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  1. Kirk, are you saying you're in a "class by yourself"??
  2. we sold the house in jan of 08, so we became 08ers. we met up with our original bunch in jan 09 in quartzsite, danced around the campfire and burned our mortgages. the 09 people saw us having so much fun that they asked if they could join us. we said ok, so we became the 08,09ers. then we had more from other classes join so we became the classless class, because we didn't seem to have much class anyway..... the main thing is pick a class and start interacting with them on the forum. you will have fun and make some lifelong friends!! ps you would be the class of "17" just submit 5 copies of your application!! oh yeah we don't have applications.......... welcome to the adventure!! Steve
  3. Yeah Dave, turns out it is the compressor so we've got a new unit ordered too!
  4. Jeff, get that driver straightened out! You're too used to driving the RV! Lost one of the A/C units Friday Sure glad we traded busses so we have three units on this one! Had a mobile repair guy out Friday afternoon (still can't drive) and he said it wasn't the compressor. that sounded encouraging, but he had to have another guy come out today and make sure. At least it hasn't been all that hot this weekend so the two remaining units are keeping things comfortable. At least I finally get out of this sling on Thursday (darn rotator cuff anyway) maybe feel a little more human anyways. Happy travels...Steve
  5. Cold in Oklahoma today, only got to 83. brrrr Tornados are gone! we didn't even have any around here this year, so the coast is clear. I'll knock the dust off the ice cream machine and see if it still works, so come on down!
  6. It's hard to use two fingers when they're both on the same hand! are you guys coming through Oklahoma on your way to Texas?
  7. joe, milking it for all its worth!!
  8. Jeff glad to hear the mean falcon is kicking butt again! takes a few good runs to shake out the cobwebs! we had to rebuild the differential on the dodge as one of the side carrier bearings gave up! 9,25 posi. replaced all the bearings, but the ring and pinon were ok, no noise now so far! dave haven't posted much because it takes so long to type with one left finger!! already lost this post one time aarrggh! glad you guys made it to warren bridge to see Dianne and tom! only 14 more weeks of shoulder rehab to go! only two more weeks one handed. whew!
  9. yep, I remember that one linda, lots of help there, but a lot of witnesses too!!
  10. we used some in our surveillance vans, they were 8,000 btu units but they only lasted about 2 hours on the inverters.
  11. found out I already owned one
  12. thanks guys stiches out tomorrow then seeing what the rehab plan looks like!
  13. Well, the shoulder surgery went well, and I am now in the recovery/healing phase. This typing with my left hand really sucks, but all in all I'm doing pretty good. A little sore, and it's in a sling, but they were able to repair the shoulder. in a month or so I should be able to drive the bus again! Ever try to blow your nose left handed? 80 and calm here in central Oklahoma today!!
  14. It is, so I'm going to have to get a lighter glass (or learn to drink left handed)
  15. So you're hiding Jeff?