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  1. I get what you are saying Glen but you have to be careful that you don't void a warranty on something expensive. Also it isn't practical for many. It hurts my feelings that I can't repair some things I used to due to physical limitations. I think it is oldjohnt that uses the term grrrr when he isn't thrilled with himself or certain situations. Thats the way I feel about warranties on major products. Grrrr they are supposed to work and mean something. Oh well if wishing were pigs, bacon would fly (and land on my plate)
  2. I can only say anyone that has not had any problems in the VA medical care system is fortunate. I have had both wonderful care and poor care and no effective care. I have known at least a couple that had horrible care. Sometimes it is a matter of what caretaker you draw. I just got new ones and so far I am very happy after 5 years of pretty poor care. I almost had the patient advocate on speed dial during that period. I would have requested a new primary but I felt I owed it to other veterans to stay and push the issue to try and get it right. When I got assigned to a new primary recently I inquired if the same nurse would be assigned to the new DR. When I was told yes I immediatly requested a new Dr. and was granted one. I know that a big part of the problem there was the nurse and I know others at the VA knew about her incompetence. IE: she has given me the wrong shot within one minute of me saying I had already got the shingle shot just 30 days earlier. She lost or threw away some paperwork 3 times. I am not bashing all of the VA but there are problems there. Just 20 minutes ago I got a call back within 15 minutes from a concientious employee dealing with an issue with my pacemaker scanner. I just remember that one day I had great care in replacing the generator and lead on my pacemaker in the morning and when my friend came to pick me up they said they didn't have anyone by my name in the hospital. Also twice I had to go to emergency at VA direction and was given instructions there to see my primary for follow up and then could not get in to see the primary.
  3. I thought that was wise to not recommend but to say check it out. I sort of put myself out there in recommending something in another thread that I may regret but now I am good to go since I can just blame it on SWHARTON's cat. I would tell the post no. but there aren't any post numbers on this new version of the forum as far as I can see.
  4. I don't remember how I did it but in the settings I was able to get back to bigjim so I could recognize myself. It wasn't too hard as I recall. The weather about 50 miles south of you at your Santa Fe location is good too. (Tijeras, NM)
  5. Glen I know you have been dog piled on this before but unless I am reading it wrong all I see is legitimate questions that someone might like to know and asking about how it has worked for you so far. I am sometimes a skeptic but I still pay attention in case I might learn something new. "Sorry, My cat walked across the keyboard " oh I really like this for an excuse when I screw up. Of course I don't have a cat but with some slight modification I can steal it and make it my own like I do for recipes.
  6. I hesitate saying this but if you can control yourself on what you load and carry they can be useful. B-uuuut as we know from experience it can be difficult for RV'rs to resesist overloading their rigs. Not me of course. I made a reciever that bolted on and I carry a few things but very little. I have 3 outdoor patio chairs I carry now and I can't remember at the moment what else I carried. I think I carried an ice chest. I would carry some type of plastic container for sewer hoses and hook ups as I don't like carrying them inside the bumper as the edges get scuffed up in there. My homemade hitch slightyl reinforces the bumper and if I carried more weight I would reinforce it more. Most of the hitches are rated for 400-500 lbs but NO WAY would I carry that.
  7. I changed from Dallas in 1997 to Polk County without going there. An upside is you will most likly have lower premiums on vehicle insurance. I sure did.
  8. If you have the vent screen on it, the screen itself can get clogged with dirt and cause an issue.
  9. "Why is it I'm always drawn to topics like did I get here? " we've got to stop meeting here-people will start to talk. I have most often gotten by with 15-20 ft length but am usually prepared for thirty and I have needed it more than I thought I would. You know what the Boy Scout motto is. BE PREPARD. Thats most likely how my trailer has gotten so overloaded.
  10. Last one. I did work for a small Circus right after high school but I wasn't a clown. I was one of the guys with the BIG shovel. You know for the south end of the elephants.
  11. Saw my first traveling wall in late 99 or early 2000 at Avon Park, Florida and the real one the year hurricane Katrina hit. I was lucky enough to be there for the WW2 memorial opening. I don't see many refer to seeing the memorial for Korea vets that is near the other ones but I assume most people visit it since it is so close. I was not aware there was more than one traveling wall. I was kind of hoping to visit the Veterans memorial at Angel Fire NM this memorial day but was asked to work that day in my volunteer slot. I have seen it before over 25 years ago but would like to see it again.
  12. Now you understand why some are not signing up for the Kirk Woods comedy tour. Just to keep things clear, I am trying to yank Kirks chain but I' m not much funnier than him so don't look for tickets to my show either.
  13. C'mon. wheres the fun in doing it the easy way. I for one need the practice of locating a new way of doing things here.
  14. Exactly what soos said. I have probably done this for 6-7 vehicles over the last 20 years since I joined escapees. Once or twice they told me how to download needed forms instead of waiting for them to mail me some. My only suggestion is if you are trying to expedite things use US Post Office instead of FEDEX. Fedex can work but I had a major problem once using Fedex due to Fedex ground delivery not picking up the tags and completed paperwork sitting in the tax office. Fedex ground is usually contracted and he had a problem with the label and the packaging. Fedex on my end had no problem picking it up and getting it to the tax office. This doesn't happen everywhere but it isn't worth the hassel. If I am ever needing it quicker like that one time I will use US Post Office overnight mail. I can't help but say that must be the best tax office I have ever dealt with for vehicles.