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  1. Also, before the part you highlighted, it states- "32-9-3. Exceptions from definitions of motor carrier and commercial vehicle. For the purposes of this chapter, the following do not come within the definition of "motor carriers" or "commercial vehicles" if used in intrastate operations:" If ya notice it says intrastate. So, when I go out of state, do I then need a CDL?
  2. apparently it is hard to understand.......... If your getting this info off of the hdt page on this site, it may not be correct. It also says on this site, that I can't make my truck (the one in my pic) a Motor home. but that is incorrect as I proved in my 1st few posts.
  3. So is it your understanding that over 26,001 you are required to have a cdl? In South Dakota, regardless of what it is titled as?
  4. Hmm, had to look up what a Super C was. Not sure why he would need a class A cdl, it's still a motor home. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing most class A motor homes have a gcvw of over 26001. Now I'm just curious.
  5. maybe he is still running tandem axles?
  6. I can't find anything about a non-cdl class a license. Don't think it exists? At least in South Dakota.
  7. I don't know why they value it so high. My agent didn't value it at that price when she 1st quoted me, but then she talked to her underwriters, and thats what they come up with. hell I was just happy to get insured! As for who I talked to, I called sddmv, and was transferred to some licensing office, then was transferred to that persons boss. So, is that really the truth? I don't know for sure. The guy I talked to at the port of entry said I didn't need a cdl at all, but wanted me to verify with the above offices. I am only 34, so I can go a long time with out the rest room!! As long as she uses wet wipes on her hands, I don't care what happens behind me!
  8. I've been pulling my 42' Raptor toy hauler with a 2500 GMC Sierra ccsb. I'm using an Anderson hitch that sets the camper back 7-8" I really like the ride, I havn't had any issues backing into any spot (it does get close to the cab when close to jack knifed) My only issue (besides being very overloaded) was the small fuel tank.
  9. For me, its the cost of registration and insurance. (Right now I'm paying insurance on a truck that they value at $85,000 Even though its only worth $10,000) When i called in to SD license office in Pierre, I was told I don't need a cdl to drive my truck as long as the camper is hooked up. As soon as I unhook, I need a cdl, even registered as a private truck. I don't think anyone will mess with me, but it's better safe than sorry. Plus, when I convert to a motor home, my wife will have a toilet and I won't need to stop every hour and a half!!
  10. Randy, My 730 was initially titled as "Private Truck", was still tandem and we were able to get insured with Progressive through Miller Insurance. It's a moot point now as we are now titled as "Converted Motorhome". Thank you! This worked! They got me private insurance, and the price wasn't to bad!
  11. from what i was told, i can use my tandom axle semi to haul my camper (registered as non-commercial) without a cdl, until i unhook the camper. then i need a cdl. stupid laws!
  12. nuke-e, you are correct, if its titled as a motor home, a standard class 1 license is all you need. That is my goal, just thought i would register it as non-commercial in the mean time, but its pointless if i cant insure it. (unless i pay commercial fees, and im not interested in that!)
  13. I had to answer those questions also. Just a robot
  14. I can register it non-commercially, but I can't insure it non-commercial. That's my problem. If I single it, I can insure it. (That makes it no longer a class 8 truck) Once I get the paperwork done to make it a motor home, then it don't matter.
  15. Also, on your insurance side, Dougherty can only insure a single rear wheel truck non-commercially, but he still knew what he was talking about so its still good info! This is stupid as hell since i can register the truck non-commercially.