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  1. It wouldn't work for you because it was from my members-only site after logging into my account.
  2. We've used the long solid metal tire stems from the Tireman (there are other places to buy these types of stems): Note that these are NOT extensions!
  3. I just checked my renewal rates for our Class C motorhome on the Coachnet's $149, which is what we paid last year. That's for the Premier Coach membership; the Premier Towable membership rate is $129 (per the website); the Basic membership is $79. The only time we've used our Coachnet ERS was for a tow which was quickly handled. We've also used Good Sam ERS in the past and had one tow and a tire change, all handled in a timely manner. We've never used the ERS from our insurance company, but we don't pay extra for it, either.
  4. You are unlikely to find a Class C or a small Class A that has been prepped for a washer & dryer (or a combo unit) being the biggest issue. Maybe one of the Super Class C's might come prepped...haven't really looked at them, so I don't know for sure. As for hanging up diapers (or any clothes) outside, most RV parks don't allow that. You could do it if you boondocked, but then you'd have the issue of electricity to run the machines (generator) plus using your fresh water and filling your gray tank. If you're going to get a washer, might as well get a dryer, too (or, as mentioned above, a combo unit).
  5. While I agree with paperless billing, when you change your locals, all you are changing is the *service* address, not the *billing* address. So, even if you received paper bills, they would continue to be sent to your billing address.
  6. I doubt that's the case here. The HDT Members On The Road thread, for example, is currently 97 pages long with over 2,400 replies. I can't imagine the Mobley thread being longer.
  7. I looked through the Internet Access on the Road forum and saw two threads that had been hidden because they were spam. I'm not sure we can see a thread if it has actually been deleted rather than hidden.
  8. I get this message when clicking on your link: "We could not locate the item you are trying to view."
  9. Probably because we ("weekend moderators") don't know anything about the disappearance of the thread. It might be that one of the administrators in Livingston deleted it, but normally, if the thread starts straying into territory that is against the rules, they simply lock it. I wasn't reading the thread, so don't know if this was the case.
  10. Note that the $250,000/$500,000 amounts Kirk noted, above, are PROFIT, not the amount you sold the house for. So, if your example of a $100,000 selling price is accurate, there's no way you'll come close to making that kind of profit, so you won't have to worry about paying taxes on the amount you receive for the house. BTW, there is no longer any requirement to buy another house of equal or greater value within a certain period of time...that rule was eliminated many years ago.
  11. X2!
  12. I'm not sure I understand your statement. By "WiFi hot spot," do you mean a MiFi, internet-only device (not a phone or tablet)? We have two phones and a tablet, all three of which can be used as a hotspot. It's my understanding that the 10GB per month hotspot limit (before speeds are throttled) is PER DEVICE. Are you saying that this is not true, that it's 10GB per month PER ACCOUNT?
  13. We do not have a MiFi device, but we are on Verizon's Unlimited plan which we upgraded to two or three weeks ago. We have two phones and a tablet, all of which can be used as a hotspot. Yes, if you use your phone as a hotspot, it will drain your battery faster than if it's not being used as a hotspot, so keep a method of charging the phone at hand. Does it shorten the life of the battery? I have no idea, but our previous phone before the upgrade was used for two years and was our only method of getting online with our computer. The battery was still going strong when it was "decommissioned."