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  2. Yes you can tie down an electric awning without support poles but it is not good for the awning. Its put a tremendous pressure on the arms. especially if you are in a breezy/windy area and want to keep your awning out. the wind is constantly pushing it up and down. With the support poles that pressure both up and down is regulated to the poles and ratchet straps. I should have mine set up in a few days and will post pictures.
  3. rb, If you're using a 12 VDC to 12 VDC Converter/Charger that can deliver 40 max charging amps OUTPUT into an auxiliary 12 Volt battery, due to heat loss inefficiency it may (subject to design) require something under 50 amps being drawn from your primary battery... So, a 50 Amp circuit breaker at your primary battery and another 50 amp at your auxiliary battery will "likely" work. If it trips at your primary battery (depends on converter draw current and time and time current curves of the breaker) you may have to use a bigger breaker, but that's still okay to protect 2 gauge wire. Based on a max current of 50 amps, that #2 copper welding cable has more then adequate ampacity and Id venture a guess wont yield enough line voltage drop to require any bigger wire be used. Hey I've seen far worse and more marginal wire size (like maybe 6 gauge use) so that #2 and 50 amps breakers at each battery WORKS FOR ME. When designing a branch circuit you FIRST compute the maximum continuous current SECOND size the wire to have a minimum ampacity of 125% of that, THIRD size the overcurrent protection device TO PROTECT THE WIRE not the device, that's another story. Its fun spending YOUR money lol John T
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    Chevrolet and Fleetwood

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  6. Fortunately for many of us, Dinosaur makes a very handy universal ignitor board series that works well in many Dometic furnaces, water heaters, and some refrigerators. The UIB's come in both large and small formats and cost less than the OEM boards. I usually have one in my spares just in case I need it for my own devices or to help out a fellow RV'er...
  7. On our TT we often moved the support poles from connecting to the side of trailer to vertical on the ground and tied down. I was wondering if the same could be done to the fancy awnings. We enjoy sitting under the awning and watching a nice rain. Thanks for posting.
  8. Wow that had to be pretty drunk. Even if you forgot about her going the wrong way, she kept going after climbing the curb with rear tires.
  9. Dutch, I once had an older Onan Genset (before they became Cummins Onan) with a circuit board that went bad IT WAS FULLY EPOXY ENCASED and Onan charged something like $500 for them grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I called Dinosaur and they didn't make a replacement nor did they know of anyone who could disect and repair them. After looking and shopping for new or used I finally broke down and bought one BUT HEY IT FIXED THE PROBLEM what ya gonna do especially when on the road...………..I've owned RV's over 49 years and unless you buy say a Prevost or similar and pay a small fortune the darn things are built cheap n flimsy and no matter how old or new it seems were (or me at least) always having to repair them grrrrrrrrrrr. Theres no free lunch but I still wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything. A buddy went to Florida last year rented a Condo and sat in it or at the beach 2 months, never talked to anyone else all the doors are closed of course, and got so bored he came home HEY IM NEVER BORED with buddys in the RV Parks and Antique Tractor Shows (where Im an exhibitor) and Bluegrass Festivals all winter wooooooo hooo Best wishes Dutch and others John T
  10. In three out of four of our RVs we could make the curves just fine but we didn't fit under the overhang at the pickup window. But, we never tried it drunk. Linda
  11. Actually not, return to the original topic post and read the contents and thread title, which pertains to switching to LED lighting.Yea, I know nitpiking.🧐 Now if anyone wants to drive where stop signs are optional, drive into a town in Mexico.
  12. Heat dissipation was why I was thinking clear coat instead of potting the board, John. That could still be too much insulation, but I do note that Dometic uses potted ignitor boards on their water heaters.
  13. Retired backpackers

    Chevrolet and Fleetwood

  14. I hear ya! I'm ordering up 60' of 2AWG welding cable, solid copper. USA Made.....Will fuse it at the trucks battery with a 50amp Circuit Breaker and at the input to the trailers batteries with the same 50amp circuit breaker With a 40a charger, do these numbers sound right?
  15. Good discussion Lou, so much depends on the quality and features of his DC to DC Converter and its INPUT requirements (how low yet still deliver sufficient regulated charging voltage and current) and OUTPUT charge parameters. Of course, I'd still advise the use of a single bigger gauge wire then a string of SIX conductors all wired in parallel (that's just strange at best)..... I cant in good faith recommend that (even if it will "work") but hey its his RV his money and his choice certainly not ours. Fun sparky chatting with yall John T
  16. So are you talking about the area above the lower shadow mountain sites? The road we saw going up looked rather steep but I didn't drive it.
  17. Most of the time extremely large conductors are used to minimize voltage loss, not to provide current carrying capacity. A single #10 wire can carry 30 amps. A single #8 wire can carry 50 amps. The problem in low voltage applications usually isn't the wire's current capacity, it's the voltage loss along the wire dropping the voltage at the far end enough to restrict how much current the batteries can absorb. 20 ft. round trip (40 ft. total) of #8 AWG will lose 1.01 volts at 40 amps, so you'll have 11-13 volts at the far end under full load, depending on the alternator's charging voltage. This is enough loss to cause problems charging a battery directly but not enough to effect the Renogy's performance. According to the Renogy NG-DCC1212-40 manual it will work with input voltages as low as 8-10 volts so a single run of #8 wire is more than sufficient to feed it. (I'm not an electrical engineer, just a radio tech who knows how circuits work). πŸ˜‰
  18. I know this is a reply to a very old request but we camped at Upper Teton View in September this year and it was absolutely one of my favorite boondocking spots. The road in is very tight and if you encounter another rig on the way up someone will have to back up. It's less than 1/2 a mile of the tight road. The views are nothing short of spectacular. If you want to be right on the edge where the best views are you will have company close by but we enjoyed it. We made many friends and had community campfires each night. There is room to spread out if you don't want to be as close to others but you won't get the great views.
  19. Good afternoon Dutch, I would say if it keeps water off the sensitive components it could sure help, HOWEVER the answer depends on there remaining sufficient heat dissipation as coating would obviously affect that. Thermodynamics and heat transfer was NOT my cup o tea when studying electrical engineering so take this with a grain of salt lol Best wishes, John T Live beach camping in Port Aransas Texas
  20. rb, while sure it can "work" its NOT how this retired electrical engineer would recommend. While it may not be exactly the same in your situation, when designing AC Power Distribution the use of parallel conductors (typically two, NOT six) was NOT allowed below certain wire gauge in case one conductor opened...…... Your use of large cable and quality low resistance connectors will greatly improve the charge balance when connecting multiple batteries in parallel CONGRATULATIONS.....I think we already discussed its best for balance if multiple batteries are the same type and design and size and even age?? Of course, when using a DC to DC Converter much of these concerns are not so applicable since it merely requires energy from Battery A and uses it to charge Battery B and thus compensates. John T
  21. You can tie it down the same, but the support poles allow you to tie it up also. Without the support poles, a wind pushing downward on the awning can do damage. A manual awning has support poles built in.
  22. Thanks! Good Advise..... My friend who is a head engineer at Disney World would get a kick out of your last statement.....Love it!
  23. Towing, I'm usually at 2200-2500 RPM.....Not towing it is around 1800 RPM I only need this extra battery charge when towing.
  24. "Fast food joints should make their drive through bigger to accommodate:" - Drunks !! 😁
  25. Agreed. I just tried through the Escapees web site and all the other co-op parks connected but Evergreen came up with the above message. I then googled evergreencohoskprvpark.com and was taken right to the site. It has to be Escapees' web site where the error is.
  26. It has been my experience that any options that you installed have ZERO value to a dealer when they are establishing a trade-in value BUT when it hits their lot, they highlight the heck out of those options, to their advantage. The adage of buy low and sell high is their mantra. Much better to do the sales yourself since you know what you did as options and why you did them. The buyer will get educated from your experience and not from a salesperson that typically knows little. Use this edge as an advantage.
  27. Auto alternators are size large now so they will produce sufficient amps at low engine rpm. My F350 (220 amp alt I think) gasohol camper truck runs 1500rpm ish at 65mph in road gear bob tail. I haul/tow in 5 and 4 ratios so it is 2000 or 2500rpm so there should be amps available. A diesel will cruise at lower rpms / lower amps. I am making this up because I actually don’t know what alternator output would be on your modern truck at lower rpm.
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