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  1. SOLD!!!
  2. New Haier washer and Kenmore dryer for sale. $200.00 for the pair. In Paducah Tex. Freddy Prather 940-655-8370
  3. Don't know where Jeff went, I didn't mean to post it did it without me. Anyway have fun everyone. Life is GOOD!!! Freddy and Delcie
  4. It was good to see and Tina. You never know when you will run into someone on the road, It's like a box of choclates
  5. I haven't posted in a while,, When we were at Pilot Knob the 19th of Feb Delcie had a heart attact Lucky we were at Yuma where they have a great hosp. and Cardilogest. She was in ICU on a ventilator for five days and in the hosp. five more, then in rehab for five more. Even tho she was weak we did make the Escapade. We enjoyed time with Terry and Jeri and Jeff and Tina, we are now at our homebase at Paducah Tx. Delcie is weak but doing well. We did have to give up our camp host job in Colo. because of the altitude. Don't know how much traveling we will do for a while. Maybe we will get a NM state parks pass and spend the summer checking them out. Hopeing everyone is well and having fun. LIFE IS GOOD!!! Freddy and Delcie
  6. Sorry Linda. Thinking of you at this hard time. Prayers going your way. Freddy and Delcie
  7. ya'll are in our paryers. Sorry about your Dad.
  8. Great!!! Hope we can volentier to drive the golf carts again. Will see ya'll before Escapade
  9. Hi Toni We are still at the ranch waiting for window blinds. Will probly be there in early Feb. Hope to see ya;ll before then. LIFE US GOOD!!!! Freddy and Delcie
  10. sWe signed up for the Escapade in March, Hope to see some of ya'll there. We are still at the Ranch waiting for new blinds. They are supposed to be there the 10th. then heading west. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Freddy and Delcie
  11. We host a forest service campground on Vallecito lake 15mi N. of Bayfield. There are 4 campgrounds on the E side of the lake. No hookups but cheaper than parks.
  12. Scratch, Scratch, Scratching the hitch itch. We are in Lubbock Tx. Going to the Ranch tomorrow for a week or two. Then slowly on West. LIFE IS GOOD!!! Freddy and Delcie
  13. Just a update. My therapist says I am doing great. She is pretty sadistic but has me ahead of schedule. Next Dr. app is the 15th, if he turns me loose we will try to scratch the hitch itch before Christmas. On another note, We had to put our black cat Colie down yesterday. Had not been well for a while and quit eating a week ago. We are morning but know that he is better off in cat haven. He was 16 years old. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Freddy and Delcie
  14. Iam still here. It's been two weeks since the new hip, I am still on a walker but getting better every day. Delcie is taking good care of me, she has me spoiled. Don't know when we will get to scratch the hitch itch, Thinking mid Dec. Havent been on the internet since the sugery, hope I haven't missed much. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Freddy and Delcie