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  1. Well, I replaced the run capacitor. We'll see if that was it. Thanks for the responses. Jim
  2. The top of the capacitor has not pushed up. But they are certainly cheap enough that I will try changing that out to see if it corrects it. It's strange though. . . there are two capacitors in there and neither one has any markings on them what so ever to assist in ordering a replacement. The schematic shows which one is for the fan. I will have to call Coleman to get the proper number. Thanks for the help Jim
  3. Denny I have checked the motor and it spins freely. If the "run capacitor" is bad, will that allow the fan to stop? Jim
  4. I have Colman Mac 15K AC unit that is 2 1/2 years old. In the last couple of days the fan will pause momentarily and then start again, while it is already running. It doesn't do it on start up, so I don't think it's the start capacitor. When this happens a burnt smell comes through the vents. It would seem that the fan motor is binding up. Any idea's on a fix for this? Or is the fan motor on it's way out? Thanks Jim
  5. Thanks for the responses. I now see why this is not a good idea. Jim
  6. If you don't want to hard wire an inverter into the system, you run an extension cord from the inverter up to the inside of the RV to power the items you want. What would be wrong with making a short male/male extension cord, to plug into the inverter and then plug into a receptacle that's in the compartment where the inverter is? You then go to the 110 fuse box, turn off all breakers including the main and then just turn on the breaker that you have the inverter plugged into and turn on the breaker that you want to use? Be kind with your responses. . . I never claimed to be an electrician Jim
  7. Interesting articles here on Volvo pushing into the electric car market. The announcement states that they plan to introduce five fully electric models between 2019 and 2021. 2019 is only 18 months away. They must have those five models already designed and tested to make that sort of claim. The article below goes on to state that as of 2019 any new Volvo models will either be fully electric or hybrid(gas/electric). It's also interesting to note that Volvo is owned by a Chinese electric car maker. Jim
  8. RV Yea, I've had a bad back for a number of years, but it has always been manageable until I retired four years ago. I think the lack of strenuous activity is making it worse. I am seeing a neurosurgeon who feels that physical therapy rather than an operation is the best course of action. I agree, so I do physical therapy religiously and that seems to help greatly. The thought of someone cutting around my spine worries me, so I will put it off as long as I can. Stick to the physical therapy. When you make it part of your routine. . . it becomes routine. Jim
  9. I like that. Jim
  10. As the Chinese RV markets develops, I would think they will enter our market in the same way Japan entered our auto market with Honda and Toyota or in the tractor market with Kubota. They will open a few dealerships, ship the product over at a loss just to gain a foothold in the market and as America comes to see that it is a good product and demand grows, they will then open manufacturing facilities in the US, and the rest is history. It's the same plan used by BMW, VW and on and on. And I think it's a good thing. Outside competition will improve our RV industry the same way it improved our auto industry and many other industries. I probably won't be around long enough to see the change, but you are younger and I hope you see it. Jim
  11. I think China will save the American RV industry. I agree with those above that feel that the RV industry is in the same position that the American auto industry was in the 60's and 70's. Competition is what will cause American RV manufacturers to produce a better product. That competition won't come from Europe, Japan or S.Korea because of lack of open space. The competition will come from China. China is going through an explosion in their economy even greater than the industrial revolution of years ago in the West. Like the US, China has vast areas with a sparse population. As their middle class population grows, RV's will be something they will want to travel their country in. And it's just a guess, but they will probably not be interested in the RV's that American companies produce. As their RV industry establishes itself, it will become a competitor to our RV industry and as long as some semblance of free trade exists it will force our industries to compete. Jim
  12. Hello Al Yes, I use it both inside and outside. But as someone else stated "I only use it at floor level" inside. Jim
  13. But Ray, just think of all the ants he got before he got you? Seriously, I hope you're ok. Jim
  14. RV, I'm curious to have an update on your back condition? I think you used "laser spine institute". What are your thoughts at this point? Jim
  15. Hello, and welcome to the forum. You have to be sort of careful here not to get into a political discussion. . . but I'm curious. Can you cite an article that supports what you are saying?