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  1. Well, thanks for all the replies. I am going with three weeks!! Then dump. I did learn a lot in the comments. For all those wondering why not dump everytime?? The whole point is to leave the truck and trailer hooked up with all the fishing stuff inside both rigs. That way I can just pull out and go fishing and come back the next day. Running to the state park to dump everytime defeats the purpose of using the trailer for fishing. I might as well load and remove the fishing stuff and just do day fishing trips rather than overnight. I also keep all my food and fishing clothes in the trailer. So.....the milk...how long can I leave that in the fridge???
  2. No...it was a discussion forum. Some of those guys work in the industry so it was THEIR best guesses based on past performance. There have been lots of discussion of the number of things orbiting in space. Not sure how this proposal would affect current satellites. But the US government has been concerned about the number of things floating around in space....there have been proposals to "clean" up space. Looking up at night. There are an amazing number of satellites in low earth orbit. I don't know who is right on the date. Just throwing it out that it might be later than people think.
  3. The stuff stored is the obvious stuff. I have converted my Casita trailer to a fly fishing cabin. Once a week at a minimum I take it out for fishing and usually stay overnight or a couple of nights. I really do not want to dump the black tank after every trip. I can easily go a month or two before the black tank needs dumping. I do have lots of water in the tank. So can I wait a month....or should I dump much more frequently even though it is not full. Thoughts??
  4. In a astronomy forum the number of satellites was mentioned as 4,425. There is concern about the sheer number of satellites and their impact on other orbiting objects. Best guesses were 2023 for initial launch.
  5. Moisture can trip a GFI.
  6. As your coming down into Ely from the west on Highway 6 there is the Ward Mountain Recreation Area on National Forest land. Nice campground. I came through in March campground was open with NO FEES. Since water was not turned on and toilets locked. Nice trails leaving the campground. It is a ORV site. You can get any size rig into trailheads. There is a "trailer" spur that I did fit my Dodge and 31 foot 5th wheel. Well, over 24 stations over the air, and LTE Verizon service with four bars and 20 Mbps download speeds on data. Find it on Google earth you can see the size of the campgrounds. This is not one of those dinky FS campgrounds. It is really close to Ely and much nicer than the Sinclair gas station. here is the link to the campground: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/htnf/recarea/?recid=65536
  7. Just looked at my Verizon account. No way I could figure out what the data limits were, so I called an agent. It is still unlimited. He said that is what unlimited means.....I don't think he heard my laughing!! Thanks for the heads up so I could check....
  8. wow...thanks. I am headed back to Canada in a couple of weeks. I better call and see what my data limit is now!!!! Hopefully, I was grandfathered into "unlimited".
  9. Never in a RV, but we had them in the Forest Service. They require daily maintenance in turning the pile and fairly warm temperatures to keep the composting going. Worked great at a Ferry Terminal that we had on Lake Chelan. Failed totally in the campgrounds. They are large and bulky and that is the biggest problem with them in RV's. The Forest Service development centers and research arm have spent much effort in replacing the dump and pump toilets on Forest Service managed lands. Nothing has been found to replace a holding tank and pumping. The one great success......really the last technological advancement by American engineering was the SST toilet. http://usbackroads.blogspot.com/2012/05/sst-sweet-smelling-toilet.html
  10. Well, that is real interesting. So the Jackalopes are rarer the deeralopes........well, I guess is it tougher for a Jack to run down a antelope than a deer. It would be interesting to see a Jack running after "consuming generous portions of alcoholic beverages". Do all the female Jacks just disappear before closing time??
  11. It is important to "interview" the Dr. as to your expectations on medical care. I did this when I had to find a new Dr. I basically told her it was "my body, my money, my health care" and I needed her technical expertise. I think she was initially surprised at my "demands", but now after over a year she is comfortable with the arrangement. She is my Dr., so I come prepared with data and questions written down. If I see a specialist or get new prescriptions I run them past her and get her to rewrite the prescription so she writes ALL my prescriptions. I think she just decided I was really weird, but really easy to deal with...so things like a year prescription filled one time did not faze her!! I have run into Dr's that actually thought it was THEIR decision as to the medical care I was going to receive!!! I called to file a complaint against a emergency room doctor that told me....."that there was no medical or legal reason for NOT trying my treatment path...he just wasn't going to do it". It had to do with pain medicine. Sorry, bird season was starting in a few days. Hiring a Dr. is not any different than hiring a civil engineer or other professional.
  12. Where did you find that info?? We were in Canada last summer on unlimited plan. Worked great. But I am sure we went over 500 megs on any given day.
  13. When I was working we were asked by Wildlife Biologists to provide habitat for Grizzly Bears....which did not exist in our area. But WHAT I really want to know.....can you define Jackalope habitat and the management techniques necessary to maintain the species....should they appear??
  14. Never heard of this...I lived in a town less than 50 miles from the border. I had no physical address, the town only had PO Boxes at the Post Office. This was the 80's. I never had anybody look at my address while at the Canadian border. They just wanted to see the US Passport.
  15. TIVO's patent expires next year. I decided just to wait a year. http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/8/9284091/tivo-samsung-dvr-patent-lawsuit