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  1. Put everything you can in metal containers.
  2. Checking available updates finally got me that update. Issues 1. Didn't come down automatically even though I had turned off metering for this update only. 2. Failed 8 times before the 9th one was successful. 3. All failures were within one cycle of downloading the update.
  3. Joke. Get a PC, the fixes come out quicker than 2 months.
  4. "We We ae still in but dang, we just got notice that we will once again be switched to a new advisor, that make 3 in the last 2 years. I think it's time for us to kick Edward Jones to the curb and make a switch. We have a meeting on Wednesday with the new guy but it sounds like he is pretty knew overall." i didn't know that EJ moved you to new advisors, I thought each office was an individually owned. There is no reason you couldn't move to another advisor who has been in business for many years. You can also move to a totally new investment company. Your investment stocks and funds should transfer without any tax issues. Remember, this is your money. If you don't like, trust, or agree with an advisor, just move your money. Read some investment books, Any. You don't have to do anything they recommend but you need to learn about investing.
  5. Are you implying that the comment is some official NASA post? Clearly it isn't, just one person's comment. Here, is one person's comment. Win 10 CA works great for me. And look I didn't have to swear.
  6. Found a few bugs. 1. Chrome - before, I could click the sound tab to mute, now I have to right click the sound and then click the mute choice. 2. Chrome - lost the sign in on one site. Had to rekey the info to reestablish it. 3. To get the the original Control Panel, I had to click Notification, then do a search for Control Panel. That found it. 4. Chrome - Lost some sites that I would get to by just keying a few letters and then select the one I wanted. Again I had to reestablish the site by keying in the entire site. 5. Posted before, return from sleep mode required a password. Found the setting and fixed that. 6. The Touchpad was enabled. Had to go to the mouse info, and then use Advanced to correct it so it doesn't work when the mouse is attached. Just read that MS suggest to hold off on installing the update.
  7. Did the update yesterday. 55 minutes from start of download to extra update released this week. That was on an i5 processor with SSD C drive and 4.9 MB fiber download. only issue was wake up wanted a password which I guessed at correctly. Only used it for 15 minutes so far.
  8. I have farmers ins for many years. I have had 3 claims in the last 15 years. 2 were over 4000 dollars. 3 different rv's. I have never had a rate increase even close to yours. Maybe staying with one ins co pays off.
  9. If you use maps older than two years, hwy nbrs will have changed. Roads may not even be there anymore.
  10. Unless something has changed, the va will look at your federal filling not your state for how much you make.
  11. I don't think "many" is the right word here. For instance in Mpls/St Paul area only 1 of about 50 OTA channels are going away. When you consider that the list is for 48 or 50 states, there aren't "many " that are going away.
  12. I see you deleted the garbage part. Now no one knows why we responded the way we did.
  13. Garbage. Are you trying to start something?