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  1. Hit the button on the top to "Report Post". This is the only way the Admins will see it if they don't read their own forum (crazy!). I have never been a part of a forum that the owner, admin and moderators are not major contributors. I am a moderator on another forum and the only reason I was asked is that I am a very active poster and contributor. A a mod I do have the ability to warn, suspend or ban members. It has been done a couple of times but only in extreme circumstances. To me this action was very heavy handed.
  2. Amen to that. This was my greatest frustration with the truck advertisement sites.
  3. Actually, if you look at this video, at 6:20 or so, Gregg compares wheelbases of a 670, 780 and an unsingled 730. You can see that the mid-singled 670 is about the same wheelbase as a short 730 would be. This is what inspired me to be able to go short with this truck.
  4. Since today we had been getting rain in Biblical proportions, I tried putting the truck in my pole barn. As I was hoping, she fits nicely! I'm really wishing I had a concrete floor, though... I finished wiring the Jackalopee and trailer plug on the back. Now all I have left is to install the Direclink brake control. Henry, I took that plug and pulled it forward to the crossmember in front of the axle and put a junction box there for the fender lights and the rest. I left the plug intact and took the mating plug off the original bobtail lights to power the junction box.
  5. Tonight, no photo. I finished wiring the fenders and started on the Jackalopee. As a note to everyone who may do this type of project themselves, the wiring of the factory tail lights on the truck does not follow the "truck norm". The brake light and turn signals are combined instead of separated like the commercial trailer wiring. I had wired the fender lights expecting the harness to have separate turn and brake light signals. Oh, well. I just cross connected the brake and turn for each side. Now the two red lights on each fender show the same action.
  6. Been thinking just calling it "Bob". 205" wheelbase.
  7. I'll try to remember to throw down a tape measure for the wheelbase. Stand by... Yes, Kevin, she drove very nicely. Went through a pretty good rainstorm with no ill handling effects. Tonight I got the fenders mounted and about 50% of the wiring done.
  8. On the way home. Freshly singled short with ET installed. Still need to see dr Volvo for a little attitude adjustment, but she's back.
  9. I bought mine from a local supplier. In the end it was far cheaper.
  10. (Edited to an easier method)
  11. Photobucket posting 101 Navigate to your photo and copy the "Direct" link Click "insert other media" button, lower right of your posting screen Select "Insert image from URL" and paste your link Done.
  12. Yes. Me. There are no stipulations in my policy requiring that the truck and trailer must be connected to be covered.
  13. Great attitude DT! We could all follow that advise.
  14. Injectors for a D13 installed is about $4k at the dealer...
  15. Oshkosh?