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  1. The Tok Cutoff (Hwy 1 from Tok to Glennallen) is the worse road we drove on in Alaska. It is second, only to the section of the Alaska Hwy from Haines Junction, YT to the AK border. Lots of construction to repair frost heaves. This section is notorious for frost heaves.
  2. Our cat will not eat the KD dry or canned food. We have another cat who is on ID (Intestinal Disorder) food, and she likes that. Also the other cat will not eat the KD food either. We know the ID food is not the best for her, but having her eat is much better than her not eating. Keep her comfortable and happy is what we care about for the time she has left. Months or years we don't know. We are hydrating her every 3 days with 100cc each time.
  3. When I want to know what temps to expect to experience in a place I plan to visit, I use the Weather Underground monthly history website. With a few clicks of a mouse you can see the history of a full months temperature swings going back some 20 years. For example here is a link to the July 2016 weather for Thermopolis, WY, probably one of the warmer spots in Wyoming. To change locations go the upper left and enter the location in the "search locations" box. Once the location comes up, scroll down to the Almanac area and look for "Calendar View"
  4. Different folks have different expectations and have very widely varying opinions on what they will and won't drive on. The TOW is not a road for everyone. Let me review some of the things which may concern some people: -- You MUST know where your tires are as you drive on the road. I don't mean get out and look. I mean if you see pot holes or a rock you know where your tires are so you can miss them. But most importantly, when you pull to the side to let oncoming vehicles pass you don't slip off the edge of the road into the ditch. See the picture, in our blog entry noted below, of a large RV in the ditch. I got the pic from the internet, we didn't actually see the rig. -- Leaving Dawson you get on a small ferry. You enter/exit the ferry on a gravel ramp. When the ramp gets to eroded they have a front loader or bulldozer push some gravel in place. Personally I didn't find anything wrong with the on/off ramps. As I remember they only put one large RV on at a time. Ferry is to small for more than 1. There is room for cars on both sides of the RV though. All the above could really cause some folks a concern. -- Once you get off of the ferry you have 103 miles of gravel road to just west of Chicken. If it is raining your RV and toad, or your tow vehicle and trailer will be muddy mess. Plan on 4-5 hours of steady driving minimum. The TOW, all of which is in Canada is a very good gravel road. Lots of room for oncoming vehicles to pass. There is about 6-8 miles of brand new paved road once you cross into AK, but then the road road turns back to gravel is a little narrower. In places it is best for one large vehicle to pull to the side (no shoulder) and stop. Then the other large vehicle "should" pass at 5-10mph (or slower). You will most likely only have 2-3 feet (or less) between your mirrors as you pass. Note I put quotes around "should" earlier. I pull to the side and stop and have had the oncoming vehicle wiz by at 15-20mph. Check out the pics and description in the link below to my blog entry of our trip across the TOW in Aug 2016. -- We found the worst part of the gravel road was the 2-3 miles of very washboardy road going west of Chicken to the paved highway. -- Once you get past Chicken you have another 60 miles of good fairly smooth full width paved road. However the road has no shoulders, it winds and twists goes up and down hills, but nothing very steep. Your speed will most likely vary from 35mph to 45mph. All in all it makes for a long day to go from Dawson City to Tok. Now if you don't have fixed commitments to be at your next stop, you can spend a day or four in Dawson City to make sure you have good weather. If you do the scenery is really great. It took us 6 days to go from Tok (actually we started about 120 miles west of Tok) to Dawson City. We love to boondock so we enjoyed boondocking along the route. We stopped for 2 nights so we would have a full day to drive the toad to Eagle, leaving our RV at the boondock site. A couple of days we boondocked along TOW to wait out the cloudy weather so we could enjoy the views as we finished the TOW to Dawson City. BTW the boondock spots we stayed at are in Days End , our primary source for free or low cost places to stay. Here is the link to our blog entry. If all you are interested in is the gravel road pics just scroll down to the pictures.
  5. I just checked on Drs Foster and Smith has the IV solution bags, needles & drip lines. Great info. Tks.
  6. I'm assuming you are doing the same thing we are. That is taking a 1 liter bag of common saline solution (the same thing they give humans in the hospital through the IV) and using a IV needle, insert the needle under the skin above the cats shoulders and allow 100-150cc of the solution to flow in sub-subcutaneously. We have a personal relationship with our vet, who supplied us with a case of saline solution, IV tubes and enough IV needles to hold us through our travels. I did try to get ONLY the saline solution (no needles or drip tubes) thru Sam's Club & Costco but both said they don't carry that. I tried Petsmart (Banfield) and they said the don't do do that. I also tried another Vet and they wanted to do an exam of our cat before selling the solution. The other big hurtle, I have not tried to address, is getting additional drip lines and IV needles. We have been advised to use a new needle every time and a new drip line every 2 bags. Twice a week comes to a lot of needles.
  7. Boy, are you going to be surprised. Cool NE is an oxymoron! Philly area in at 90* or above, sometimes mid 90's. Baltimore in the 90's. Maine's coast line will be fairly cool. Maybe upstate NY and higher elevations of Vermont & New Hampshire. Make sure your air conditioner works. We are from Texas. Retired in 2004, started traveling in 2005 and have been extremely surprised over the last 12 years about just how warm/hot it is across the norther tier of states.
  8. I use a pair of 325 watt 48V panels wired to my MPPT solar controller. The higher voltage allows me to use a smaller wire size to go from my combiner box to my controller. As Jack said, go to his website for lot of great info.
  9. Here is a recent forum topic about the variables associated with full time RV'ing. While some of the discussion is about what individuals spend, a lot more is devoted to what people do to either add extra income or reduce their expenses by volunteering in exchange for free campsites.
  10. There is nothing on the 511 road condition website about TOTW Hwy being closed. There is bridge work causing delays, but that is south of Dawson City, near the Dempster Hwy.
  11. Call the visitor centere in Whitehorse, YT at (800) 661-0494. They will have the latest and most accurate info this side of Dawson City, YT
  12. Thanks for sharing that article. More positive info in the article than in the one I shared. It sounds like Forest River is taking some good steps in the right direction.
  13. I bought and installed the Lithium battery kit from Starlight Solar in the winter of 2015/2016. It is a good system and I am pleased with its operation. Do keep in mind you need to be fairly technically competent to do the install. The kit (at least when I bought mine) does not come with step by step instructions. You have to do some design work and figuring out where and how to mount the components. Of course since every RV is pretty unique in where the battery & 12V components are placed it would be extremely difficult to supply detailed install instructions for every RV.
  14. Sorry, I didn't realize you were joking. Smiley faces and/or LOL on the line of a joke really helps us to understand the line is intended as humor.
  15. Goodness, I didn't think anyone was saying it is OK to make noise early in the morning. I'm guessing a lot more people leave in the early morning than come in late at night.