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  1. "Why is it I'm always drawn to topics like did I get here? " we've got to stop meeting here-people will start to talk. I have most often gotten by with 15-20 ft length but am usually prepared for thirty and I have needed it more than I thought I would. You know what the Boy Scout motto is. BE PREPARD. Thats most likely how my trailer has gotten so overloaded.
  2. Last one. I did work for a small Circus right after high school but I wasn't a clown. I was one of the guys with the BIG shovel. You know for the south end of the elephants.
  3. Saw my first traveling wall in late 99 or early 2000 at Avon Park, Florida and the real one the year hurricane Katrina hit. I was lucky enough to be there for the WW2 memorial opening. I don't see many refer to seeing the memorial for Korea vets that is near the other ones but I assume most people visit it since it is so close. I was not aware there was more than one traveling wall. I was kind of hoping to visit the Veterans memorial at Angel Fire NM this memorial day but was asked to work that day in my volunteer slot. I have seen it before over 25 years ago but would like to see it again.
  4. Now you understand why some are not signing up for the Kirk Woods comedy tour. Just to keep things clear, I am trying to yank Kirks chain but I' m not much funnier than him so don't look for tickets to my show either.
  5. C'mon. wheres the fun in doing it the easy way. I for one need the practice of locating a new way of doing things here.
  6. Exactly what soos said. I have probably done this for 6-7 vehicles over the last 20 years since I joined escapees. Once or twice they told me how to download needed forms instead of waiting for them to mail me some. My only suggestion is if you are trying to expedite things use US Post Office instead of FEDEX. Fedex can work but I had a major problem once using Fedex due to Fedex ground delivery not picking up the tags and completed paperwork sitting in the tax office. Fedex ground is usually contracted and he had a problem with the label and the packaging. Fedex on my end had no problem picking it up and getting it to the tax office. This doesn't happen everywhere but it isn't worth the hassel. If I am ever needing it quicker like that one time I will use US Post Office overnight mail. I can't help but say that must be the best tax office I have ever dealt with for vehicles.
  7. Don't forget to tell folks how to contact you.
  8. Don't forget to update us on the outcome of this please when you get it checked out.
  9. I knew if I stalled long enough someone with better sense would help educate Maggie and me about this modern new stuff. Boy if I upgrade I will have a lot to learn. I still use flip phone. But I have stepped up to one of them Mobley things. I'm so proud of myself.
  10. Kirk, that is what the tow hual does, locks out the overdrive. I know you know just think about it. I would rather be safe than sorry and see it get checked but I kind of think to the untrained ear not used to it that is what the noise is but I have been wrong at least once but I divorced her. Sometimes noises can fool you for sure. We just replace a rotor and caliper and pads on a 4wd p/u that was grinding when the brakes were applied. I called it right but was totally wrong as to which one it would be. I felt it was the drivers side but it turned out to be passenger side. Only had a little over 20K miles oon the truck. Hoping for the best on it for her. BTW watching the rpm guage is a good call. I wonder if she knows about redlining? How about it Maggie? Do you know what that means?
  11. Whats your 20? That means what is you location? Just in general. Based on what you said about the 1,2,3 you most likly don't have much choice. I was going to ask if you have a "tow/haul" lockout button on your vehicle. If you do sometimes it is best to engage it just before you start out especially for large hills or in the mountains. If you have an owners manual it should tell you if you have one and give some insight in how to use it. On a lot of modern vehicles if it on the end of the gearshift lever. On a dodge I had at one time it was a button on the dash between the lightswitch and the steering column. That was my first experience with one and it caught me by surprise as I had always driven such old stuff that I had never heard of it or used one. At one point I thought I had broken something when it first kicked out abruptly on climbing a steep hill. When I say modern I mean modern to me. That is currently a 2002 3/4 ton chevrolet truck. It has the tow/haul on the end of the gearshift. I almost always engage it when I am towing my 30ft. travel trailer. BTW my current 20 is near Albuquerque. It might be good to tell people helping what type and year of your coachman drive train. Like Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford.
  12. Like Kirk I have had melanoma behind the left ear in a lymph node. I think it was at least 5 years ago and so far no reoccurance. I have also had several basel cell incidents that were large enough to be an issue. I know I should be getting checked more often bu have had some problem getting seen at the VA's. I go to.
  13. Just a guess is that it is dropping the tranny into a lower gear for the climb. Sometimes this is called "passing gear". It might be something worse but I am thinking it isn't. When you are ascending a steep hill keep and eye on the tranny temperture guage as it is important to not get it too hot. Hopefully yours has that guage. No offense but I am making this guess based on your inexperience.
  14. One issue at the SP/Fedparks etc. is proximity of trees and hook up that may limit your ability to use slides and awnings. One SP I have used a good bit is heavily wooded has only a few spots you could uses all your slides expecially if you have them on each side. Just one more thing to think about.