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  1. Well, it looks like the first big storm session is heading this way this evening. Tornado's have been spotted in south west Oklahoma and we should get our part of the storm at around 9:00. I could crawl into the ice cream machine to hide, but it's a little too small. Nice way to go I guess! Just starting to rain now, so I guess you don't have all of it up there Joe! Now I found out today that i'm going to have to have a dental implant! Arrgghh. I've had one before and I think they drilled into my brain a little bit that time. How else can I explain that I can't remember anything anymore. It's either that or eat baby food! Hmmm, I always liked the stewed prunes! NO NO NO! I didn't say that. So now all I have to worry about is the remainder of the old gray matter being destroyed. Well, one thing about it is there is not much left so it will be hard for them to find it to drill into it. I could go back to Las Algadones and have it done, and at least have a margarita to go along with it, but miss the tornadoes!!!! Well, I need to go sandbag now, so i'll sign off and see if I can find any baaaaad whiskey for protection from the storm... Steve
  2. Survived the annual poker game with Carol's cousins. Next thing on the agenda was the grand kids fix. Headed back to Oklahoma. We stopped in Gallup New Mexico at the big casino (Fire Rock) there for the first night. They have two huge parking lots and only one of them is used for the gamblers. The other one is quiet and has plenty of room to maneuver. Then on to Clines Corners for the second night. They have a separate lot for rvs so the trucks don't bother you at all. Next day (yesterday) we decided to make it the rest of the way to Norman Oklahoma. 500 miles, and the wind blew all the way, but we made it at about 6:30 last night. We managed to get a 50A /water hook up at the fairgrounds, but were feeling a little bad we couldn't get a full hook-up spot. However, this morning they said we could drain our gray water right behind us. That will work!! I'm taking the day off today, so no-body come here with any projects!! Steve
  3. Toni, sorry to hear about your dad. Prayers for you and Doug. Linda, sorry to hear about your dad too. I was in the hospital (hip surgery) when my mom passed away and I couldn't get to see her one last time either. Prayers for your mom getting settled.
  4. I woke up and the forum changed whaaaaaat!!! Oh well, maybe the old dog can change once again sigh! Nice day here at the Elks club in Prescott Valley. 76 degrees and a light breeze, so that I can handle. We are on our way back to Oklahoma, but we always have to stop here and see Carol's three cousins on the way. Neat town (both the old and new parts) and a great bike trail by the lake. The Elks is full now, but we managed to get one of the last full hook up spots available. Now we have to get ready for a big poker game at the cousin's place this evening. I'd better rat hole a little diesel money before I go Happy Travels Steve
  5. That's a good idea Jeff, stay on it!! Also, while you're at it how about a national old farts fishing license! Happy travels Steve
  6. Dang it, I thought I had that ice cream machine secured! I'm going to have to retrace my steps and see where I went wrong We did manage to sneak into Redlands California without the rain clouds finding out, so we'll see if that holds. Nice and sunny and 72 today so i'll take that to the bank. Steve
  7. Thanks, Joe, we'll see if we can check it out. Probably is safer sitting by the fire instead of bobbing like a cork with a fishing pole in your hand. Raining here in Parker today, but we are heading out to Havasu to meet up with Paul & Sue & Mike & Julie for jambalaya! Tough duty! Ha Ha Steve
  8. Roger, not hard to get an appointment. They are a busy shop, but seem to be able to work people in if they can. At least they have full hook -ups so the wait is not bad. Steve
  9. Right Linda, we have used them a few times and were well pleased. They have full hook ups there too so that helps. Nice to have people that understand the RV life. Steve
  10. Yeah, I miss him too, he was a great friend, and kept us all on our toes! We have been parked at Sundance RV Resort on the Calif side of the Colorado just north of Emerald cove. After Q we just needed to rest for a while and then we both got sick. AAarrgghh! Better now, but we didn't even get out of the bus for a week or so. Now we age going to put the boat in tomorrow and see if we can do a little boating before we leave here. We have an appointment with Redlands RV on March first, so we'll be there for 10 days or so. We are having the steering gearbox rebuilt (too much slack, and this one is not adjustable) so maybe the bus will drive a little better. 63 degrees here and nice and sunny, so sitting in the lawn chair is fine. Matter of fact it's calling me right now......Till later. Steve
  11. Jeff, glad to see you guys are still kicking! I think of you guys every time we pass Deming and remember the snowstorm we encountered there. All of a sudden we had clear skies and had to throw you guys out of the bus with your 1/2 cups of coffee and blast on down the road. What a day! I hope you are doing fine and taking trips in Fawkes! We are in Parker Arizona right now and enjoying the Colorado river floating past our windshield. Pretty soon we will be heading back to Oklahoma to see our kids and catch up with them. We sure we don't want to miss tornado season!! Happy travels Steve & Carol
  12. Yup, you shoulda "come on down"!
  13. We're on our way to Q right now. In parker picking up a few items so we should be there in an hour or so.
  14. Yikes, Roger! Good to get that done while you're somewhere with a good address. Q has plenty of "parts" but you have to look a little while for them. I managed to do some of that while I was waiting for the body work to be finished in Red Bay Alabama. Nothing like being near the factory to make sure all the parts are available. Having a cold one must mean your ice maker works!! Steve
  15. Thanks Stan for all the help you have given us during our full-timing life. Many times I have said " wonder what Stan would have done", when I faced the inevitable problems you find on the road. Your dedication to the cause has helped many of us "keep on truckin"! Steve