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  1. It is, so I'm going to have to get a lighter glass (or learn to drink left handed)
  2. So you're hiding Jeff?
  3. Yup, everything is quiet here in tornado country. Nice day, for this part of the country 65 and partly cloudy. Now for the "partly cloudy" part. I found out I have to get an arm fixed. Seems that I tore a ligament in my right shoulder and have to get it repaired. The MRI gave us the results and now they will saw the arm off on June first! Aarrgghhh! At least we know now why it wouldn't heal! The other cloud is the differential on the truck. Seems that one of the carrier bearings went bad, so they had to rebuild the dif. I guess 118,000 driven miles and about 40,000 towed miles did it in. At least it went bad here and not while it was being towed. They just called and said it was ready so I can take the rental car back. Keep me out of trouble for a while. Steve
  4. Toni, here are the units on the Tiffin classifieds right now.
  5. We use an additive called happy camper. It is a good product to keep everything liquid and also keep the smell at bay. The only time we have trouble with solids is in the hot summertime when we are in one place for a couple of months. We did full-time for 9 years before we had a problem with the "brown mountain" and used Happy camper to remedy it. They make a last ditch stand additive, and a everyday use additive. Both seem to work really good and my DW has a really sensitive nose so if it works for her it must be good. I just use it every other tank fill and it works fine. Steve
  6. Ha Ha Linda, especially a bear with a beer!!
  7. Well, Jeff, at least you guys will be able to get groceries faster. I don't know about the off roading, but a beer run will not take long at all.....
  8. Wow, leave for a couple of days and another full-timer bites the dust!! Congrats Jeff & Tina, sounds like a good place to settle down. Now the race car will get a good work out again! Toni & Doug, sounds like you got a good tow vehicle, now you just need something to push! I just found this set up, but looks like I'm a little late. Steve This was posted on the Tiffin website a couple of days ago. Ad Nbr: 3889 Price: $18,075.00 Location: Killen, AL 35645 Phone Nbr: Date Ad Placed: April 20, 2017 Placed By: Maddog11capt 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L All wheel drive that has: 185 HP 4 cylinder engine, real time All Wheel Drive, Leather interior, High-Power AM/FM/CD audio System with 7 speakers and Subwoofer, Bluetooth enabled, XM Satellite Radio ready, Back Up Camera, Driver's 10 Way Power Seat, Heated Front Seats, Fold-Down Rear Seat Center Armrest, Power Windows and Door Locks, Driver's Auto Up/Down Window, Power Moonroof, new tires on April 14, 2016 @ 44144 miles; the tires have 13K miles on them. Tires have been rotated with every oil change. Service performed per Honda Service schedule. We are selling the car because we used it as a tow vehicle behind our Motorhome which we have sold. Included in the price are: Blue Ox Tow bar, Blue Ox Patriot Braking unit with remote (see pictures), tow cables, break away cable and electrical turn signal cable. The car is also outfitted with Blue Ox Base Plates for quick hook up to the tow bar. It also has auxiliary lights that are operated by the tow vehicle; they are separate from the Honda CR-V. To prevent scamming, I don't sell to overseas buyers, agents, buyer's agents or those who can't come see the vehicle personally. I do NOT respond to texts. $18075 Call (256) 445-2137 For more information: Click Here to Contact Owner Number of Views: 24
  9. Sorry to hear about Delcie, that is scary business. Glad she is on the mend. She'll have to watch out for the wild night life in Paducah for a while. Hugs for you guys! Steve
  10. Yep, everyone has their needs and necessaries in this business. We generally don't make reservations, but we belong to the Elks Club, so if all else fails we can stop at one of those. Most of them don't take reservations, but they will let you dry camp in their parking lot if they happen to be full. You do have to belong to the Elks though. We do tend to boondock some in the winter months in the West as we do have a pretty good solar array. One place we have found to be accessible are state or county fairgrounds. We were in Indio California and just on a whim called the fairgrounds. They had 50 or 60 50A full hook-up sites and no-one else was there. It was even gated! So it always pays to check all of your options. We do tend to travel more in the fall of the year after school is in session (how about January in South Grand Canyon), no crowds there. Another place we have found campgrounds is in small towns. A lot of times they are not advertised but are reasonable and have room. We do spend part of the summer in Oklahoma because our grandkids are here (and we don't want to miss tornado season), but the rest of the year we tend to look for cooler places to explore. We do use PPA and Escapees parks too. Since we started full-timing in Feb of 08, we have not been left out in the cold (YET)!! Enjoy the adventure Steve
  11. You might see if the breaker on the generator is tripped. Sometimes those breakers get weak and they can trip at too low a voltage. The generator will continue to run but it's not putting out any electricity.
  12. Toni, the motorhome magazine publishes a section every year with the new vehicles able to be towed 4 down. They used to have an archive for prior years too. Looks like most of the people in this park (that are towing 4 down) are pulling small trucks or Jeeps. There is one Honda CRV, but you can't tow the new Hondas 4 down. I think 2014 was the last year. Our Dodge Dakota crew cab has been a good one (driven 118K miles and towed about 40K) with decent space inside. You might check out "Ready Brute" towing systems too. We have M&G braking system and Roadmaster sterling hitch. The baseplate for the front of the truck is Blue OX which is a good company. Sometimes it's better to use a small truck, as you can carry all of your outside stuff in the back. Firewood, grills, outboard motors, etc: Good luck
  13. Jeff, it must take quite a bit to tow a jeep. I see you bought a truck so you can tow the Jeep while it's not hooked to the motorhome!
  14. Jeff, we got a lot of rain and lightning, but nothing severe in this area. Most of the larger storm went to the North. you're right, spring around here is a bit too exciting at times. We just got in the habit of being here in the spring and can't seem to shake it. We will have another round of storms this weekend. Nice weather otherwise though
  15. Well, it looks like the first big storm session is heading this way this evening. Tornado's have been spotted in south west Oklahoma and we should get our part of the storm at around 9:00. I could crawl into the ice cream machine to hide, but it's a little too small. Nice way to go I guess! Just starting to rain now, so I guess you don't have all of it up there Joe! Now I found out today that i'm going to have to have a dental implant! Arrgghh. I've had one before and I think they drilled into my brain a little bit that time. How else can I explain that I can't remember anything anymore. It's either that or eat baby food! Hmmm, I always liked the stewed prunes! NO NO NO! I didn't say that. So now all I have to worry about is the remainder of the old gray matter being destroyed. Well, one thing about it is there is not much left so it will be hard for them to find it to drill into it. I could go back to Las Algadones and have it done, and at least have a margarita to go along with it, but miss the tornadoes!!!! Well, I need to go sandbag now, so i'll sign off and see if I can find any baaaaad whiskey for protection from the storm... Steve