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  1. .4" larger screen, curved edged with edge displays and apps, even magazine reports can be short of comparisons.
  2. The wife is very happy with her Galaxy S7 Edge. It does have a tempered glass curved edge cover. There are features ove a plain S7, the store rep was just not educated. I had a Note 7 until Verizon demanded it back, twice. Now with a Note 5. Waiting on a Note 8 to be released. The Galaxy S8+ is close to what the Note 7 was size wise but it doesn't have a stylus. .
  3. GFCI breaker can wear out
  4. I am always wary of articles that claim new Windows version are buggy. To get articles published you have to a catchy topic and "the new Windows works fine" doesn't make it.
  5. The regulator is the most expensive part of a Power Tank package. It is designed to have a refill range that fits the tires. Nothing like 150 psi into a car tire. The fittings are not the cheap stuff you get at WalMart You get what you pay for and there is always somebody who can do it cheaper because they have the parts in the shop.
  6. An hour of tech time at the Volvo dealer or engine shop can set anything you want in the ECM. Why get the software?
  7. We have a 10 lb Power Tank System. We acquired it 10 years ago when we were having issues topping off our trailer tires at 115 psi. The truck air compressor was only good for 100 psi. The 10 lb tank typically lasted a year of topping off the trailer's 7 tires, the truck's 6 tires, and the toad's 5 tires. We usually recharge the tank at a fire extinguisher company. Besides having more than enough fill pressure, we like that the system is silent meaning filling tires cold (before moved) is easy and we can do it any time without annoying neighbors.
  8. The stud should fill the hole. If the hole is 9/16", then that is the stud size.
  9. Tapered seat nuts = 9/16" Flat based nuts = 5/8"
  10. If it is a gas range, then 120 volts would handle the accessories.
  11. Technically, Crossville is an EA city for Locals. That is for the HD channels. But there are SD Locals on the WA.
  12. I had a steel plate mounted between the frame rails mounted on brackets about an inch up from the frame bottom. The Air Safe Hitch was bolted to that plate. Frame changes
  13. We used PressurePro for 10 years with Red Rover and Tige so we bought PressurePro for our Bounder. We did rotate the sensors at 7.5 years on Red Rover and Tige. Never had problem with dropout once we installed the external antenna. We used 18 sensors, Red Rover 6, Tige 7, Sparky 5.
  14. As we so often get off topic, did choseopen get his answer on how to operate the Air Safe hitch?
  15. Mr ET Hitch will point out that air bags are not linear in spring action and all bags used in this application range have a 0-100 psi range. The 50 psi point is the ideal loading of a bag. 80 psi is near the upper end of the air spring and is approaching acting like a solid hunk of rubber. Proper design and loading says the normal position of the trailer should be with the bags as near 50 psi as possible.