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  1. Assuming the same size box, the storage isn't the issue. However, in my Bounder, the pas-thru configuration allows me to store a 7' folding ladder kin the pass-thru area which I could not do with hanging storage boxes.
  2. There is another device beside the Mobley from Audiovox.
  3. I have noticed in the four-down versus dolly debates, brakes are never discussed. With a four-down setup, the auxiliary brake unit will apply the four toad brakes when activated. With a dolly, there are only two brakes and they are not any larger that the toad brakes because of the wheel sizes on the dollies. It is a thought.
  4. The issue is it is hard to check tire pressure at 55 mph. That is when tires leak. Expensive, only if you don't care about your times. We used 6 (truck) + 7 (trailer plus spare) + 5 (toad plus spare) = 18 sensors.
  5. Around 40 stops
  6. Well at least the idiotic Announcements are gone.
  7. Not excited with this new format. The Announcements are an expensive waste of screen space, especially as they have little value to be on every page. Lets see RVing with Pets = 1,366 pasts, but HDT = 46,090 posts. One is in the Announcements. Too many clicks to see New Content Should be options to be automatically in Compressed mode if desired. Some signatures were a waste of space, especially with large photos but they also provided some credentials for the statements by the poster. Whats the missing image under the posts.
  8. We got into this habit when we had 65' of truck and trailer. We start with the route for the season and then lock in reservations for the holidays. Then we check for high popularity locations and lock those in. The overnight stays we generally schedule about a week out. We have a smaller rig now but we like having planned stops.
  9. If you get the OTA Dongle connected and run the channel scan, then yes it will be treated like another tuner for recording shows. As a show is being recorded, it can paused.
  10. Judging by past evolution at Dish, the release of the DPH42 may well being withheld not for for the function of adding Hybrid functionality to a DPP LNBF assembly. That appears to be working in PR. I believe the hold is because as soon as it is available, there will be constant squawking about not being able to connect two Hopper 3s and have interoperability between the two Hopper 3s. It happened before when you could first order a second Hopper and people bitched because they where not integrated from the get-go, So we sit here needing just the hardware function and waiting on the far more complex interoperability software. That is what I think.
  11. Discussion on Marine Grade Wire and on Crimp versus Solder
  12. When I was trying to use a Pantech MiFi, my transfer speeds were faster using a wireless connection than over a dongle cable. Pantech was working on that issue when I gave up on the MiiFi because of cooking batteries while on the dongle cable. I moved the SIM to a Pantech ULM295 modem. No concerns over batteries, no wireless hop.
  13. Maybe if you can figure a way to collect a per-gallon fee on an electric car that is using the road.
  14. Added to the Resource Guide
  15. That is what a ground tripod if for.