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  1. I don't even know what a 403b is. And again, my application is not your application, so what works for me is not necessarily for anybody else. My 6-8 pieces of 1st class mail per year MUST stay on Ohio so I have to go this route. Texas, Florida, or South Dakota is not an option for me. My insurance would change if I changed states. Thus my car must registered in Ohio as well. I would have to apply for a CCW permit in another state in which I do not live. That would entail going through a class in that state because my Ohio CCW training would not be accepted in another state. The application process takes 6-8 weeks, so I would have to find a place to stay for 6-8 weeks that doesn't cost me a daily fee. It's just as easy for me to pay 20 bucks a month for a mail forwarding service, and 20 bucks a month to me is insignificant. Same for 20 bucks to belong to Planet Fitness. I have watched video after video and read post after post, mainly by conversion van people more so than RV people, who squeeze nickels until the buffalo bleeds, to the point of their instructional videos saying "You don't need stainless steel screws. Regular screws are a lot cheaper." Well, using that as my example, cheaper is not the same as more expensive. When those 9 cent screws rust and have to be replaced, causing the need to dismantle everything, how much money did you save by not buying the 19 cent stainless steel screws? That same logic will see me spend $1200 on a lithium ion battery for my solar system rather than the much cheaper flooded lead acid batteries. That lithium battery guarantees 4000 charging cycles, likely as many as 5000. That is about 11-14 years. In 11-14 years, I would replace flooded batteries 4 times, so 5 pairs of batteries at $500 per pair vs 1 at $1200. So which is "cheaper" and which is less expensive? My point to the van dwellers who pinch those pennies, and the opinion that has a LOT of people mad at me, is this. If you have so little money that you have to live every moment of your life on a shoe string to the point where you have to care how much screws cost, maybe you should drop back in to society and get one of those "job" things for a while so you have some money in reserve. It's great to enjoy the perceived freedom of life on the road, but to choose a life of destitution where you are free to roam but have no money to do anything when you get to those places, is that living or existing? So many of those videos show people just sitting outside their little van just staring straight ahead.... Jeeze! You only get so many laps around the sun in your life. Go see stuff. Go do things! Go eat at fun restaurants rather than cooking canned beans on your little propane camping stove. I am far from rich, but I have enough money to actually enter this adventure out of choice, not out of necessity. Living in a car, eating cheap food from cans, begging people on the internet to fund you through Patreon or affiliate link clicks..... that is called homeless. Is that even living? I will be houseless, but not homeless. The other side of that equation is the people who worked their whole life, saved their money, and are enjoying the road because they had the sense to plan for their retirement. Most of those people have nice RVs that are not held together by duct tape and a prayer sleeping on plywood beds and pooping into a Home Depot bucket into a plastic bag. Moral of the story, what works for some may not work for all. Your mileage may vary.
  2. That was kind of what I thought. In theory, though the games come to me on a network, Fox or CBS, they are still "local to Cleveland" broadcasts so in essence, for that 3 1/2 hours, Fox and CBS become "local channels". You explained very well. When I DO finally hit the road it looks like I have to buy the NFL package (for what, $200 is it?)if I want to see the games in my RV. Over the course of the season, that may still work out to less than I would spend in 16 bars eating and drinking. A 3 1/2 hour stretch in a bar can quickly become a $50 tab, even for someone doesn't drink alcohol. Thanks for your input!
  3. My idea was to run the cable from the receiver out to the underside of the RV, keep it connected to the dish that is stowed in a storage bin, and when I get to a place I will be a few days, mount the dish to a pole on a heavy base and set it up on the ground. As long as it has an unobstructed view of the azimuth I need to aim toward, height is not an issue. I really don't want to mount anything more to my roof, and in fact once I add the solar panels I likely will not have room for the standard "camel hump" satellite antenna. Obviously I wouldn't set up in a place like a Walmart or a Lowe's, because as long as I can snag wifi I can stream TV. This is mainly for football season when there are 5 games to watch every week! Does anybody use this method, and if so, would you please share your experiences doing it? Like this.
  4. I couldn't get a straight answer from either Dish or DirecTV, as their customer service people are just reading scripts and don\t really even listen. Maybe your experience can address this question better than the "script readers" could. When you speak of the quoted "national stations", that brings up a question. From my house here in Ohio. I see the Browns game on either Fox or CBS, like the rest of the country sees NFL games on Fox or CBS. If my card inside my receiver is coded to show that I line in Ohio, will I get the Fox and CBS feeds that are aimed at my zip code or where I happen to be parked at the moment? If I am in New Mexico, will I see the Fox and CBS feed that is routed to New Mexico or the Fox and CBS feed that is routed to the zip code programmed into my card? Not ONE person at either Dish or DirecTV could answer that question, and I talked to 6 at each place. They kept saying "You can't get yoru local channels", but Fox and CBS are network. The snag may be that though the NFL is aired on Fox and CBS, they route the games to local areas of interest, so in Cleveland we don't have to watch those awful Steelers games. As long as I can find the correct azimuth to aim a dish and get signal, I'm a happy camper (See what I did there? Camper?) IF I get the local feed that is sent to my zip code. If I can't see the Browns games in my RV, then I have to find the closest Browns Backers club, see where they meet, find out if they have a patio so my dog can come with me. Any idea how that works from your experience?
  5. I just did the same comparison and find that of the 5 you listed plus Escapees, only 2 allow me to have an Ohio address, so I have only 2 to choose from. I have had a couple of people offer their address to me, but that is not being self sufficient, and I have lived a life of never relying on anybody for anything. And honestly, I would feel like I am annoying anybody who would offer to handle my mail. Like I said in other responses, for the 1-2 pieces of meaningful mail I get per month, this is not a major concern. My only real issue is that the VA mails my meds out, and I have calls in to them to see if they can set that up where they can put refills into their network and I can pick them up at the nearest clinic to where I happen to be when I run out of something. We live in an online, technological world now, and I am AMAZED at home many people still think computers are a passing fad. I just did a video about how many people in their upper years who did NOT grow up in a world exposed to technology do not trust, and in some cases, actually fear, computers. (Caught a lot of flak for it too!!) One of the comments here included someone saying that they don't want anybody else to open their mail. While I can understand that some things may be sensitive, again, it is 2017 and the world lives online now. Who is sending you sensitive stuff in the mail without also sending it electronically? I would be interested in knowing what kind of content people are getting that they really care about someone else seeing for the half second it takes to stick it face down on a scanner and scan it before shredding it.Unless you are in that group that getting mail is your whole life, I don't get it. The same logic applies to those who insist on buying a newspaper to read the same content that is online at the paper's website, because they "want to actually HOLD a newspaper like I always have". Again, standard disclaimer applies, these are just opinions and I can only base these opinions on my own life, and once my utility bills become a memory, I will get close to NO 1st class mail. My annual license plate renewal notices and my every-5-year CCW renewal notice and the very rare occasion that I buy something with a rebate that comes on a debit card are about it. My insurance documents, my bank statements, my cell phone bill, anything to do with my RV loan... everything comes via email. Maybe it's time to consider what you get in the mail and how much could be converted to paperless. Depending on how things shake out with the VA and my meds, I may not even bother with mail forwarding, though I DO need to have AN address in Ohio, so I will likely just pick the cheapest option given how little I will use it. As always, this is just how I think and your mileage may vary.
  6. I have come to understand that many of them are leasing the land and building from the city, so city ordinances prevail. I read that though, so it did not come firsthand from the business. And we all know how reliable the internet is, right?
  7. That is good info. In my case, my bank allows $500 a day. However, I can count on one hand the number of checks I have gotten in the mail in the last 4 years. And none of them were anywhere near $500. I get 2 "checks" a month. One from SS and one from the VA. Both are direct deposit. I got a $51 check last month from my car insurance after an accident (rental car reimbursal) and last year I got one for $35 from someone I don't even remember. So for me, depositing checks is as close to moot as it gets, because my bank ha s a pretty good national presence, and in the unlikely event that I get a check I can just hang into it until I get to a state where there are branches. But that IS a good consideration, and thanks for bringing it up!
  8. I looked at the web page before I responded, and I prefer to keep my car registered in Ohio, and if I change my mail address to one of the states available for use by Escapees mail service, all my "official stuff" gets moved. I also need to keep my anchor in Ohio for my CCW permit. If I moved my cars to Florida, I have to pay that ridiculous "new rubber" fee that is many hundreds of dollars ($400 is it?). License plates in Ohio are $54 a year. I will probably only be alive for one more DL renewal and one more CCW renewal, and for the DL I can do it anywhere in the state. (The CCW I have to do in the county it was issued, and I takes as long as 4-6 weeks, so I will need to be here for that long.) Once I renew that CCW in 2019, at age 67, the next one would be in 2024, when I am 72. That's a long way off for a diabetic who lived a hard life when he was younger. LOL! As I said, in my case, and I know my case is just my case, as little mail as I get, I should just let everything go back to sender. That one birthday card and Christmas card I get can just as well be electronic. Currently I get an electric, mortgage, gas and water bill in the mail. The rest is junk. Food ads, grocery ads, local business propaganda. In the rare occasions that I'd get a check (it's been years, since direct deposit became the norm), I can take pictures of the back and front and deposit it from my cell phone. Once I hit the road, ALL of that goes away. Only for car and CCW reasons (and maybe VA) do I even need to HAVE an address, and I prefer that be in Ohio. But again, that's me. As I read this thread, what I had an image of is people who probably stand by their mailbox at home waiting for the mailman, if only for something to do. I delivered mail for 8 years and there WERE people like that, where getting mail was their whole day. So while I WILL look for lower cost options in Ohio, I don't think Escapees is for me, as I don't want to "live" In Texas, Florida or South Dakota. So, again, this looks like a great service. It just won't fit my needs. I am not rich, but I am not poor either, and 20 bucks a month doesn't matter to me. That same logic applies to a Planet Fitness membership. It's $21 a month for a nationwide membership. Not that I work out (if you saw me, you'd KNOW I don't work out) but it's access to a shower and bathroom when I am near cities that have one. My RV has a shower, but why fill my tanks if I can run into a gym and do my morning SSS there? Everybody's situation is different. This is just what fits me and I am not trying to tell anybody else what to do. I do appreciate the suggestions!!! On every topic!
  9. Well, if facing forward, make sure you disable the airbag. Then keep the seat belt snapped closed and clip a d-ring/carabiner clip around the strap of the seat belt and onto your dogs harness. Not collar, harness. (A collar will slice the dog's head off if the impact is severe.) If there does happen to be front end impact and your dog suddenly becomes a projectile, the seat belt will snap to a stop like it does for you and the dog will go no further forward than the place the seat belt locked. Yet under normal speeds your dog will have some room as the seat belt stays loose. My dog rode in the Jeep that way, and then in the FJ Cruiser, and when we hit the road, she will be perched on the throne I made for her clipped to the seat belt. BUT... only if I can figure out how to turn off that passenger airbag. That bag fires with such force it will kill a dog. And if your dog rides with her head out the window, check out a product called Doggles at any pet store. Eye protection for your dog. The dog before this one wore them because she rode with her head out the Jeep. I figure, they get one pair of eyes like us, someone produces this product so there must be a need for it, and how bad would I feel if my dog lost an eye because I was too cheap to spend 20 bucks on safety goggles? Doggles at Pet Smart
  10. I'll be honest here. The "axe handle" I carry fires 9mm hollow point rounds. If a dog would attack my dog, it would attack me too. My blind old dog is NOT going to be attacked by canine OR human. I got this CCW permit for a reason. That reason is protection, not aggression. God forbid that situation ever arises, but if it does, I am prepared to defend. Everybody just play by the rules and nobody has to get hurt.
  11. Good questions, and the answers are going to vary depending on situation. (I need to say right here that I have not yet hot the road. Still have a house to sell.) Me being an old man and retired, I don't get mail I care about. You specifically mention getting checks in the mail. I think I may have gotten 2 checks in the mail last year and one so far this year, and with mobile banking apps, you just take pictures of both sides and you can deposit them from the top of a mountain. My income sources are both direct deposited, and 95% of my mail is either food ads or bills that will be gone when I sell my house. This is an online world now. I bought 10 stamps 14 months ago and have 4 left. I have some situations in my life that many don't though, so I may not be typical. I plan to use a UPS store. I am not concerned with counting dimes, so if one service is 20 a month and another is 18, that is not even a consideration. I prefer the mental comfort of a large corporation like UPS handling this than someone who does it out of his or her basement. Again, I get so little mail, it doesn't matter. My main piece of mail will be my license plate registration around my birthday, and I could honestly do that without the letter. I know when my birthday is... :-)
  12. I think your domicile is where you have your DL and vehicles registered. You can always get a UPS store address in NW and have them forward your mail when you tell them to. It won't be free, or even cheap, but everything in life is a tradeoff. You are still young and working. For me, my domicile will remain in my home state, but I am old and retired and all the 1st class mail I get now is bills that will go away when I sell my house. I do 95% of life online, so if I have mail forwarded every 90 days I am fine. But that is me. You, still working, might have a need to get mail.
  13. What a great read for a newbie who is so new he owns an RV but just got it and has not taken it out yet. My initial perception when I saw the word "campgrounds" was "Those places where you pay $30 a night because you want water and power hookups." I hope to only have to use those once a month when I have to dump tanks. I am VERY cheap. So much so that I make Jack Benny look like a philanthropist. I anticipate a long string of Walmart parking lots in my future, mainly because I get get on their wifi to watch TV at night. Further reading made it clear that most of the responses are counting STOPS, overall, anywhere stops, as a campground. Initially I wondered how people could afford to stay in pay places every night. That would be more expensive than the mortgage I am getting away from! Wifi is important so I don't chew up my data too fast. My goal, like most of you, is to see the country. However, it is going to take a very conscious effort to learn how to NOT live on the hamster wheel. I will never drive 10-12 hours like a lot of people do. That is like having a job as a truck driver. I have a 25 ft Class C that will have solar on the roof for those times I am in a place where the generator is not the best option. It is just me and a dog, so the black tank shouldn't fill up all that fast, since one of us poops outside. I am now looking at routings where I don't drive more than 50-75 miles per day, and stay in a place until I feel like going to another place, since (deep breaths and remember that I DON'T have a job to get back to after a week of vacation) there is no rush to get anywhere. I am looking forward to the life where my most pressing agenda item is making sure I am near a city where a Browns Backers club meets at a place with a patio (so the dog can be with me) for the 16 weeks that the Browns play, as I do NOT want to miss a Browns game. (I don't know why, but it's a Cleveland thing.) So, for me at least, the road will be a combination of Walmarts, Lowe's, Home Depots, COE, USGS, maybe military bases (I am a veteran) and BLM spots that my rig and toad can fit into, and pretty much anywhere I can stay for free at least 90% of the time. Of course, that is pending RV repairs that ground me, medical emergencies of any kind (human or canine).... there may be a Motel 6 night here and there, but that's the least I can do since they'll leave the light on for me. Mainly, like most RV nomads, I will be chasing the best weather. Ultimately, as I travel and find places I like, I would love to buy a small bit of land in places I like, maybe one south and one north, so if the road gets tedious I can go park for a couple of months and then hit the road again when the wanderlust hits. That logic is partially why I decided to also buy a small used car to tow. If I can get a patch in NC and maybe one in my native Ohio, that would work out well. I just have to make sure zoning allows me to live in the RV on my own property. I am selling my house AND I have traded in my beloved FJ Cruiser to do all this, so it HAS to work out!! LOL!! Hope to meet some of you out there!!
  14. Well, to think about it, since I didn't turn any background apps off, the phone was running the same background processes in both parts of the test. I am going to do it again some day, and I will tether not only the iPad, but also the LG tablet I have, and then a laptop, and then a desktop. Then, just because I want to push it as far as I can, I will leave them ALL tethered to the phone and run the test on each device, stopping to read the usage at every chance in condition. And really, I am only doing it because I am a retired IT nerd (4 years ago today!!!) and somehow the nerd in me just won't die. It's not like I am resolving a problem, closing a ticket, or there is anything I can do about it..... I'm just a nerd.
  15. We may not be talking about the same thing. When I said "overhead" I meant what is running in the background of the phone (apps like email that are polling for new mail, Facebook polling for updates, etc...) affecting the test performance, not the 10gb Jetpack limit. I get what you are saying about the 10gb limit and the reduction to 600kbps beyind that. This is exactly why my life on the road will find me in a LOT of Walmart and Lowes parking lots, to avoid using data all that much. With no friends, I never get phone calls... LOL! If I can watch TV on wifi, that will be key.