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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. Same here which was the determining factor in going to the unlimited with some perhaps unknowns from our unlimited talk and text 40G plan.
  2. We shall see. We use speed test and visual route server to check for speed. When we note we are being throttled we will check speed and see what it says.
  3. I think this has been constantly changing since the Unlimited plan came out. What Verizon clearly stated a month ago may not apply today. We are not throttled here near Orlando, Florida..... Verizon clearly stated a few days ago when and how we might be throttled. and how much un throttled data we had per device. That could change next week. Our Mi Fi 7730L clearly reads out what our speed is.Right now it reads out 4GLTE.This area should be a high use area what with all the attractions in the area. We will not be moving around for awhile for a real test of the system.
  4. EMS PT 50 is a management system by progressive industries.Google it.
  5. True fire proof safes are marked as to what they can withstand. You get what you paid for.
  6. We will stick with this post we made 17 hours go. We again called Verizon Tech service yesterday and read them that post. They agreed it was accurate. We hung up waited 5 mins and called again and got a different tech rep. This time we did not read the post but asked how the unlimited plan worked. They gave us the same answer. I asked are you sure there has been confusion. They said there had been confusion but there no longer is. I don't know what else to do;...BTW we have 11 G on the Mifi now and it is not throttled. Still 4G LTE
  7. Just went t o the unlimited Verizon plan last week and upgraded t o the Verizon mi Fi 7730L-D8FA. My bill from the unlimited talk and text 40 gig went down 20.00. We have 3 devices . We get 22Gig of un throttled data PER DEVICE. Verizon does throttle IF the tower you are on is congested, if not you will not throttle. We are on multiple towers all over the country sometimes several in a day. We doubt we will see much slowdown. It was difficult to find a Verizon rep that knew exactly what the unlimited plan was and how it worked.If we talked to 3 reps we would most likely get three different answers. It took a couple of months a lot of internet homework and long talks with several Verizon reps to come t o a conclusion of how it really worked. They are getting better now.
  8. Insurance issues although they can be worked around was one of the primary reasons we did not sell our S&B and kept the Domicile.
  9. We still have a S&B in our home town and we keep most of that stuff in a Safety Deposit box at our local bank. We keep what we think we need while on the road in a fireproof safe in the RV.
  10. We had the pressure pro and now the TSP both systems worked well.We would not travel without a t ire monitor system.
  11. With Quicken the transaction is recorded as soon as it is made usually within a minute or two. How the individual spends their $$ is a personal choice there is no incorrect way.
  12. We use quicken for record keeping been using it since it came out years ago. Everything is in a category so we know were we spend the $$$ .We look at it at the end of every year to see how foolishly we are spending our retirement $$$ but as long as there is a couple of bucks left over at the end of every month I figure we are doing OK. Got me curious so I looked at Quicken for last months numbers February 2017 3,742 all categories all expenses. I was pleased to see that "Entertainment" was our 2nd highest expense. That is the way retirement income should be spent.
  13. Might be surprised at how many units come off the line per day.
  14. We had allstate a few years ago and had a storm damage claim on our RV of 3400 dollars that they determined was our fault because we had parked the RV in a RV lot in a campgr ound under a tree during a severe thunderstorm. Strangely enough our premiums went up by exactly that amount.You may find that these insurance companies share their claim data.
  15. We have the 56-CH system from RV cams it is 319.00 todays pricing. We have had it for over 10 years on two 5th wheels with not a problem. We travel a lot and it is on all the time. It is the hard wired system as the distance monitor connection to camera is a bit over 40 feet and the camera is on the rear ladder. You get what you pay for..