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  1. I haven't seen anything on bank accounts, banking - please pardon me if i missed it. When i go full time i will already have changed everything over to my SD address (mail, dl, veh reg, voting, etc.) but i would like to maintain my relationship with the bank i have been using for almost 30 years (a California credit union). Any one have any negative experiences or warnings about doing this that may provide California a means to question or reject my SD domicile claim. BTW, my pension check goes directly to the credit union via direct deposit.
  2. I find it difficult in these times of high technology that there isnt a database that will identify a senior pass holder so a lost card can be replaced without having to purchase another. If they are lifetime passes then the politicians that were ok with the price increase should have provided for a way to get a replacement card without paying the fee again.
  3. I had a Pedego electric bike a few years ago. I loved it. And I would highly recommend it. Any bike has some limitations compared to a toad but these may be a good alternative in some situations.
  4. Would the use of B20 adversely affect heater and other systems that use the vehicle's diesel as its fuel source?
  5. Thank you, remoandiris, for the work you put in to help me on this issue. In practice i go by the general definition of my ESA as a pet except for the very limited coverage allowed by the FHA and FAA. There's room for improvement in laws and policies regarding ESAs however. For instance, i find it absurd that an ESA is not allowed the same privileges on railroads in the United States as they do on airlines. I can't imagine taking Matilda with me on a flight but would sure like to travel with her on a train.
  6. Does anyone know if the law that protects housing rights for people with semotional support animals would apply to campgrounds? "The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 requires the landlord/property manager to make a reasonable accommodation to their policies and allow the tenant to have an emotional support animal. This includes species, breed, and weight policies."
  7. I was looking through the iExit app and online at and i didnt see anywhere whether their diesel listing was B5 or B20 - only prices. Is this info online or do folks just drive up and hope for the best? If you have experience calling ahead, has that been successful? I'm wondering whether someone answering the phone would know this or would know how to find out.
  8. I found this on - a blog by Blaize Sun, a full-time rubber tramp. For $180 a year, New Mexico residents can buy this pass allowing them free developed (non-electric/no sewer) camping at any New Mexico state park. (The cost of the pass for residents of other states is $225.) The pass is good for 12 months from the month of purchase. (Learn more about the New Mexico State Parks Pass and/or order one here:
  9. I use Speedtest by Ookla.
  10. Thanks for asking that question. Matilda and I are (doing a lot of) planning (and dreaming) to travel full time in a little less than a year as well with my first trip planned to tend to residency matters in SD and then on to the Escapees Rendezvous in MO. And maybe I'll drift over to the Hobo Convention in Britt, IA. Just thinking about all this is the most fun I've had in years!
  11. For advice regarding the use of firearms in self defense, read some of the material written by a former cop by the name of Massad Ayoob. He talks as much about defusing situations as he does anything else. Remember, displaying a pistol or revolver in your hand is provocative - keep it in your pocket or in the holster until you feel compelled to use it. A rifle or shotgun can be carried openly without necessarily appearing menacing.
  12. Here's an option I haven't seen mentioned on this thread (pardon me if it was and i missed it). I had considered one for a Sprinter conversion I am planning but will probably go with the cassette toilet.
  13. This may help... Also, I came across a blog post a little while back that highly recommended a boondocking location overlooking the ocean from a point high above highway 1. I cant remember the blogger but I put the location on my Google map for future reference. I hope this link will get you there. Dropped Pin 35.984450, -121.468029 Apparently it is close to a designated FS campground called Alms Campground which the blooger didn't seem very enthused about.
  14. Good info on this thread! Would the same information and recommendations that I am seeing apply to a Class B RV as well or would other companies and services be a better fit for someone full-timing in a class B?
  15. I don't have any experience or information about this resource except what is contained on the website but this may be of some interest to the folks on this forum. From the HelpX website...