs. I understand this is not ideal, I definitely would prefer more than 400 lbs difference between my Max towing capacity and towed vehicle. However it is what it is, I figure I probably will not able to drive 70 miles/hour or even 55 mile uphills. Other than that, does any experts here see any major problems here? (I would like to drive around north American with this) Please advise. Thanks in advance. John
  19. Thetford purchased Norcold in 1997. That may make a difference in how the phones are answered. Here is the Norcold dealer locator webpage.https://www.thetford.com/customer-support/dealer-and-service-center-locator/
  20. The easiest way I know of to get the full Party Pay discount is to go the Reddit link below and pick an existing party to join. https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/
  21. I have Visible and def want to get in on the Party Pay. Not sure how to make it happen but we can save 5 bucks a month with the two of us. Eric
  22. We Flat tow our 2019 Chevy Equinox AWD Turbo Diesel 4 wheels down. Awesome TOAD. This is our first Chevrolet and quite pleased with it. Previously, we had a Toyota Prius V and a tow dolly. Tow dolly was a royal pain in the a***. Took too much time to load, unload and the scheduled stops to check the front wheel strap tension. Our Chevy is hooked up and ready to tow in under 10 minutes.
  23. Depending on where you choose to travel, you might find this challenging. Many less populated areas have only one or perhaps two grocery stores, and they simply may not carry much organic food based on low demand. Farmers markets may be able to fill that niche but are often unreliable or simply out-of-season. If this is a priority you'll likely need to spend time "looking ahead" and pre-determining the location of organic providers. And recognize that there will be areas that you'll have to skip.
  24. We eat totally organic food and have put off traveling for long distances for fear of not finding fresh organic foods such as dairy, fruits and vegetables. I’m wondering if there are others in our boat or if anyone has been able to solve this problem.
  25. That address is a residence, but I wonder why the church address is listed on his website? This deal strikes me as being similar to the old $5 unlimited 3G plans that required modifying the phone or hotspot firmware so Verizon saw it as an eligible device. They did eventually catch up with that scam and shut the devices down though...
  26. And if you look up the name of the LLC listed on their web site you get this: SELENICA GROUP, LLC was registered on Dec 26, 2019 as a type company located at 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA . The agent name of this company is: AARON SELENCIA , and company's status is listed as Active now. Selenica Group, Llc has been operating for 31 days. Company Name SELENICA GROUP, LLC Date of Incorporation Dec 26, 2019 Record Status Active Citizenship/State Inc: Domestic / CT Latest Report No Reports Found Business Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Mailing Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Agent Name AARON SELENCIA Agent Business Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA Agent Residence Address 155 SHAW FARM RD, OAKVILLE, CT 06779 USA
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