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  1. Well, who knows? I just might.
  2. So, they have an app to tell you what fifth wheel to get buy with what truck? You use it once and don't need it for another few years when you buy another? Hmmm. I'm certain we've got to have that app. What do you think?
  3. We use those views for many things. They are great in determining even if you want to stop at some RV parks. Also, truck stops almost always have big rig friendly pumps. Check for Flying J, Pilot, Love's, etc. You can add datafiles to a GPS so you know how close. Or, there is even a book out, NEXT, which tells you what exit along your route these stations are. A couple apps to check out. Truck Stop Locator Big Truck Stops
  4. Eek! Can't imagine being in an RV and an earthquake at the same time. That's pretty scary for sure. Wow, Toni. Five earthquakes in the 5th wheel? That would certainly be no fun at all. Let's hope no more earthquakes for anyone.
  5. When you going to head towards New Braunfels? Yep, we will certainly miss seeing Roger and Lynn around.
  6. Congratulations to you! Glad you've finally got what you want and you're getting ready to hit the road again.
  7. Well, that is true.
  8. Just thought it was time to bring this back up to the top again. Then, I thought I'd also ask about fall plans. Any interest for anyone to spend a "few" days at the Balloon Festival in New Mexico?
  9. So, I used to get little email notices when posts were made. However, not anymore. Hmmmm. Maybe I've been zapped! However, anyone already planning fall travels ... or heading to the Balloon Festival in NM? Thought I'd ask. PS Don't forget to move your peg. I think some folks are "stale" on it.
  10. Same thing. I didn't realize it was Sandie either until I read the last line. Maybe she was trying to be incognito!
  11. Enjoy the summer up north. Your beautiful new home will be waiting for you when you return in the fall.
  12. It definitely is a small world isn't it. You never know who you're going to see no matter where you are.
  13. So glad to get an update from you. We were wondering how Delcie was doing. It was certainly great getting together in Tucson. Relax this summer and tell Delcie to get better. We're hoping to see both of you next year.
  14. Everyone you ask is going to have a different suggestion based on their own preference. The range is huge from Hondas to Jeeps to numerous other vehicles. It depends a little what you like.and what the motorhome will pull. Start looking and do research before you buy. FMCA puts out a list based on year of vehicle.
  15. Exactly!