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  1. Our most at one time was 9 for us, but it seemed some bike always needed something. We've had sport bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, and I've owned a couple crusiers over the years. The Toy hauler we are looking at getting has a 14ft garage so 3 bikes would be easy in there and then maybe 1 on the back of the HDT. I would like to hit the road with 4 bikes. Keep our two small dual sports and then each of us have something larger to ride the street with. The road into Meat Cove is all paved, or at least it is now. I had the TransLabador highway on my radar as they are actively paving that, but just not enough time that trip to do that. I did ride to AK all the way to Prudhoe Bay in 2006. I want to go back there to visit. I figure this way we can go travel up there and take side trip so go explore more.
  2. We aren't there yet with our toy hauler, but it's coming soon. My wife and I are both MC riders and if everything goes right, we should have our truck and toy hauler pretty soon. We ride adventure bikes and dual sports. We are getting on the road to go chase the good weather and enjoy the good riding. We live in GA right now and have traveled a lot all over the US to go ride, but always felt rushed to see as much as we could. No we can go visit places and enjoy our time there a lot more. As for meeting up, I don't think you can go wrong with CO or places in CA to go ride. I've been making trips to CO for the last 5 years to go ride off road there. This past year, we traveled up to Nova Soctia and rode the Cabot Trail and camped out at Meat Cove at the very northern point of it. I'm always up for meeting other MC riders. I'm not sure what our garage will look like once we hit the road. Currently I have a 2005 BMW R1200GS, KTM 650 ADV, & 2008 Yamaha WR250R. My wife has a 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650 & a 2013 Honda CRF250L. The Versys is up for sale and we plan to replace it with a Honda CB500X for her.
  3. Hey Grizfish, I'm very interested in this. I'm going to send you a message to chat with you. - Dan
  4. Here are the pics for this thread also.
  5. I was wondering where my pics went. I'll go and copy my post here with the pics too.
  6. I think maybe you meant to quote @moses195. We just have the plans on our cell phones and haven't even come close to the 22gb level as we still are in a S&B home with regular internet. I've been thinking of adding a mifi defivice to our plan.
  7. Was that consistent throttling or just network management at a busy time of the day? Was this on a dedicated mifi device?
  8. There was a thread on it with more links on the evening they did the live reveal -
  9. I meant KJ as we have a Liberty CRD also. It's good to know though that a JK 4 door would fit also.
  10. So the truck is set up now to carry a Liberty JK on it with the rack? Man that is tempting since that is exactly what we have. I like that you have the Theater Seating and Dinette in the 399TH. Can you access the bed area with the living room slide in with that floor plan?
  11. That's always a possibility!
  12. It's a world wide motorcycle forum. -
  13. Mostly RVtrader or RVT. It's been a month or two since I did that. There weren't a ton in that range, but I saw some now and then that looked like decent rigs if the owners were telling the truth. Most in that price that looked good didn't last long at all. I was watching pretty consistent for awhile there just to get an idea.
  14. So basically this is turning the 2nd axle into a tag axle like a diesel pusher with only a singe rear tire on the tag axle? Would that move the pivot point forward a little bit and the first dual axle would over power the 2nd in turns for the most part or would it basically be the same?
  15. I'm familiar with the T@B type trailers and although they are pretty high tech, you have to be pretty commited to be full time in one, especiallly with a big dog. I think that would be pretty tough. I look at the camper vans in a similar fasion although they do at least have more travel room. 2 people and a large dog in a camper van is quite a commitment. Storage and space is always at a premium in those. The Class C's are overall pretty reasonable. Your $15k budget could be tough depending on your personal perferences and age of the motorhome. You can certainly find some in that range and I've seen some decent ones myself. I was looking and trying to keep it newer than '97 and there were some decent ones to be found. Just know you might have some work to do or deal with a pretty dated interior. If you went the Class C route, could you set your Subaru up for towing? That may not be possible if it's an auto, but I'm pretty sure you can flat tow the manuals. You might be fine to go without a car too. I think if you find a Class C in that range, take care of it and get a decent price, you could probably sell it for about what you paid for it. At that age, most of their depreciation has taken place and then condition just becomes the biggest factor. I wouldn't stress too bad over getting repairs. I've seen many full timers where they are able to camp in lot of the place fixing it, especially if it's going to take more than a day or two to get to it. They leave during the day while they work on it and come back at night. Of course this is where a tow vehicle would come in very handy so at least you still have a way to get around and run errands. As for renting a Class C, they are a bit expensive, but look at the rental specials where they need one way rentals. This is either repositioning their rental fleet around the US for the upcoming season or driving brand new rigs from the factor to their future location. The rental part is dirt cheap this way and they give you so many allocated days to do the trip. The most expensive part of this way would be your airfare to/from the two places or maybe drive time if you take a car along.