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  1. I really like the convenience of a toad. It tows very easily and has little to no affect on gas mileage. It's a CRV behind a 30' Class C. The flexibility to go anywhere once we're on a campsite is worth it.
  2. I got lucky and found a low mileage 2006 CRV, ready to tow, on Craigslist. Found it about 100 miles from home. Found it under Recreational vehicles and typed CRV in search window. I also typed toad in the search window when searching. Searched probably 20 towns. Took some time, good luck.
  3. Coffee. Don't forget the coffee.
  4. 183.00 on Amazon. 4.3 rating.........
  5. My engine has to be off
  6. I had one of these and it was awesome, very good floorplan. I've moved on but if its structurally sound someone is gonna love it.
  7. I have a Thor 28z. The Ford E450 is awesome. The coach is OK. Couple of initial factory problems (water heater worked on gas, not on electric cause it was installed incorrectly, A/C connector box not properly grounded causing compressor to not kick on-- another factory screw up). Rear window leaked and the dealership eventually got it fixed. I'm thinking this kind of stuff is normal, unfortunately.