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  1. But I haul a jeep. So where does it go. I could not resist,. Thanks for the info,. Vern
  2. The other day I was in a NAPA auto parts store that mixes auto paint. Just looking around in the paint and body work section. And they have what they say is two part clear coat in a spray can. Now I much prefer real paint, but what a pain to mix a small amount for clear coating your head light lenses. Last winter after polishing my head lights several times in the last ten years, I sanded them and clear coated them with regular auto clear coat. I did two trucks at the same time. So the other owner helped with al the work. A lot of work for such a small job. The spray can had warnings on it for the type of paint in it. But just did not think about it till now. Sand and clean lenses, tape off to protect other things. And shot it with a rattle can. Happy motoring,. Vern
  3. Are you still planning on making it an outlaw truck As was discussed in a previous thread. Or as others do Safe Travels,. Vern
  4. This just for thinking about when you are going down the road bobtail. Does anyone consider more tread traction with more weight on the rear of the truck. Or less weight and less traction on the tires. Safe Travels,. Vern
  5. Yes that is it. I could not get it to copy on this forum. Thank' s. Vern
  6. This company provides rv's for the movie industries for movable living quarters. The were sold to Quixote studios. But they have mid 2000' s Tetons that are remodeled. So if one wants to remodel your RV, this will show how much things can change. Sorry there is direct link but this site will not let me post a direct link. Safe Travels,. Vern
  7. Vegas Teacher, You missed your first day of class in Las Vegas. I was sitting at the Clark County shooting preserve waiting for you. But it was my vacation time so I had to leave. Now there is a slim chance we can stop by the national rally this year. We may go east on a fast trip for the DWs mothers birthday . That is not set for the time but it should be late October. So we mite be there. If it is possible I will leave my work early this year and make the rally. Now if anyone can visit Kalsipell Montana this summer I could probably give them some things to help with. When they have a problem, not if. Safe Travels,. Vern
  8. Maybe there should be a basic class for truck ownership. That is in the direction of maintenance and preventive care. For safe and fun operation of our trucks. just a thought,. Vern
  9. Welcome to the school of hard knocks. Now take this gently, but as Daryl said there is a lot of experience on this forum. Most of the time problems on these trucks are simple things if you understand them. That is where this forum is really helpful. You need to pay attention to the gauges, how the truck is operating and how things look under the hood. yes under the hood. That magical thing that has noise under it. You may get really mad at it. Then sometimes you will want to hug it. Ok now you may want to go look at it and start seeing what is there. Maybe by your self at first. Just in case you have problems and do not want an audience. That should get you started to understand this new subject. Now be nice to it when you see it again. Safe Travels, Vern
  10. Has the coils ever been cleaned. If not do that first to see if there is any blockage or dirt on the coils. They should have clean aluminum showing. Safe Travels, Vern
  11. The c/l of airbag on my pin box is 24" from the rear pin. The c/l of pin for the hitch is 12" from the center of the airbag and 12" from the rear pivot pin. So Phoenix could calculate the pin weight that would be appropriate for this hitch. I do have a double convoluted air bag. 8 3/4" dia airbag. Safe Travels,. Vern
  12. RandyA,. I use a iPad mini and cannot post pictures on this forum with it. If you send me a email link I can send you pictures. When this iPad was new I could take a picture and immediately post a picture. Then the DW updated it and it lost the ability to post pictures.. Now for what have been working lately is installing a Aquqhot heating system in our Teton . I have been taking photo's. The heating unit is installed and the 4 heat exchangers are in stalled. Two heat exchangers are operating with there own thermostats. The other two are larger heat exchangers with speed controllers on the fan motors. These two units are not finished as I need to wire the remote thermostats and some other lose ends. We were hiding in Utah,Idaho and Montana for about 4 weeks on vacation. So it may be a few weeks till it is finished. So at that point I will find a way to post pictures. And post the ones on the nylon blocks also. Safe Travels to all,. Vern
  13.  I can take a picture. But I use an iPad and it will not let me post pictures on the forum anymore. It did when I got it but not now.

     I can send you a picture or more if needed by email.

     I am going to work for awhile , but when I get back today I can take some pictures and send them.

    Safe Travel s,.  Vern

    1. Wrknrvr


       Ok I got pictures .  They are too big to send on this forum. Send me a email. vapskp@yahho.com

  14. Brain said one thing....?.. tear axle ?...... .? I mean adjust tire air pressure when pulling the RV . Now I was at Kaman bearings and seen a air bag similar to what was in the pin box . So I asked them and they supply then for sawmills and other industrial situations. I did some research and measuring. Bought one about 8 3/4" diameter. It is the same design shape, just larger in diameter. Unfortunately I sand blaster the hitch when it was apart . So no stickers for info. It does have two shocks. After adding the nylon guide blocks I painted it with an epoxy paint. Safe Travels,. Vern
  15. I run a air pin on our 43' Teton. The original airbag had problems with temperature fluctuations affecting the ride height. If it was 20 degrees out it needed air. But when the temps warmed up it needed to adjusted to the proper pressure. For a better travel in its travel space. So I found the largest bag that fit into the space . Installed it and it now operates like it should. I also manufactured nylon blocks and installed them so the towards the front of the hitch so it does not move sideways. Now the Binkly head rides on 2 1/4" of rubber that is in the sliding hitch on the truck. That will slide rearward about 2'. If needed. If you do pulled with the commercial hitch I would suggest to put appropriate blocking under the truck tires on the downward side to hitch or unhitch. This will help with less stress on the RV . And disconnecting much easier. Also if you run a nylon wear plate on the hitch it may restrict the movement between the two components. Another thing you may do is adjust your tire air pressure on tear axles. Safe Travels, Vern