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  1. Traditional 401k. With a Roth IRA, the taxes are not deferred.
  2. I hear you, bigjim. Anyone with a pension or any type of additional income can end up in my situation. My mandatory minimum withdrawal caused the taxable amount of my social security to increase by almost an equal amount. So, not only am I paying 15% tax on my IRA withdrawal, I am also paying a 15% tax on the extra social security that is taxable.
  3. I turned 70 ½ this year and began making mandatory IRA withdrawals. I received a big surprise when I began to file my tax returns. I am retired military and, for 16 years after retirement, I worked for a civilian company and made contributions to a 401k plan. During my peak earning years, my marginal tax rate was 25%. The money that I was putting into my 401k would have been taxed at that rate. I retired from that company and when eligible, I made a couple of withdrawals from my 401k to supplement my military pension. The year before I began drawing Social Security, I made a 401k withdrawal which raised my federal income tax an amount that translated to a 14% tax on the 401k withdrawal. And that illustrates the advantage of the 401k tax deferred income – income that would have been taxed at 25% was actually taxed at 14%. As the above example illustrates and I was led to expect, when I began making 401k withdrawals, my marginal tax rate would be lower than when I made my contributions into my 401k plan. And that remains true today for me. My marginal tax rate this year is 15%. But when I start making mandatory withdrawals from my 401k this year, I will be paying 27% of that in increased taxes. How can that be? The amount of Social Security that is taxable depends on income. Since I receive a military pension, a portion of my Social Security is taxable. So, even though I remain at a marginal tax rate of 15%, my taxes increase much more than 15% of my 401k withdrawal because the taxable portion of my social security income will increase by a large amount. This year, my taxes will increase by 27% of my 401k withdrawal, higher than my marginal tax rate when I made the contribution to my 401k plan. Now, I’m not expecting any sympathy for a triple-dipper. I just wanted those in my situation to be aware. If I had it to do all over, I would have made much larger 401k withdrawals each year prior to starting Social Security and delayed drawing Social Security until a later age.
  4. There is a book in the libraries of many of the Escapees Rainbow and Co-Op parks that describes the history of Escapees. I can never remember the title but I believe it was written by Kay Peterson. One chapter is devoted to the creation of the co-op parks and describes the many challenges that the early Escapees had to overcome to build a park. The two major ones were the costs of land and the regulatory burden. I think these two items might be a major issue in New Jersey compared to the rural areas of the southwest where many of the existing Escapees parks are located.
  5. Rincon County West RV Resort. We have stayed here for the winter the past 3 years. http://www.rinconcountry.com/west-park/home/
  6. That is where I stay whenever I am in the vicinity of Yosemite. Beautiful park, price is right. 28 miles from Park Sierra to south entrance of Yosemite and then another 30 miles to Yosemite valley. But the park is soooo crowded that I don't think I would ever visit in the summer again.
  7. I've read through the documentation and am ready to begin troubleshooting the problem. So what happens? The problem goes away. Oh well, I am ready when it comes back, which will probably be the coldest morning of the season. I opened the exterior furnace cover and and everything is easy to see and access is available to most components (except the sail switch.) The circuit board has a diagnostic LED that flashes from 1 to 5 times if the furnace fails to ignite, giving some indication of the nature of the problem.
  8. Thanks for all the great info. We live full-time in this RV and use everything on a daily basis so no bird's nest. We are currently staying at an RV resort with good power - no boondocking on battery power. I have a Magnum 2000 inverter with a 3-stage charger which I feel would supply a cleaner 12v than a typical RV converter. My 12v supply now reads 13.3 although I have not yet taken a reading at the furnace. I haven't had any maintenance performed on this furnace during the 8 years I have owned the RV. Do any of you have periodic maintenance preformed on your furnace (or do it yourself?) How much does a RV tech typically charge for something like that?
  9. I think my furnace sail switch may be going bad. When I turn on the furnace and set the thermostat for heat, the blower motor starts running and the burner should ignite within a few seconds. But the burner does not ignite and short time later the blower shuts down. If I turn off the furnace switch at the thermostat and then turn it back on, I can repeat this process and, after several restarts, the burner ignites. This doesn’t happen every time but it is beginning to happen more often. If it is not a sticky sail switch, I guess I could have an obstruction in the vents that would restrict air flow. But since the furnace works after several restarts, I suspect the sail switch. I have an Atwood Hydro Flame 8900-III, model 2540 furnace. How difficult would it be to replace the sail switch? Could the problem be somewhere else?
  10. I use my Jetpack to print to two wireless printers and to transfer data between my computer and my wife's computer.
  11. Hiker's link seems to be the solution to my problem.
  12. Long ago, I started setting up Adobe Flash Player to "Ask to Activate" so that videos would not play without my permission. This was really important when I switched to the much faster 4G because the videos would load before I got a chance to stop them. This was using a lot of my limited air card data. Now it seems that more and more web pages contain videos that start running without permission. I don't even know what add-on is running these videos. This is one example of what I am talking about. http://www.businessinsider.com/richard-sherman-that-cost-bills-a-field-goal-2016-11 How do I prevent these videos from downloading? I often open new web pages in a new window and may not go to that window right away. During that delay, these videos download and use up a lot of data when all I wanted to do was read the text.
  13. We stay at military campgrounds whenever one is available. We just left Nellis AFB FamCamp which is one of the nicest and most popular. At $22 a day, that's a bargain when you visit Las Vegas. Use the military campground website that Chalkie recommended and read the reviews for the campgrounds that you plan to visit. Many of the campgrounds have a problem with "homesteaders" and some have been converted to temporary housing for active duty personnel. That's an exaggeration but read the reviews for Fort Bliss in El Paso for an example. The following article describes a common problem that, in this case, is being corrected: http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/news-and-articles-mainmenu-2/latest-news/joint-base-lewis-mcchord-tells-long-term-residents-to-pull-up-stakes
  14. I completed the installation. I was able to install the sensors on the rear duals without removing the outside wheel but it was not easy. There was barely enough room for my fat hands and the wrench kept falling off. Maybe I'm just a klutz. I could have bent the wrench for a tighter fit. But I took comfort in knowing that the casual thief will not be able to remove them. I enlarged the holes in the front tire skins. This was pretty easy since the skins are plastic and not metal and I had a dremel tool with a drum sanding bit. My latest tire incident occurred recently on highway SR 28 between Salmon, ID and Rexburg, ID, out in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone service, no shoulder to pull off the road and I am towing. The Pressure Pro monitor indicated a leak on an inner dual rear wheel and the pressure is dropping fast. I limped to the next turn-out at 20 mph and discovered that the problem was the sensor itself. It was leaking air. I didn't discover this until I installed the spare, put the sensor on the spare, and noticed the same problem with the spare. I was able to quickly remove the sensor from the spare before too much air leaked out. Otherwise, I would have had two flat tires and been stranded for hours waiting for a service truck (no cell phone service, remember?). That's why I am so concerned with how easily and quickly I could remove a TST sensor. This was the second Pressure Pro sensor that had a problem with air leaks.
  15. I finally decided to replace my Tire Pressure Monitoring System and went with the TST 510 after getting some recommendations here: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=120264 I went through Dutch and Di and was very pleased with the service I received. When I started reading through the installation procedures, I was surprised by the differences between the TST 510 system and the Pressure Pro system. On my old Pressure Pro system, when the installation process is initiated, a sensor, any sensor, is installed on the tire indicated on the monitor. Then the installation proceeds to the next tire. After all sensors have been installed, you are done. The sensor accepts the current tire pressure as the baseline pressure and the maximum and minimum pressures are preset around the baseline and cannot be changed. For both the Pressure Pro and TST systems, all tires must be properly inflated. On the new TST 510, a 4 digit code, read from the individual sensors, must be entered for each tire position. This code and tire position must be written down to provide a guide when the sensors are installed. Then, each axle requires the entry of a minimum and maximum pressure. Then, the maximum temperature must be entered but the default can be accepted, which is recommended. Entering the minimum pressure may be a good thing because, each year, I had to remove and reinstall one or more of my Pressure Pro sensors when the cool weather caused the morning pressure to drop below the minimum. When I installed the Pressure Pro sensors on the front wheels, I had to use a Dremel tool and grinding bit to enlarge the hole in the tire skin before the sensor would fit. The TST sensors are 2 mm wider than the Pressure Pro sensors as measured with my micrometer so I must enlarge the hole on the tire skin even further. Even then, the TST sensor comes in contact with a thick wire that circles around the circumference of the tire skin to brace and reinforce the skin. The TST sensors are theft resistant and require a special wrench to install and remove. This theft resistant feature is appealing but no sensors were stolen during the 5 years I had the Pressure Pro system. Installation on the rear dual wheels is not going to be easy using the wrenches unless I remove the outside wheel. And removing one of these sensors from there will be even more difficult - trying to get that wrench fitted around the sensor is going to be a challenge unless I remove the outside wheel. How have you dealt with these last two issues?