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Was looking into Wyoming for volunteering. Has anyone volunteered there.

Hoping it be to cooler..

They have a few openings in NP ans Sp with FH which DW has to have.

I don't want a private park.

I've never volunteered yet.

Thanks ya'll

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When I want to know what temps to expect to experience in a place I plan to visit, I use the Weather Underground monthly history website.  With a few clicks of a mouse you can see the history of a full months temperature swings going back some 20 years. 

For example here is a link to the July 2016 weather for Thermopolis, WY, probably one of the warmer spots in Wyoming.  To change locations go the upper left and enter the location in the "search locations" box.  Once the location comes up, scroll down to the Almanac area and look for "Calendar View"

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Having lived in WY for 18 years, I agree that temperatures vary quite a bit across the state, Even so, temperatures that exceed 90° are uncommon and humidity there is usually under 20% and less than 10% isn't uncommon. As a result, it is rare to work up much of a sweat even when working hard outside. 

There are quite a few volunteer opportunities in WY with the National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone NP most likely the two best known. Many of the state parks also have volunteer opportunities as we have friends who hosted at Curt Gowdy SP for many years, in the mountains west of Cheyenne. I suggest that you take a look at the state parks volunteer pages first as the two most popular above both tend to fill very early. In addition, the USFWS has volunteer opportunities there and you may also want to look into SD as they have some great opportunities in the Black Hills, just east of WY.

I think that for this year you will find many of the best opportunities already filled but there usually are at least a few openings that remain unfilled so don't give up.

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Wyoming Territorial Prison, interp work so you get to be an actor in the prison. We missed out due to a scheduling conflict.  Another is just across the border in Utah at Flaming Gorge. 

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