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  1. This is interesting for sure. For my wife and I, once we are on the road, I'm still going to be working on the road so something like this would be a set back in our travels, but I would quickly have to find a place to live/work if the assumption is our TV and/or trailer both needed to be repaired or replaced. If say the trailer was totaled, then of course we would be shopping for a replacement, but ours isn't custom so probably not quite as tough as someone that ordered a custom one. I think in our case it would be a bit tougher if our HDT was totalled and couldn't be fixed. I think it would be a lot harder finding an HDT to replace our current one. Since we'll only be traveling with motorcycles as backup vehicles that makes carrying anything of size tougher too if we lose our TV. If we were displaced for a certain amount a time, renting a furnished apt was mentioned, but I think airbnb might work out pretty well, especially if you wanted to be able to continue to move around a bit. We would also have some family to fall back on too if needed, but that would only be a short term solution. Interesting things to think about.
  2. Thanks! That gives me some more ideas.
  3. Other people have ordered from him and had no issues? Over on the RVMobileInternet people have reported success. You have to adjust some of the APN settings on them. I have no experience though, just what I've read, but I certainly wouldn't have suggested them if people were having issues. Did you talk to someone in th AT&T Connected Car Dept? Regular reps do not do well with the Mobley devices.
  4. My 610 is singled short and I've just been driving it around now and then bob tail getting used to it. I've been spending more time on busier streets with lots of shifting and yesterday I purposely took it down some pretty narrow streets near us just to get a feel for driving it in tighter places and I'm really getting comfy with it. I'm pretty glad I'm not nearly as tall as a 770/780. Once we get on the road, we'll only have the 610 and a couple motorcycles to get around, so this works out well. I think I'd really want a some sort of car if we had a condo height truck. I think this was the perfect one to get into the HDT world and not get too big and bulky.
  5. That was my first line of thought of what you said. What kept getting me though is that in a pickup truck bed, the rails sit right above or physicall on the bed? In the HDT truck, they would be spanning the gap between the rails and the hitch would be sitting in the middle of that with no support in the middle? They seem plenty beefy, but I was having a tough time wrapping my head around that thought and 4 bolts just on the outside of each rail and a heavy hitch and all that weight in the middle and my house all riding on that? The other challenge is the width of the 2 bolt holes on the 5th wheel rails are just a bit wider than the width of the bolt holes on the rails on the truck. You could drill and expand one of the two holes in the HDT rail, but then that hole is now larger. Would maybe another piece of steel on the bottom connecting the two bolt holes be necessary for some more strength? And of course my wife is in my ear going, go pay someone to put the hitch on for you, so I know I'll never live it down if I screw something up.
  6. Congrats on the truck. So this is #4? So from someone that has gone from 610 to 770 twice and then back to 610, how do they compare? Did you find the taller/larger condo nice or more trouble? Were any of them singled? What manual transmisisons have you had and what is your favorite? I'm still very early into my 2000 Volvo 610 with the Detroit and 10spd manual and I'm certainly enjoying it. I can see why a 13 would be nice, but I'm enjoying the 10 and definitely enjoying the manual as I get better at it.
  7. I watched that video the other day. I like those VNR trucks.
  8. If you don't mind paying a little extra, this guy Zim-5 Enterprises has been selling both a branded and a generic unlocked one on Amazon for $179.00 AT&T Branded - ZTE VM6200 - AC Adapter -
  9. It looks like it's out of stock again, but it does let you order it. Currently says will ship between June 16th & 23rd.
  10. Yes, you would be paying a monthly fee to AT&T. The $20/mo unlimited Car Connect plan + taxes/fees It has to be plugged into your ODBII port or you need one of the adapters. It just needs 12v DC to run. You'll find AC adapters, 12V DC adapters and USB adapters. It's not a very smart device and just needs power to run.
  11. okay, I found the link for the generic ones. It's the same seller, just a different ad and it's the same price as the branded one -
  12. Yeah I see that. I saw something from Technomadia about these being non branded. Maybe he got his hands on actual AT&T ones. Either way, they seem to have some available.
  13. VegasFlyer, So does your 4x4 .125 wall tube raise you 4" above the HDT frame rail height? So are you thinking I'm going to be 4" low? I'm actually concerned I might be a bit high. My HDT frame rail height is just under 40". My Toy Hauler pin box is at the tallest setting right now which should put me around 53-54" pin height. The pin box could be put in a lower position a bit if needed, but I don't think I need that with this hitch. I think had I gone with the TSLB2H hitch I might have had to lower the pin box or raise the hitch some. From my understanding the TSLB2H hitch height is about 11" from the base while the TS3 is about 14". So if I go 14" on top of my 40" frame rail height, that puts me at 54" pin height. Of course the 1/2 plate adds a bit. Just putting my hitch on top of the frame rails is the eaisest right now, so I'm hoping that works. If it has to go between the rails, that's going to require some work and possibly a frame extension. I'm going to go bedless for awhile if the hitch height is good and possibly build a bed later if we like everything.
  14. I'm glad you brought this up as this has been on my mind lately. I also have a TS3 hitch and was able to find some heavy duty rails that it would drop into in a standard truck bed. I was trying to figure out though if you could just run the TS3 hitch rails across the HDT truck frame and and attach to the truck rails, but that only gives you 4 attachment points at on each rail, 8 total. As I thought about it, that seemed on the light side for attachment points not to mention the rails would be supporting all that weight with nothing in the middle. So it seems from reading above, the proper way is to use a 1/2" steel plate bolted to the original HDT 5th wheel rails on top of the frame. Then you mount the TS3 rails across the plate and that gives you extra support and way more attachment points. That seems like a much better setup. And if I didn't want to use the TS3 rails, I could get angle iron which basically makes it more like the TSLB2H mounting. Do I have that all right? BTW, I've done the measurements and I should be right in the ballpark with this height.
  15. You can get a Mobley on Amazon. It's $179.00, but if it locks you in at the $20/mo plan you'd quickly make up the difference if the price does go back up. My understanding is these aren't the actual AT&T branded Mobley, but instead an unlocked version, but it still works. I think guy asks you to contact him so he can tell you that when you buy it. -