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  1. I have used 3M 5200 adhesive caulk to adhere boxes to roof.
  2. For those with a Autoformer, do you bother looking at the indicator lights?
  3. Some misinformation has been posted in this thread. Let’s start with the crime. “And MUCH MORE IMPORTANT- does it smell like curry & have a hole in the floor?”. The context, considering a truck for purchase. Things to look for in the inside as well as the outside. Can smelling like curry be a consideration for reviewing a truck, yes. I would not have thought so until I was working with the Maryland DMV about licensing a truck as an RV. The living habits of some people in the trucking industry are amazing. But to the uninformed, the reference to curry could be considered humorous. But racist, boy, that is a stretch even for the uninformed. And that brings us to the uninformed. For casual readers of different forums within Escapees, it is quite possible to read something that is not in the reader’s life experiences. But when it comes to the arbiters of content, the forum staff, we can expect an element of knowledge of the topic area in making the decision that whether some content is unacceptable should only be done in the aura of knowledge of the topic areas. For some of the Escapees administrators, there is a pattern of previous knowledge in the format of previous posts. There is an average of 868 posts per the 16 staff. That would seem to be a reasonable field of experience. But, of the 10 administrators, 9 have less than 40 posts, and 4 have had no posts at all. Does the lack of posts indicate a lack of knowledge in an area, no, but it is an indicator. The 6 Moderators have from 21 to 6,162 posts, a much better indicator of knowledge. And then we are told that only an administrator has the power to ban a member from posting for life, the people with that power with the least apparent evaluation background. Can an Escapees reader mistakenly read a statement and report it to the administrators? Sure, that has happened to me. I assume that the administrator applied the penalty didn’t just happen to read the thread but responded to a Report by someone else. But I would expect the administrator to read the reported statement and read it in the context of the thread. But then again, knowledge of the topic area may be necessary for proper analysis. In this case, a single infraction was evaluated at 3 strikes, invoking permanent demand of moderated approved posts, by an administrator with no recorded posts at the time. Actually, banned forever is a misstatement. Instead, the member is marked for life to have all posts reviewed by a moderator. That may now sound so bad as moderators seems to have evaluation background. But will a requested post be validated and posted? In the case where no moderator approval occurs, then this is a defacto ban. You can play with the language all you want. That is the circumstances with Sibernut. One offense. three strikes, permanent need for moderator approval and no posts processed since. The assurance “Thank you all for your input on this topic. Rest easy in knowing that no one related to this topic has been banned, or banned for life. Thanks,” was posted by the three-hit administrator who applied the permanent prohibition. Language, language, language. The administrators have the ultimate power in this forum, nothing we can do about it. The system is not working as described. We all are at the risk of being misunderstood and being eliminated from posting on Escapees. But what happened to Sibernut was wrong and should be retracted. Since the last message Sibernut wanted to post was inhibited, it was this: "To those on the forum who have been an immense help and encouragement to me, my sincere thank you. To those who I have helped, it was the least I could do in return. I've been sacrificed on the altar of extreme political correctness after 13 years and 600+ posts, with no appeal at all. I will continue to watch the forum, maybe they will let a PM get thru to me if you so choose. Godspeed & safe travels to you all."
  4. No someone has been banned from posting on the Forum for a questionable reason.
  5. Wait on that for a moment
  6. You never what can get you a zinger. For me was during a thread about GPS, I said we should thank the military who paid for the GPS satellites to be in orbit. This wasn't an opinion, it was a fact but it was considered by one of the anonymous overlords that my statement was too political. To me that was a stretch but it occurred here.
  7. We didn't elect him, so I am not sure if there is a way to fire him.
  8. Validated member who cannot post anything, including a goodbye message. I guess we could review the content of the Administrator to get a feel for his viewpoint. But alas, it appears that this newbie's only contribution to the Forum is to get someone banned. I sure am glad that we are being protected from ourselves by someone who doesn't contribute. But be advised that humor is a sensitive issue for people without a funny bone.
  9. Sibernut
  10. Yes, I am worried
  11. A major contributor to the HDT forum has been banned for life. The question is how does a newbie who has only been a Escapee member since Dec 13, 2016 get to be a Forum Administrator and ban someone for life without a repeal process.
  12. If I had my druthers, I would have extended metal valve stems. My motorhome has some high quality flexible extended and I seem to have problem topping the tires off. I am thinking some expansion inside the flexible extensions. Once I get the pressure where I want it, the TPMS sensor work okay. Changing the inner valve stems is one of the projects for this fall.
  13. Wow, with all the word slicing and nuances, you would think this was a political debate
  14. We replaced our Garmin 550C for our Equinox because the touchscreen was getting flaky on the right side. Hard to enter addresses. The new DriveSmart 61-S is a real winner. Almost 7" screen and we like taking to the Garmin to set routes. Wouldn't use it for the RV as it doesn't have height settings. We use ALK CoPilot on Android tablets for the motorhome.
  15. It is not the states you can tow in, it is the state where you get your license. If the state your license in allows your rig without a CDL, then the other 49 states accept it because of the Full Faith Clause of the Constitution. HHRV Resource Guide Driver License Requirements