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  1. I hadn't seen pwn2own info for a couple of years . Thx for the info.
  2. Why are you concerned about my OS choice? Myself I have less than 0 interest in yours.
  3. The VA clinic in Surprise AZ has about 20 or more different brands that they fix. I think it depends on which VA you go to and which contract they are operating with that determines which brand you get.
  4. In this day and age anyone taking a cashiers check is asking to be scammed. In this case it doesn't affect you just the dealer. Be as it may, a bank transfer is the only way to go. The cash can be ready to transfer as soon as you sign the papers for the car.
  5. 2 other settings to look at. 1. Mouse settings for 'multiple lines to scroll at a time'. 2. Mouse settings. Have the touchpad turned off when there is a USB mouse attached. I don't think those 2 are the problem but they are settings that can be changed easily.
  6. To add. Accessing the Internet with a tablet is done with a simple one use App, for instance a news app. For the most part, your Windows requires a browser. Keep in mind that there are also browsers for a tablet and apps for Windows. On the Windows side there is getting to be a big blur between a computer and a tablet.
  7. First of all, Google makes the Android OS and leases it to other tablet mfg. Very general, usually only Google and Samsung do install updates and not always. Because each mfg can tweak the OS, they may not want to do that for a new release. Each tablet including IPad have either or both security or virus issues. For instance, prior to the very new iOS 10 from Apple, the last 2 or 3 releases have each had a couple of security updates.
  8. Now it takes two touches to get to the signon screen. The update turns on the Bluetooth. And everything is at least 10-15% slower. Expect at least 2 security updates in the next two weeks.
  9. I am surprised that no one has suggested the "payable upon death" option instead of a trust. To keep it simple,it is in play before a will or probate. In our situation with two daughters,they each get 50%. They can fight over the odds and ends. Since it is payed immediately,money is not an issue. Not for everyone,but it fits our needs perfectly.
  10. I have an issue with a certain flash drive where file manager doesn't see it. But I have 3rd party X2 manager that does.
  11. This is likely a hard ware issue. Have you added any new hardware before this started happening? If so, do you know how to install a new driver? Or force the system to that? The instructions are lengthy.
  12. Thx. While I have had only two real unsolved problems with win 10, I am hesitant to do the WA update because of the SD issue. After an update (2 ago)I lost a number of folders that were only on the desktop and weren't backed up. Never found a reason for it to happen. The next one is much worse. I lost all my folders but two in my Document folder on the hard drive. The two folders that remain, are old ones. An accidental delete would have wiped those two as well. Very weird to say the least. Now I have to check all my folders every so often to be sure they have data in them.
  13. Since I have a system with a SSD as the C drive and a normal hard drive for all data etc, I have not installed WA update. But now I have an update (blocked by me) called "Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3150513)" In doing a search on what this really is, the MS support site indicates it is some sort of compatibility check. Other searches seem to think it is a prelude to forcing the WU update. Does anyone have an opinion on this such as "does the above seem correct". Should I go ahead with the WA update anyway?
  14. If you are getting 5 %, actually all of any interest you have received in the past is getting more than that. Its called "compound interest" or" interest on interest". Jim2 has some great advice. Annuities are complicated when you start to pull money out. There are rules about how much of that $500 is from the principal and how much is from the interest. Some company holds the annuity and should be a place to start about getting information on withdrawals.
  15. This happened to me also. I ended up poping the key cover off and cleaning the area. Unfortunately I couldn't get the cover to stay on. The worst was that other keys failed til I had six that wouldn't work. Computer was old so I got a new one.