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  1. For a way to prepare the diapers for the laundromat in town or at the campground, see CheapRVLiving.com & on the home page see How To Articles & then see Laundry In 5-Gallon Buckets. This is just one example of course, but a fine one at that.
  2. These are all valid points, and it's personal point of view that'll win the day, but perhaps forego the idea of a washer/dryer and focus your search on an RV that'll be good for family living. YouTube has videos of folks that have downsized their RVs for various reasons, and none truly regret not having a washer/dryer. If you haven't done it already, search YouTube for "Less Junk, More Journey", a new family that started fulltime RV life with their little girl still in diapers. She 3 yrs old now, and her parents have had a Class A, a Fifth Wheel, and a Travel Trailer inside of two years, downsizing for common reasons, and not truly regretting being without a washer/dryer... I think you'll enjoy watching this family, very good videos of family life. The diapers can be wash & rinsed at the RV in preparation for the laundromat in town or at the campground.
  3. This is all very good news for me, and gives me a great sense of relief. I can now continue my motor coach search without that dark cloud hanging overhead... Willie Nelson singing "Blue Skies" is now in my head
  4. I read the pdf online and it seemed that the majority of the text focused on circumstances unlike mine, which is simply a home owner/dweller. Rentals, business property, and farm land was given much attention. Like I implied earlier, I couldn't grasp a lot of the other stuff, perhaps on another day. Your post gave me hope though, as I might get slightly more for the house than what I paid for it, but probably under that certain amount you referred to.
  5. Thanks so much for this Kirk, this is very good news.
  6. Thank you, I just finished reading it and as I was I remembered reading it previously. It was a speed read because much of the content is unrelated and other content made my brain smoke. Many members on this forum have sold, or are selling, the house in exchange for an RV and I thought that I might get an idea of what to expect. After reading Pub 551, (& 523), I immediately thought of this forum as it is THE most helpful forum, (& mature, thank you very much). At this point I'll not commit to anything until the house is sold and the annual tax season is past, just to be safe and free of financial obligations that I may not be able to meet.
  7. Thanks for starting this Ron, there's very good information here.
  8. As we move toward selling the house, and as we research potential RV's to live in, the issue of available money comes to mind in that when we sell the house for $100K and get an RV for $60K, will we have $40K left, (a simplified viewpoint for the sake of debate)? Will the annual tax filing be an issue to be prepared for? Is Capital Gains Tax a factor in this equation? Is a trip to the library to research this necessary, or is it really quite simple. The unknowns here have the potential to hurt me later.
  9. I was made very aware of this since recently joining this forum, the community that exists across these pages and topics is a very considerate, caring, friendly, and helpful group of people. At times it's as if we're at a camp gathered 'round and having good conversation regarding the topics raised here.
  10. I didn't cure what ails me in "settings", couldn't even access it. I clicked on my name to open the box to find "content" & "settings" in the gray, couldn't open, and the rest I could open normally. Across the board I didn't see anything helpful.
  11. Earlier I was browsing the articles for quite a while only to somehow get logged out again. I'm now looking each time that I change a page to see if I'm still logged in. I'll look for settings after posting this
  12. So I tried another computer and had the same issue arise, after a lengthy post the "submit reply" tab only showed "saved" but would not post, and going back to top showed that I was still signed in until I chose an activity which then disallowed me as I was not signed in. A very lengthy process is involved here for me to simply participate, and I will continue to do so, but it is maddening.
  13. Just read this column by G.M., very nice, and true. His reference to lifestyle & budget areas, as well as those presented by the community here, are reassuring as we move forward with our plans. I enjoyed his writing style as well, we're missing someone special with him. Perhaps joining Escapees when we first started in the lifestyle would not only give us a three digit member #, but a chance to read more by him. All aspects of full time RV life are now "front & center" after years of short term road trips and the need to get back to the house and work. No need for either now. An original plan to roll was within two years, then moved to one year, yesterday moved to next Spring, and all the while ASAP was echoing in my brain. While planning is important, I also see this move comparable to learning to swim... jump in and learn. The moves and stops and camps will be nothing new to us, just the aspect of not ending it all after one month. This forum and the blogs mentioned within are helpful and entertaining and I thank you all, and look forward to meeting you out there.
  14. I normally turn off the computer when I'm done doing whatever on it, actually off most of the time. I think the issue is elsewhere but ms60ocb is thus far the only other forum member to have come across it. It is an inconsistent issue though, as some posts seem to go through ok and others, usually the wordy ones, do not.
  15. I just left their website and now have a new favorite. I've been interested in B+ RV's and I do believe that I'm bringing my smarter half around to them as well. Each MC that we consider must max at about 26' to do what we like, & that 4X4 option gives me goosebumps.