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  1. Now I have question for the people that have singled there tandem axle truck. Does your abs brakes operate properly. How do you know. Did the shop that did the work do it professionally. Just really curious. I know one truck that I repaired that had only two of the 4 wheel sensors inplace. One of them was bad. Installed a new one in place of the bad one and added two others ones. Then the wiring harness that went to the transmission Eco from the modulating valve was bad. the shop that singled the truck broke the original modulating valve. They just stuck one on from an old truck. Meritor needed a proper valve installed to help with the diagnosis with the truck. So customer purchased the proper valve and I installed it. I did get the truck to operate properly and shifted as it was designed. the transmission did not operate as designed or the owner would probably never had it fixed. Just curious,. Vern
  2. Av8r3400 I see the drawing. Have you ever taken apart a rear axle and looked at what is there. If you look at the picture of the bearing assembly that stekay posted it shows a real life assembly. And what I posted on axles you can see where the normal hubs are located. The drawing that you show is not really representing what our standard hubs are Now back a few years ago I did wear a suit and tie to work at an engineering firm. But that was not what I really liked doing. There will be pictures of a rear axle being disassembled on Thursday or Friday. Hopefully if the shop gets the truck in there. Safe Travels,. Vern
  3. Use some 1500 grit sand paper and sand the points that are in the switch. Just did mine last week. Needs done every so often safe Travels,. Vern
  4. What thermostat do you have. Search online or in your operators manual how to reset it. It should then operate it properly. Safe travels,. Vern
  5. 4 Michelin XDN2 Higher weight rating . Not cheap but may do what you want it to do. All on the outside safe Travels,. Vern
  6. Stekay, your photo that you posted has a good view of where the bearings are located in the hub assembly. On the second photo it shows the inner bearing is located at about where the studs end on the inside. Now with the offset wheels, one facing out and one facing in that puts the center of the two rims at about where the inner bearing is located. The next posting you have is somewhat not true for what most of us have as our rear axle. Now one can say different but just saying what you normally see on out trucks. If you look at the pictures that I posted you can see where the hub assembly is located on the axle. If you look at the axle pictures it shows the brake assembly where the inner wheel is located. So it looks like the brake shoes are located about where the tread is located on the inner wheel assembly. Take a look and think about it. Safe Travels,. Vern
  7. There should be a small strip of switches on the pc board. The switch has maybe 6 switch positions on it. They are so small it takes a ball point pen to switch them. There should be one marked heat. That is the one that I think should be switched. They are just a rocker motion on the switch. While you are there make sure there is a switching valve on the ac unit. If not then hopefully it has a heat strip. Safe Travels,. Vern
  8. https://www.meritor.com/productsandservices/truckproducts/rearsingleaxles.aspx https://www.google.com/search?q=semi+truck+axle+photo&client=safari&channel=ipad_bm&prmd=isnv&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&fir=0P7MymE-XIMgiM%3A%2CMxKpWk9e4u82-M%2C_%3B7OojAkz-eiT4MM%3A%2C7s1XcmwS56ozBM%2C_%3BnWEO_ZslPjU3jM%3A%2CGixNsRCZVSsTLM%2C_%3Bm_G9vAssH6ozyM%3A%2CfsNXPyKFDZYH7M%2C_%3Bm7VxQe9X8Uz17M%3A%2CDd-NL3d_NuHAbM%2C_%3BMaDmGDt0TeSgKM%3A%2Cvt-U21Nozim2RM%2C_%3Bsw3VpA9VA6JrXM%3A%2CKYnzIUzaXw_IfM%2C_%3B-f2vwupVt4EK6M%3A%2ChugCGqq9RW1qIM%2C_%3BaWs_Kx0bxPCOqM%3A%2CsKQq8wnX7fp_eM%2C_%3BeyoLkJKHdT6WAM%3A%2CwyITpbFkN5dXdM%2C_&usg=__kNNGBQSjlMVt_xV52rQfB9jyipE%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtg-ysruHSAhUU72MKHTZQAVsQ7AkIMg&biw=795&bih=566&dpr=2#q=semi+truck+axle+photo&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CT-OINlVp2I4IqABhFYwJHZKnj-lyH4dWDyWgcMzdT1BJ2Y9YQOMQER_1mrVEp_1-yNBQFQkxmRO5MBBElzxkBL1jmxXt8RVfAJy6-kc4rBd3EjDYJ9Ffpup4Jjw5VHh6zapmvIQ9wGZchc1pgQazKi4V3vx2lef5nJ66JFRO8MN6OGQ-D-qHBzQvIfh4a39PVQUDH60gCfWq8tzV_14O9TvTYQfZGX4dXdgfk8tCoSCYRWMCR2Sp4_1EUZ8NXERKZUmKhIJpch-HVg8loERqj0geGDZKlkqEgnDM3U9QSdmPRGPsRxh3FJVdioSCWEDjEBEf5q1EdSnqhkuHtMyKhIJRKf_1sjQUBUIRW9lSRXw6HoEqEglMZkTuTAQRJREAi3BOs0WKbCoSCc8ZAS9Y5sV7EcqctHVdQMYTKhIJfEVXwCcuvpER0WyiIOyLUm4qEgnOKwXdxIw2CRHx5AvHyVgTByoSCfRX6bqeCY8OEQS6S91b8uM7KhIJVR4es2qZryERyOaIJFnuHWsqEgkPcBmXIXNaYBFIZIU9eUd79CoSCUGsyouFd78dEZ2mRKNorASHKhIJpXn-ZyeuiRURpuwga-rS2_1sqEgkTvDDejhkPgxEArlY0D8bLjCoSCfqhwc0LyH4eEUstLl3xTV_1TKhIJGt_1T1UFAx-sRsxojqjF65zkqEglIAn1qvLc1fxFuctkkLeF4MyoSCeDvU702EH2RETVV1UHG2FajKhIJl-HV3YH5PLQR92e2OXGoL2U%3D&*&imgrc=t1oP_2yfXNuJ4M: just wanted to have a picture to show where the bearings are located on a rear axle . I am searching for a better picture to show where the bearings are located but it may take some time for a good reference picture. Notice where the hub assembly ends. Vern
  9. Newer try
  10. Chuck, Take look at your rear axle without the wheels on. The bearings are about 80 percent off set to the outside of the center of the wheels on a standard axle. The brake shoes and accompanying parts are on the inside. Not many can understand that statement. So if one has dual tires on then the bearings should wear out faster. I only went college for 2 days so I guess I am not educated. If you pull your wheels off then take the brake drum off. Just to see what is there. Take some pictures and the post them to see how wrong I am. Safe Travels,. Vern
  11. Single outside 11r 24.5 tires and wheel we have traveled about 180000 miles this way
  12. It works great. It will turn on the front axle when not hooked to the fifth wheel but with the jeep loaded it will turn on the center of the rear axles when the fifth wheel is connected I run with about 25000 lbs on the rear axles when hooked to the fifth wheel and with the jeep loaded it rides better than dual wheels and better than single axle now do not visit Houston at all as doctor pepper will not help just keep him guessing in hiding . Wrknrvr
  13. Maybe now just maybe I can figure this out
  14. I just stumbled into these a few days ago and thought they may help someone. http://www.twinslan.net/~n0nas/manuals/onan/ Safe Travels, Vern
  15. Sorry for being so negative about Florida . I need to make a few statements to help why I was so grouchy . May 24 th this year I hit a deer with the jeep. It took about 6 days to get it drivable again. Then three days later the transmission went out of it. Switch the tool and eguipment for my business to another vehicle . Then the wife had shoulder surgery . It ended up being twelve weeks with her arm in a sling. The first 11 days after her surgery I could not leave but for an hour at most for food shopping. In the first 11 days I really did not sleep. This is while I am normal working seven days a week. Then she needed physical therapy so I did take her to some appointments but ended up having someone else drive her for her appointments. She still cannot drive. Then a friend calls and needs help in Homosassa Springs. So we drive 2800 miles to help friend. Get there and help a few days and he really does not need me to help. We visit with the wife's parents for a day. Then she spends three days with her parents over thanksgiving . They tell us they are moving back to Pennsylvania as her father is having health problems. So no need to go ack to Florida. So I am doing somethings on our 5thwheel. And the incident happened that really did not need to happen. But it did. In the seventies I had someone try to steel a custom van I had. But I was sleeping inside. Total days off for fun things since May 24 has been 5. The post went way farther than I thought it ever would. I have not read it all as we we traveled 2200 hundred miles since the first post. Sorry for such negative thoughts , But sometimes one can get overwhelmed when things do not go well. Again sorry for the negative that's that I had. Vern