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  1. Here's a recent article: "But that freedom is getting more tenuous. The state is considering selling the land. Talk of the sale has spurred some residents to organize and take a leadership role. They’ve applied to buy the land. That frightens others who believe landlords, government and rules will follow, all of which run counter to how Slab City operates. They say it could destroy the “live and let live” philosophy of the Slabs."
  2. We spent a great deal of 2007 visiting New Mexico State Parks using their annual parks pass. We visited all of the northern parks during the summer, which are at higher elevations, so we never needed to have AC. Our plan was to visit the parks in the southern part of the state during the winter, but we lasted only until December when it got too cold for us.
  3. I'd join Escapees now. The others won't be of any use to you until you have your RV and are actually traveling.
  4. Has anyone tried to buy Disconnect from the Mashable site -- and been successful? I purchased it on Saturday and received a Confirmation email. The email was blank, but the Subject line had the Confirmation number. I did not receive any download link. Despite emailing them three times about the situation, I never heard anything back, so this afternoon, I put in a dispute with my credit card company. Seems like Mashable is a scam site?
  5. (Didn't see Jack's post before I replied.) Just an FYI -- "Moderators" don't have the power to ban anyone or put anyone on moderated status. Only an ADMINISTRATOR can do that. As far as I am aware, the Administrator(s) don't regularly read these forums. They come here in response to a Report (again, as far as I am aware). Just wanted to clear this up because several people have mentioned the term "moderator" and, as noted, we don't have that power.
  6. Thanks! I think I'll go ahead and get it.
  7. Anyone familiar with Disconnect? The $49 sale price for a lifetime subscription looks like a good deal, but I don't know anything about it (or much about VPN's for that matter). I'm not really interested in paying a monthly fee for a VPN.
  8. Great article! Thanks for posting.
  9. I love T-Mobile's prices! Unfortunately, for where we travel, they simply don't yet have the coverage we need. If you're thinking of going with T-Mobile, I'd suggest taking a look at their coverage map for the areas where you travel the most. Having no coverage for a day or two as you travel is one thing; not having coverage in the places you stay for a week or more would be the pits!
  10. We have two Verizon phones (android) and a Verizon tablet (not an iPad) each of which can be used as a hotspot. We're on Verizon's unlimited plan, so we have a total of 30GB hotspot useage (10GB for each device), and 66GB data (22GB per device). I see no reason why you can't use your iPad as a hotspot.
  11. I hope you'll be in the Yellowstone area well before or well after August 21, the date of the total solar eclipse! While Yellowstone itself isn't in the path, Grand Tetons NP is, so the area is certain to be packed with people!
  12. The OP is talking about US-93 and US-95 in Nevada. Although s/he didn't use the designator "US," s/he did mention Nevada. We drive both every down to AZ in the winter, the other north in the spring. Both are good roads; in fact, most of the paved roads in NV are good. BTW, as I mentioned above, these are US highways, not Interstates.
  13. No. And we pretty much exclusively boondock.
  14. Personally, I would not buy an RV without a complete bathroom. Of course, we boondock where there are no facilities (and it would have to be a dire emergency for me to use an outhouse!). Even on the rare occasions when we're in an RV park with bathroom facilities, we use our own.
  15. Partly because the HDT forum has been around much longer, while the Class C forum, Fifth Wheel forum, etc., just started up sometime last year (or the year before...I forget exactly when).