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  1. You are correct...if your inspection sticker is expired, you must get an inspection ASAP once you go back into Texas. However, you do not have to return to Texas *just for* an inspection, which a lot of people believe is true.
  2. You've never had to return to Texas each year *just* to get your vehicles inspected. Even when the state went from two to one sticker, they provided a way whereby you didn't have to physically return to the state for an inspection.
  3. That's one of our favorite areas of Nevada! Pioche has a free city RV park with water and sewer where you can stay for up to seven days (they do ask for a donation). Pioche also has the Million Dollar Courthouse which makes for an interesting tour. In Rachel, be sure to eat at the Little A'Le'Inn. The food isn't anything out of the ordinary, but it's interesting to walk around looking at all the Area 51 and alien stuff they have on the walls...and above the bar hangs hundreds of dollar bills!
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    In general, I agree. However, post counts DO come in handy when someone makes a post that looks like spam. If it's someone who has posted here before, I usually give them the benefit of a doubt. If it's someone's first post, I'll probably flag them as a spammer and hide their post. Without the post count, I would have no way of knowing whether or not the person had posted here before.
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    That's true of everyone. Hopefully, the administrators will be able to get the glitch fixed, or it may just be something we have to live with.
  6. I don't either.
  7. We survive just fine. Our rig has only two large users of AC electricity: The A/C and the microwave, both of which can be run at the same time (in those rare instances when we're plugged into electricity at an RV park). Our water heater is a propane on-demand one which requires no AC to use. The refrigerator takes very little AC. The only other AC items we run are charging our laptops, phones, and tablets and using the satellite receiver (the TV is DC).
  8. Per the Escapade FAQ page on the main Escapees website: "What is the address to have mail sent to me? Please have mail sent to arrive not before Friday, March 17, nor after Wednesday, March 22 (all mail received after Wednesday will be returned to sender), to: Your name, SKP # C/O Escapade, Pima County Fairgrounds, 11300 S. Houghton Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747"
  9. They may not have known in advance. This forum is hosted by a third party and it could be that, doing a regularly scheduled update, they were as surprised by the changes as everyone else. At any rate, per the explanation by one of the Escapees staff hidden here among the MANY threads about the change, the old format wasn't going to be supported anymore, so they didn't have any choice but to make the change short of changing to a new host. I agree that there could be communications to us about things like when the signatures will return. But they're probably scrambling to figure out how the new forum works, too.
  10. We also use Day's End extensively...almost exclusively. One thing I like about it is that you can do a search for a particular town to see if there are any boondocking sites nearby. Another feature I use a lot, is the Day's End map where you enter beginning and ending locations, and it will find all the Day's End sites along that route.
  11. Although we are no longer fulltimers, we rarely stayed any one place more than a week, often less...except for the winter when we'd hunker down for a few months.
  12. They can't. This forum isn't hosted on Escapees' servers; rather, it's hosted by a third-party company and they're the ones who made the change. The administrators here are, at least, making changes...the Announcements which appeared at the top of every single page when it was first rolled out have disappeared, for example. As for the emails you're receiving, this has been discussed in one of the numerous threads about the change to this new format, with a solution. You might want to browse through those threads to find it.
  13. Regarding the Lynx levelers: Assuming your motorhome doesn't have automatic levelers, I'd start out with two packs of 10. Let's say that you need to raise the entire back end by the height of two Lynx levelers. It would take three Lynx for each tire (done in pyramid fashion), which would be a total of 12. If you needed to raise the back end three Lynx levelers high, you'd need six per tire or 24. Given that situation, I think I'd look for a different site!
  14. At least the Announcements that appeared on every single page have disappeared! There is one thing I like about this new forum: I open each new thread in a new window which comes up smaller than the original page. Prior to this new revision, I'd have to maximize the window in order to read the posts from left to right. With this new update, I don't have to do that extra step since the entire discussion fits in the smaller window.
  15. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, so this may not be what you're looking for: If you click on the solid circle (or star, if you've made a previous comment) at the front of the topic title, you'll be taken to the newest post since your last visit. This, at least, works as it did in the previous forum format!