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  1. If you have Plan N, which is similar to Plan F, there is a very significant difference other than Plan N not paying the deductible. Plan N also does not cover extended stays in the hospital, (and a couple of other things if I remember correctly) which can get very, very expensive. That is the main reason Plan N is less expensive. On the other hand, extended stays in the hospital are fairly rare, but if it does happen to you it happen to you (the public you, not the person I quoted) it could break the bank. Anyone considering a Medicare supplement, be sure to read and understand exactly what is covered and what is not covered. When we were moving to a Medicare supplement, I spent quite a bit of time reading the details about what is and is NOT covered in the different supplement plans.
  2. About vehicle insurance, do a search on this forum for "insurance". There have many, many topics about buying RV and vehicle insurance over the last couple of years.
  3. It sounds like you have a Medicare "Advantage" plan now. I believe these typically are HMO's or PPO's which include hospitalization, Dr visits, outpatients care and drug plans in one package, but you have to go the doctors and hospitals associated with the plan, in the geographic areas the plan covers. If you switch to straight Medicare (Plan A), with Plan B for Dr visits and out patient care, and Plan D for drugs. You can go to any place which accepts Medicare. You will pay a 20% copay for the Plan A & B. Plan D gets complicated as different companies pay different amounts for some medications and there are differing costs for the plan depending on lots and lots of variables. There are other restrictions for Plan D. For the two of us we use the above set up and we have added Medicare Plan F, which covers the 20% copay, the annual deductible and the other limitations built into Medicare Plan A & B. As stated above, the good part of what we have, is the ability to go anywhere in the country and go to any doctor and/or hospital which accepts Medicare and get treatment. Since we travel a lot, 6-9 months of the year this works great for us. You will need to go to the web site for details on Medicare. For Medicare Plan F you can go to places like Humana, Aetna, etc, etc for info about costs for Plan F. BTW, all Plan F's have the same coverage, dictated by Medicare. For Plan D for drugs, you will need to go, again to Humana, Aetna, etc, etc and compare prices, and coverage. Figuring out which company and which of the companies offerings covers which drugs for what cost gets to be a real pain.
  4. Unless this is an unusual slide motor setup you shouldn't have to worry about burning up the motor. The slideouts I am familiar with have current sensors which stop the power to the motor when the load gets heavy. There is NO switch at the "out" or "in" position of the slideout. When the load on the motor gets heavy at the end of the travel the power to the motor is cut off. This heavy load would only "normally" occur at the end of the travel. The Kiwi auto steps work this way as well. That is why you see many complaints that the step doesn't retract all the way when the pivot points need to be lubed.
  5. Whoever buys this will need a diesel pusher to tow it. I don't know of a gas or a FRED (FRont Engine Diesel) that are rated to pull the weight.
  6. The point is there is a reply earlier about how hot it has become, in Princeton, LA, in the last few years with the temp hitting 112 on a home thermometer in 2011. Because of this heat, perhaps people are going to be leaving the area and perhaps the economy will decline.
  7. Why not???
  8. I would guess acrophobia would be extremely dangerous if the driver would inadvertently drive into a place where they loose control of the vehicle.
  9. So you had 10' guard rails!
  10. RV_ Thanks for pointing out my typo for years covered in the weather history links. I made an edit to my post noting the dates were 2014-2016, not 2104-2016. Yep, I missed the 112 degree reading was for the year 2011. Looking at the weather history for that one year, it was an exceptional year for hot weather for the area. The weather station temps were indeed 107-109 with over a week of highs over 100. Hot, hot, hot! Not to be confused with the temps for a relatively cool summer a few years later, as I noted. For anyone interested in actual weather station weather history, pick any one of the links I gave earlier and with just a couple of clicks you can select the weather history for any month for the area going back 30-40 years for many locations.
  11. I second, Kirk's suggestion about books on RV'ing. Additionally, go to these following forum areas and browse back though the topics looking for info you can use: -- Beginning RV'ing -- Sharing the Fulltime Lifestyle -- Graduating to Fulltime As you read the posts, look at the signature lines for links to peoples websites or blogs. Many of them have great info about how they stated and how they live and travel.
  12. I would assume that the front desk would discourage or say no to someone asking to wander through the park asking questions. I would drive up, park in visitor parking and then walk around the park as though you were out for an evening stroll. Lots of RV'ers do just that. Plan on the walk around 5pm or so. Plan on multiple trips to get a variety of people to talk with. Be sure to visit with people with 5th wheels, and not just MH's. As you are walking through the park, look for RV's which appear to be transient. If they have lots of stuff outside, or skirts around the RV, they probably are permanent and work in the area rather than traveling for pleasure. As you walk by a RV'er sitting outside their RV and they volunteer to say "hi, how are you doing?", reply something like "we are fine how about you?". If they seem to want more conversation, chit chat a little and then tell them your story and see where that takes you. Do keep in mind, we all have opinions and some people get pretty opinionated and stuck in what they think best. So don't take everything we say as the only or best way to do things.
  13. I wonder who dreams up Subject lines for emails at Camping World??? Yesterday I received an email from Camping World with a subject line of "Tax Stimulus Sale - Limited Time Only!" I never knew that Taxes needed to be stimulated!
  14. No question in my mind that the earth temps are rising. But 110 in Shreveport, LA area for an official temp is really stretching it. However it is not supported by the weather station at near by Barksdale Air Force Base as reported by Weather Underground History reports. Additionally a large number of days in the 100's is not supported by the history reports from 2014-2016 for the months of July & August. Although August 2015 was a very hot month with a 7 day stretch of 100's, topping out at 105. On the other hand the summer of 2014 was fairly cool with no days of over 100 and a number of days with the highs not leaving the 80's Below are the links to the July & Aug temps from 2104-2016: (OOPS, Editing date to 2014-2016) July 2016 Two days of 100, the rest in the 90’s and no days of the 80’s Aug 2016 No days of 100 plus, 11 days in the 80’s July 2015 Three days of 100 to 101, two days in the 80’s and the rest in 90’s Aug 2015 7 day stretch of over 100, with a high of 105 July 2014 No days of over 100, but 10 days in 80’s, 4 days in the 70’s with the rest in the 90’s Aug 2014 No days of over 100, 4 in the 80’s and 1 day with a high of 71.
  15. Thanks for coming back and updating how things are progressing in your life.