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  1. I think if it were me, I would put the garden hose on a light mist and run the wipers for an hour or so. Better than pulling over in a rain storm.
  2. Talk to TT. I'm not so sure that an individual can resell a Zone Pass and therefore TT would be the place to call.
  3. I have the Simply Go and like it. It's light enough that it's not a PITA to carry around. Been using it when I walk our dogs.
  4. I have the 7.3 and yes I do hear the fan come on, it's hard not to hear it. I did have Ford flush the rad a couple years ago and replace the hoses. It helped a little but the long climbs is when the temps get high.
  5. This past summer I had an issue with green algae growing inside the first 3 or 4 feet of my white RV water hose. It was the end that connected to the faucet in direct sunlight. I'm not so sure that the campground was using chlorine or enough chlorine in the water. It happened to 2 hoses. When we left after the summer I purchased the more $$ hose, a blue one with SS ends and not I'm on city water any longer so we'll see how this goes.
  6. This is a excellent deal for someone. The price is what we paid for our resale membership 10 years ago. Absolutely no regrets. Now with our membership we can stay all winter in sunny warm Southern California. The first year we stayed in the TT and RPI system for 210 days and we figured that paid for the membership. I believe your membership for sale would include the RPI membership for an additional $139 a year (?).
  7. Jim, I have a 4:88 and my RPMs are HIGH when I'm down to 35-40 MPH on hills. I'm down to second gear. I know my biggest problem is my 20,000# trailer and my truck being maxed out but the temps shouldn't be what it is.
  8. Another thought, don't get me wrong, I don't mind the 35 MPH, I'm in no hurry, it's the overheating that bothers me.
  9. George, believe me I down shift. I only have a total of 4 speeds and I'm in 2nd gear on some of the larger hills and running 35 MPH. I know my weight is the biggest factor, I'm real close to the max 30,000 combined but it is what it is.
  10. Kirk, yes the truck and trailer was for sale back in 2009 when we bought our dream house but that was a short dream. We had it 4 years and decided that we enjoyed the fulltime life as a RV'er much better and have been back on the road since 2013. - The truck has had a rad flush a few years ago and I had a larger tranny cooler installed for a 6.0 PSD. Engine temps on a big pull will get in the red and I have to pull over and let it cool down. Tranny temps climbs and almost reaches the red but hasn't since I put on larger cooler. - I'm tired of this problem and would like to get it resolved. I'm thinking on a new radiator but I hate to buy and install if that's not the problem. - Engine and tranny temps are fine until I come to a long and steep hill to climb. It has improved since the flush but it still gets too hot, it just takes a little longer for me to pull over and let her cool down.
  11. When I pull a steep grade my engine tends to run hot. I've been considering replacing my coolant recovery tank that has a small crack near the top that seeps a little. Not enough to drip but I can still see the coolant forming on the 1/2" crack. When the engine is warm and I remove the tank cap I can hear the pressure release so it must be under pressure. I do know that under 15 PSI it increases the boiling point of the coolant. With the small crack and seep would it still be able to retain some PSI but not 15 PSI.???? I would think that any "break" in the system would not be able to create any PSI. Recovery tank is not big dollars but I don't want to do it if it's not going to solve my problem. This has been an on going problem for many years with my F550 pulling 20,000#. Tranny temp goes up as well, installed a larger than factory tranny cooler. One of the biggest problems with the truck IMO is that its a 3 speed with OD. I think the newer trucks with more speeds to use makes a big difference. Ant thoughts on this ???
  12. I believe it's true. Very few of the RV's are covered for FT use.
  13. If you can unscrew the front part of the shower head you might find a small granule of calcium that could be clogging up part of the flow ???? Actually I've seen that small granule as big as a match head. I've had to take most of my faucets apart from time to time. It all depends on how the quality of the water is where you are hooked up to.
  14. I'd like to put in my 2 cents worth.......just remember that you know not the time or place and when your time on earth has run out and with that being said, retire as soon as possible and enjoy the days you have left. Live every day as though it's your last. You may not have enough $ as you would by working those 2 more years but what if ?????? What if you only have 2 years and one month left on this earth ??? My Dad retired early and was gone at the age of 66. What if he would have waited this his retirement age??? A fellow worker died after he received his first retirement check. All this has taught me to enjoy life with what you have now and not wait and to see what's in your future. BTW, I quit working at the age of 55 due to health and I'm now 66 and we survived. We do not have the income that we would like to have but we owe nothing to anyone. We have lived FT on the road for 10 years and enjoy every minute of every day. Food for thought...
  15. My wife likes our new Oxygenics but I prefer our original one that had different settings on the head.