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  1. MUST have been bad luck, I have been using the same on my P/U for over 5 yrs. No problems yet. I was staying at a place where I was warned that some kids had a habit of dumping pea gravel down the filler but they had not been caught at it yet.
  2. "treating the fule" I hope this means fuel.
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    makes me no difference either way
  4. So they think it is not needed to safety inspect a large motorized vehicle but it is required to safety inspect trailers pulled by vehicles that are safety inspected. Seems like flawed logic to me. I think I smell lobbyist somewhere in the mix. Sort of reminds me of the tax on certain rv's they flubbed up some years ago and then corrected it 2 years later.
  5. gjhunter, it doesn't take too long staying there to justify buying the annual pass which covers the $5 each entry fee. And it is good for a year and at all Tx SP's.
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    there may be a legitimate reason including navigating this new set up. I posted somewhere else that for some reason I now show way less posts than I had and the number that showed before the change.
  7. Thanks, and sorry for getting this question in the wrong area. The trifocals got me again.
  8. I got my ballot for the Nov. but I did not get the one for the primary. This was the first time since I was an SKP which was 20 years ago his month. I am not sure where the problem was. Once years ago I renewed my drivers license early in Livingston and the new one never got issued. The problem turned out to be the state.
  9. I used one of the free help service for my 1040A for a couple of reasons. (not AARP but something else, like VISTA)I wasn't sure but I thought something wasn't quite right afterword. I got a small refund as expected and it has been auto-deposited. I started going over it later and I found that she had inputed a wrong factor on the simpelified work sheet. As a result I got back about $90. less than I should have. I am not so much concerned about that as to when would be best to to a correction. Should I do it now or can I do it along with next years return since I actually ended up paying more than due essentially. I am over 1000 miles from where I did it and I have no state tax to consider.
  10. "If you are concerned about your kidneys, no pancakes or waffles, butfrench toast is ok. " Huh???
  11. If I ever do it again I want that kind. Keep in mind that just because there is a 30 amp outlet and a 15/20amp outlet on the post that they are on seperate circuits. Some places will only have 30amps all together on the post. I volunteered at place several time where this was the case and often people would try to get 50 amps by using an adapter that has been advertised. Sometimes they caused damage. If I haven't said it before, I think you will like the results if you can make it work.
  12. If I ever get one of them fancy gadgets I may understand so for now I will just take your word for it.
  13. I got the "cheap" seats on an indoor car and it was heated. I would still take a coat as you will want to walk around in Silverton. I did train up and back in the fall but I like the idea of the train/bus as you will get 2 different views. That is likely included as an option at no additional charge I am guessing as that is the way it is done on the Cumbres and Toltec RR between Chama, NM and Atonito, CO. If you have the chance that is a great ride. In fact if I could only ride one I would choose Chama. If you go out of Chama at the right time in the spring your train might get held up by a catapillar. OK, thousands of them crossing the track. When the train squihes them the wheels can lose traction. This is true as I experienced one spring. Who would have thunk it.
  14. I'm not crazy about it but as changes go this one is not as radical as some I have seen. A heads up would have been nice but after an earlier one I have come to understand why this happens. wow, I just noticed I now have a lot less posts shown than was shown under the old one not that it matters that much.
  15. I just have to say that the idea of making things cheaper by allowing purchases across state lines is mostly bs. It might save some money for a year or 2 but premiums will be adjusted. Insurance will equalize cost over time or you will have one area subsidizing the other.