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  1. TIVO's patent expires next year. I decided just to wait a year. http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/8/9284091/tivo-samsung-dvr-patent-lawsuit
  2. I drove in good weather in August. It is your basic Forest Service dirt road. I had enough of driving those and getting paid for it!!! I am glad I did the trip and got it out of my system. IF you must do the TOW road....do it from Dawson City to the Alaska line. That was the more interesting part. I did like Chicken, Alaska....but it was not worth driving all that way to Chicken.
  3. The Alcan is just like I-5 with a lot more distance between towns. Really, the Alcan before Whitehorse is in better shape than I-5. After Whitehorse the biggest issue is the frost heaves. The only highway I would be concerned about is he Denali-Richardson Highway.....do it. Don't worry about your tires. Just go slow and do it in three days (before Caribou season) instead of one day (on Caribou season opener). Just slow down for the potholes, pay attention to the road, the big issue is frost heaves.... and enjoy your trip.
  4. This was my solution.... http://usbackroads.blogspot.com/2012/05/solar-powered-fishing-boat.html Even if you do not use a solar panel for the boat I would get one to charge the battery. I boondock a lot and using the Honda generator to charge the battery takes a long time. You can also use the battery for charging the house batteries, computers, etc. etc. This is what i use for the RV. https://www.amazon.com/Go-Power-GP-PSK-80-Portable-Controller/dp/B009MIPH36/ref=pd_sbs_263_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B009MIPH36&pd_rd_r=DMDCVMYDY88PE24F41M5&pd_rd_w=svRZy&pd_rd_wg=PsYy9&psc=1&refRID=DMDCVMYDY88PE24F41M5
  5. Same as today. Per mile charge will be based on weight and size of vehicle. That is how the registration is paid in most states. Simple step to link the registration to the per mile data.
  6. Electric cars will force the issue and movement to a per-mile charge for road maintenance. One issue for RV'ers......NPS, FS, and BLM roads are NOT supported by gas tax dollars. So every time you drive on NPS, FS, or BLM roads that gas tax you paid goes to highways!! That is one change I would like Congress to enact. The refund of the gas taxes to the Federal agencies would really be helpful to the recreation programs on public lands. Currently, ONLY the gas burned by OHV is refunded for the National Trails Program administered by Federal Highways Administration. It fund a large portion of both motorized and non-motorized trails on both state and Federal lands.
  7. Mt. St. Helens.
  8. A month ago I gave a presentation to a club on "Things Your Financial Advisor Never Told". In the presentation, I asked people to list to best financial decision and also their worst financial decision. I then said, another clue was they were the SAME decision. 401-K's and Traditional IRA's were for most people the best decisions they made for retirement security. It also was the WORST decision in many cases. Those accounts basically take capital gains and dividend income and CONVERT them to ordinary income. Since my traditional IRA's were opened so long ago the entire gain is basically capital gains!!! But every year I made a withdraw it comes out as ordinary income. I really do not understand why this is not more of a political issue. When you look at the math. Wow, do you pay a penalty for having a traditional IRA!! I would like the law revised to tax distributions from a traditional IRA as capital gains and ordinary income based on earnings history. That would be fair.
  9. A friend is looking for a nice urban park in the Tucson area. They live in a small town in Colorado so are looking for urban amenities. They are willing to purchase a "park" model and also have a small RV that they travel in around the country. Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the info.....I did notice that the container had not swelled up at all. Did I learn something new today??
  11. I bought this a Wal-Mart. Blew out my lines a month ago and added the anit-freeze into the lines. Packing up for the trip south. The anti-freeze half-empty was left outside next to the trailer. It has been below freezing pretty much for the entire month. However, it has NOT been below zero. I picked it up to put into the garage and it was slushy, almost frozen solid. We shall see in a couple of days whether I have lost any water lines. I suspect it would be a rock frozen at -50F.
  12. When I was working all the sales from the passes went to the agency selling the pass. In the case of the Forest Service the funds went back to the Forest where you bought the pass. I am unsure of your reference to USGS....they are not in the pass program though their web site at one time did sell passes. Never heard of the picture ID requirement in the discussion phase, but the legislation did pass in the "dead of night'. I am sure the NPS might have proposed it. They do like checking for picture ID at every entrance gate. The number and name were entered into a data sheet with the Forest Service. In 2007, that information was never entered into any database, but kept in the office where you bought the pass in case you lost it and needed a replacement. That was under the Golden Program. I am sure the NPS probably did enter it into databases...nah, just a guess, but it would be typical. The NPS did have a program of replacing Golden Passes with Senior Passes, but I think it had more to do with "cooking" the books by showing Congress how many Senior Passes they sold relative to other Federal Land Management agencies. There is a reason why the other agencies always roll their eyes when the NPS is mentioned (full disclosure...I did work for NPS at one time and I still roll my eyes).
  13. I have a friend with T-Mobile. Basically his phone does not work outside the interstate system and urban areas. When I teased him about getting a different carrier his reply was...."Why, I can always use your phone". We did sign up for Verizon's data and voice plan in Canada this past summer and it worked really well. It was a life saver. Not sure about T-Mobile in Canada, but I would like to hear comments. It has been a few years, but when I asked a T-Mobile representative about a phone and told him where I was traveling HE suggested Verizon. I did think about splitting the two phones between different carriers.
  14. I kept my "red card" qualifications when I retired. I do make a point of taking a fire assignment fairly early in the season to make sure that I keep my incident qualifications current. After three years without being on an incident your qualifications are taken away from you and as a retiree they are almost impossible to get back at that point. Fire seasons in the Wenatchee area generally start at the end of July and finish at the end of September most years. This past year I did get an assignment in September, but had to turn down three assignments as we were in the Yukon and Alaska. We also have a vacation home that we rent. The busy time of year for that is Thanksgiving through New Years. That pretty much means being around Wenatchee in August and September for fire season and then mid-November through mid-January for rental season. So right now I am watching it snow and the temperatures in the teens!! I am looking for a weather window so I can drive to Arizona starting Thursday morning. As others have said, the money is real helpful. It does put a crimp in the year when there are months when you have to be in Wenatchee. I am trying to get a schedule so that we travel more during the shoulder seasons, but with hunting and fishing times there are just not enough months in the year!! Thank God, I am not working anymore!!
  15. Your pretty much out of snow just south of Cedar City. Rest of it is an easy drive.