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  1. Henry, Could this solution straddle the rear axle? Is it really a "one off" or can we convince $you$ otherwise?
  2. More uninitiated HDT newbie questions, Why do not more of the singled HDT put the hitch in front of the drive axle? Of all the HDT on that I have looked at (some drooling involved), they all look to be to the rear of the drive axle. Obviously 13speed is going the in front of the axle route. Not sure what this guy (below) from Ottawa did (cd084), but that trailer looks very close to the cab. No hitch picture that I could find. This was a 53' trailer (had to be 30+K). Is there some sort of sidewinder or slider hitch for that heavy a trailer used on HDTs?
  3. Thanks, oh mighty HDT wizards. I was wondering about that trade-off of short vs longer WB. With a short WB when does the ride become harsh and less stable. Thanks Steve. And if you go too long then turning radius, daily driver city parking, etc. becomes more of an issue! Or more like driving a bus. Dollytrolly, tell us your "personal issues" with singled HDTs!!!!!!! I'm from Colorado and we have the Ike, Floyd and Genesee hill tests around here. Can you say, "Where is the runaway trump ramp"? Oops, just past it.
  4. Many of the smartphone and laptop inductive charging stations use magnets to hold the devices in place while charging (iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus). The only small magnets you should worry about are the super-magnets - very powerful. Especially near HDD (disk drives).
  5. So, I'm new to RVing and plan to go full-time in the Spring of 2018. Right now trying to finalize the plan on an RV. It will probably be a customer Toy Hauler. I am a HAM (Extra) and mostly use phone and digital modes (not format generally, think DMR, D-Star, Wires-X) UHF/VHF and HF, so need to have a "quiet space". What special setup have you done to operator your station and any special HAM shack recommendations? Pictures would help! Will come back to the HF antenna challenges later!
  6. Just missing one small detail - when is it?
  7. My planned HDT dash!! Top that Jack.
  8. We should talk when I get "closer". Hutch perhaps.
  9. wrknrvr (Vern) Softail
  10. A lot more pictures of Heavymetal's 2016 Western Star. Including the hauler bed build for you metal knockers!!! [Good for 14 days!]
  11. Shawn, We are thinking very alike!!! We have looked at a lot of TH as shows and online. We had looked at a DRV JX450 online and found a dealer with two only 600 miles away!! Unfortunately, I had to have shoulder surgery and by the time we got back to looking they were gone. Nothing available like it in the left half of the country. We did go to the dealer two weeks ago and looked at a different model (LX410), but my DW did not like it - 12' garage and ate up too much of the living room. Also did not like some of the fit and finish. Have some concern about Thor involvement now and some Lippert components. For a true full-timer RV we believe that the only production 5th wheel TH that is suitable is DRV. After that you have to go custom. My definition of FT requirements is very large (have a 140+ item list ) but it all comes down to a few critical items, robustness for regular travel for lots of miles, environmental comfort (insulation, heating/cooling, etc.) and CCC (3,000# is absolute min and with toys it's 4,500-5,000#). Many of the production built TH are for the weekend campers who go play in the desert or woods. When it gets cold they go home and generally don't travel very far often. Now we are looking at a very similar layout (to the JX450), from either NH, SpaceCraft. Still 45' which is a bit scary - towing and finding locations. I'm out West and people tell me the sites are there but you got to do a little more recon. Plus there are lots of BLM areas where you can boondock, if setup for it. Obviously, have not locked down on a plan or layout, but the one above is very close - bathroom/bedroom might change a bit. Thanks for your feedback. I continue to soak up the forum collective wisdom.
  12. Assuming a singled HDT that is used for both a heavy (27-29K) RV hauler AND a daily driver, what is the "ideal" singled WB? Also assume no Smart or other vehicle carry. Trade-offs?
  13. Great advice and experiences, thanks. Definitely would go the route of the same insulation level on the walls, ceiling and garage door - 2+" of closed-cell sandwiched insulated foam press-rolled, as the rest of the RV. Also separate A/C unit and ducting. Like the idea of an inflatable bed - already have one! At a minimum, will try to keep away from swinging doors - always seem to get hung up on something! My DW likes the sliding glass patio door idea as it let's in light and then open makes the living room much bigger. Plus if someone comes, she can close the door, pull the curtain and hide me in the garage. Dollytrolly, That has to be the most unique RV setup I'm heard of. Any pictures you can share? You don't seem to be on
  14. Jollyrogr, You might want to check with the insurance company you plan on using in the state you are going to domicile. I'm told that certain states (e.g. Florida) will only insure a tandem as commercial. A lot more expensive. Plus on the length of truck/trailer, the rules vary a lot by state. 65' length is the most common, with only a few at 70'. But most folks with HDT seem to pull long. When it's behind an HDT is does not seem to catch the eye!
  15. As a thank you, Yerome. Here is a YouTube series of a guy building a LiFePo4 solar hybrid system for his toyhauler. He uses a lot (my pinion too much, due to plan as you go approach!!) of Victron stuff. A lot of details and long videos!!!!! But if you are a sparky type, you will love it. May need a number of adult beverages. I better start a LiFePo4 topic later!