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  1. This modification is still on graph paper with cost comparisons in the margin, however... 320 watts of solar on the truck rack as the 16ft box of a trailer finds itself in shaded areas, Victron solar controller/battery monitor, and 220AH in two 6v batteries. I'm still planning this out, so any helpful input is welcome. Cheers, Rick
  2. Thanks, nice way to describe the mystery of it all
  3. Welcome! As you well know, buying the truck and then an RV will have you looking at vehicles for their capacity for an unknown variable. Easy enough to do, just error on the side of "more". Too much truck is not a bad thing. However, many of us need to stay within budget, and therein lies the rub. As mentioned, don't be quick to disregard a tandem. Good luck
  4. I was very surprised that my previous post "took" on the first try
  5. Update; Nothing's changed. I've done what I know to do and have taken advise on what to do as well, but participating in this forum is a process that has me logging in multiple times during a single browsing session. I'll find that I'm not logged in as I start to read another thread and most frustrating is trying to add my 2 cents as I need to log in again after being logged in but not realizing this until I click "submit reply". I scroll up and find that I'm logged out again and just say heck with it and leave. I joined another forum at cheaprvliving.com the same day that I joined here and have not encountered this problem so I'm ruling out my computer. Ciao
  6. Here's a helpful review on portable grills; outdoorgearlab.com/t/camping-kitchen/portable-grill The Weber Q1200 is their top pick
  7. Yes, this is it... thanks for the help Al, and yes it is good reading. There is such a wealth of information packed in among these websites, and I offer my sincere gratitude to the members of our community that are so willing to share their knowledge and help others.
  8. These are excellent references, & I'll add one more at cheaprvliving.com... go to forums and search member SternWake who has a thread "The evolution of a dweller's electrical system". This member, among others, has much to offer as most members here rely on battery most, if not all, the time.
  9. One source of help is; freecampsites.net... I see a few possibilities listed here. Hope this reached you in time.
  10. This is yet another eye opening, informative, and research inducing thread... and my sincere thanks to all contributors. With the help of this forum I'm hoping to eliminate thoughts of "I wish I would have done..." as I tweek the RV. Thanks again all
  11. This is an excellent thread with very useful information and I sincerely thank all contributors
  12. In a similar situation we began thinking about inflatables, specifically Sea Eagle Razor Lite & Innova Safari, leaning towards the Innova. Putting the boats up on a rack gets harder as we age, and after nearly 20 yrs of kayaking the inflatable is appealing.
  13. For a way to prepare the diapers for the laundromat in town or at the campground, see CheapRVLiving.com & on the home page see How To Articles & then see Laundry In 5-Gallon Buckets. This is just one example of course, but a fine one at that.
  14. These are all valid points, and it's personal point of view that'll win the day, but perhaps forego the idea of a washer/dryer and focus your search on an RV that'll be good for family living. YouTube has videos of folks that have downsized their RVs for various reasons, and none truly regret not having a washer/dryer. If you haven't done it already, search YouTube for "Less Junk, More Journey", a new family that started fulltime RV life with their little girl still in diapers. She 3 yrs old now, and her parents have had a Class A, a Fifth Wheel, and a Travel Trailer inside of two years, downsizing for common reasons, and not truly regretting being without a washer/dryer... I think you'll enjoy watching this family, very good videos of family life. The diapers can be wash & rinsed at the RV in preparation for the laundromat in town or at the campground.
  15. This is all very good news for me, and gives me a great sense of relief. I can now continue my motor coach search without that dark cloud hanging overhead... Willie Nelson singing "Blue Skies" is now in my head