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  1. So sorry to hear that Jeff. Bummer for sure.
  2. Walleye for dinner tonight.
  3. 5.8 earthquakes were not in my plans for the summer. But 12:30 this morning, I woke up with my heart trying to get out of my body. Jim didn't even budge until I woke him up. He said "it's the wind" and back to sleep. Definitely not the wind.
  4. So excited for you guys. Only one wine glass is pretty good. Enjoy and relax.
  5. Glad the race car is doing its thing again. I'm so excited to be on the move finally that I've been moving my pin every time we change location.
  6. We travel both 93 and 95 all the time. Other than there not being much traffic I love driving both roads. I love the desert landscape of Nevada.
  7. We seem to be trapped here in UT. The wind just won't give up. 40 mph gusts today and 60 mph gust tomorrow. But hopefully that is the end of it so we can get moved further north.
  8. Glad to hear the surgery went well Steve. Now behave yourself so it can heal. Seniors Killing People - now that's a scary thought.
  9. Thanks bigjim. I finally figured out how to get it changed but they sure don't make it easy to find. This weather sure does beat the 105 stuff down in the Phoenix area.
  10. I don't have a clue as to why my ID shows up the way it does. That happened with the last change they made to the forum. And being as computer challenged as I am - I don't have a clue how to change it. So just know this really is me. We're at the kids house outside of Santa Fe. And the weather is beautiful. But I must admit - I miss the big fridge and shower that we left in AJ.
  11. Finally for to move my marker. Left AJ yesterday and headed to Santa Fe. Feels good to be on the road but even better to be out of the heat down in the valley.
  12. We are still sitting in AJ in an almost empty RV park so we aren't seeing very many people. Looking forward to seeing everybody again this winter. Anybody going to be in Montana in July or August?
  13. Man Jeff. You guys have had enough bad luck for the whole rest of the year. I hope you see the end of the problems and can get out there and race.
  14. Can't wait to see your new home. It's beautiful.
  15. Thanks for the update and glad to hear that Delcie is doing better. Those higher altitudes are hard on people with heart or lung issues. We have to be real careful where we go because of Jim. We plan to be in NM in May but I suppose that is too early for you guys to be there. Life is good Freddy.