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  1. I am thinking about installing a auquahot in our Teton fifth wheel. Looking for better heating possibility and more even heat. I found a used unit that I think would work. So now to figure out what I want to do . And how to do it. Safe Travels, Vern
  2. You could take it apart and see if there is something stuck in the valve. Last winter I took mine apart at the small screws so as to rotate the end to tighten the pipe fitting thread. There is a 11/4"X1/16" oring that seals it. Pay attention to it. There is a small spring inside with a small weird looking valve. If you take it apart make sure your on a smooth surface or lay something down to catch the parts. You could loose the parts. the spring is really week so it should not fly very far. I now have two spare O'rings just for that part. This came about when I replaced the check valve at the cooling plate for the ecm. Once the check valve was replaced it started leaking fuel at the pipe fitting on the valve. Fitting did not leek fuel just let air inside. Real pita ,. But now the truck starts as it should. Only 9 years of not the best starting N14 cummins Have fun hugging your truck,. Vern
  3. Why was he banned. And how can you tell. Vern
  4. You need to call Dometic for tech support. They are very helpful with tech issues. I am a Dometic dealer, but never had anything to do with that style system with the flame just reducing in size. There may be something blocking the pilot gas flow, but calling Dometic will be a good idea. Safe Travels,. Vern
  5. This is some of the things you will need to look at. And what and why I did it. To keep the top of the bed as low as possible I used 5" x 2" X1/4" wall box tubing for the cross members. So there is a cross member just forward of the rear bar that controls the rear axle from side to side. So really the bed is just a flat bed. Or rather it was on the original truck it was on. So my slider is only about 6' long. I added 16" of length to the truck bed for tool boxes on the back with three doors across the back. Now inside the center tool box there is a 2"x5" tubing support angled up to support the rear of the tool boxes where the sliding hitch rest when extended. The whole bed is built with 1/4" plate steel. Three reasons for using 1/4" plate steel. One is for weight when bob tailing. Second is for added strength for the hitch. The third is safety in case of an accident. This bed was built in October 2006. In March of 2007 we were hit in the rear by a Peterbuilt truck at about 40 mph faster than we were traveling. So I cut off the rear 3' and rebuilt it. Our old fifth wheel had about 4000 lbs of tongue weight. In that situation only the sliding hitch supported the weight . With the tongue weight now at about 6000 lbs, maybe there should more support. So now with the hitch extended there are two ( I think ) category 4 top links that are installed at an angle upwards and inwards to support the end of the hitch when it is extended. I used a commercial air sliding hitch from a HDT. Cut the center out so that I still had the sliding mechanism and locking parts. Then welded the locking mechanism to the new center assembly that now has the hitch head on it. This assembly is bolted to the truck with the same mounting as the hitch was originally attached with. Now pay attention to the overall dimensions....?.. Last year I put a grill guard on the yj, ?......????? Loaded the jeep and at the angle it sits ??????? boy that grill guard looks high Get out the tape measure just in case BIG FIVER might just want some Diet Pepsi . 2",under the legal limit. Get that big fiver. 2" under. Also the front of the hitch gets bolted down to the frame when it is in position. I was a draftsman when I was young and have done a lot of construction and steel fabrication before. So with a set of plans for what steel needed to be cut, off to a steel supplier I went. Picked up the steel and assembled the bed outside in a field. There is more small details, but it would take a lot of typing to explain it. Safe Travels,. Vern
  6. I used 3"x5" x 1/4" wall tubing for the long supports and double them on both sides. I need to go do some work for my business then will take pictures from above later today. If not then I will take them in the am. I really looked at several car hauling trucks to see how they are built in the hitch area. That will give you a better Idea of how much they support. Also if you can watch one going into and out of a truckstop notice how the truck itself acts. It is much different than a normally loaded truck. I need to go fix a water heater on an RV. Maybe we should talk on the phone. Safe Travels, Vern
  7. I did email you pictures. Sorry I cannot post pictures on this forum because of the iPad mini I use. Post them on this forum if you like thanks,. Vern
  8. How about this setup. I used the original sliding hitch from the truck. Just moved it back to its new position. Removed the old hitch from the sliding mechanism, and built an extention with a binkly head mounted on 2 1/4" of rubber. If you look in the test post section you can see this setup. With this I pad mini I cannot post pictures on this forum. Safe Travels, . Vern
  9. I forgot to say that the best hand cleaner for my skin is permeates DL hand cleaner. It only comes in containers with lids. I just found that a can of shaving cream work good and the DW does not complain about the shaving cream can in the bathroom. I have not shaved for 40 years. Just trim it as needed. Safe Travels,. Vern
  10. Look up blackstrap molasses for curing arthritis . It a natural cure. It has helped me with arthritis . Safe Travels,. Vern
  11. I leave the lid loose on the normal hand cleaner can in my service vehicle . So as to access it numerous times a day. But leaving the lid off it dries out, then one has to pour water into it. Then the lid falls down on the ground. Vern
  12. I finally look at the program you provided. It does look interesting so I will put in the data in a week or so when I have time. Now for some more fun, my jeep is painted Volvo white and has a Volvo decal on the hood. What the ---- , when did Volvo make jeeps. When I painted the jeep I rubbed the paint through at the front of the hood. Quick fix, just put a Volvo sticker on it where the paint was rubbed through. No one every said dummy, you rubbed the paint through to the primer. But there is a Chevy crate motor under the Volvo sticker. Time to hug my N-14. I may replace the fuel line to head on the motor today. At least see if it can be done without removing the dog house to access the rear of the head Stay Safe, Vern
  13. This is a different use for a common product. A can of shaving cream is a handy container to operate and the product inside does work for a hand cleaner. Just when your hands are really messy, you have to remove the lid on a can of hand cleaner. With a can of shaving cream, just push the button. Stay Safe,. Vern
  14. But I haul a jeep. So where does it go. I could not resist,. Thanks for the info,. Vern
  15. The other day I was in a NAPA auto parts store that mixes auto paint. Just looking around in the paint and body work section. And they have what they say is two part clear coat in a spray can. Now I much prefer real paint, but what a pain to mix a small amount for clear coating your head light lenses. Last winter after polishing my head lights several times in the last ten years, I sanded them and clear coated them with regular auto clear coat. I did two trucks at the same time. So the other owner helped with al the work. A lot of work for such a small job. The spray can had warnings on it for the type of paint in it. But just did not think about it till now. Sand and clean lenses, tape off to protect other things. And shot it with a rattle can. Happy motoring,. Vern