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  1. Something to check into are the KOA's in the area of Phoenix or with in driving distance of the airport. On a trip last year, a few of us stored our truck/trailers at the KOA in Buena Vista, CO and it was a very reasonable $1.50/day. (I don't know if that is set per the KOA or what?) There were other campers and trailers stored there and they had plenty of room for that. That particular KOA sits off the road a bit with lots of land available for storage and I would imagine it depends on their overall layout if they have the space, but it seemed like a good option for a short term storage.
  2. I just looked up those ones at the Joplin Trailer Sales. That looks great for what I may need. If you get more info including the dimensions and cost, please do share here.
  3. I'm going to be following this because a small motorcycle garage on the back of my 610 is on my wish list too.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. I only have the one passenger side hood mirror on my Gen 1. I always hated I didn't have a driver side mirror to go with it. I thought about getting the matching driver, but I do like the look of the new sleeker mirrors a lot better. I'll definitely be looking into this for my Volvo 610.
  5. I bought 2 different female OBD connectors off Aamzon to make my own. I had plenty of AC & DC adapters laying around. I decided to try two different ones just to see what i liked better. This one was cheaper, but you have to cut the wires on one end that you don't need, no biggie. - This one came with bare wires on one end, but you paid a couple bucks more. It worked just fine too. - The other option is if you have any kind of junk yard around you, just go purchase the female end of the plug off any '96 or newer car. I couldn't imagine it would be but a couple dollars.
  6. It's called the AT&T Wireless home phone and rural plan. They offered 250gb at $60/mo or 500gb for $100/mo for certain areas. Some people got lucky getting it outside the area, but not sure how that would work now. Also, instead of the 500gb, some people have actually switched the homebase over to the unlimited plan since it includes voice and qualifies for that too. I think for a single line it's about $95/mo but don't quote me on that. You can buy the homebases pretty cheap on ebay too. I have an extra one myself. I have the 250gb rural plan as I got that first and then also got the mobley recently. I'm under contract on the rural plan and I figure that's likely to go away vs the Mobley, so keeping both for now. The homebase is nice because it's an actual router with a hardwire port on it too.
  7. Just as an FYI, the $79.99 was only a limited time sale at Best Buy. I bought one of the last ones they had before they were removed from their page and it was back to the regular price of $99.99.
  8. I was able to USB tether my Mobley to an Asus RT-N66u router. The great thing is I'm no longer limited to 5 devices and it seems since being USB connected, I no longer have to reset it once a day. It's been going strong for a few days now with to issues. I only wish you could actually turn off the 2.4ghz wifi network the Mobley creates. I went ahead and disabled the 2.4ghz network on my router and only run the 5ghz one. For devices that can't connect to the 5ghz, they connect to the mobley directly.
  9. Would love that setup with the workstation, bed and 13spd.
  10. To connect the IP camera and your laptop directly, you might need a crossover cable? All it is is some of the wires are reversed on one end to make a direct connection between to like devices. That might work, not sure? - Do you have an extra router, or switch laying around. You could connect the camera & PC both to it using ethernet cables and should be able to access the software menu to configure the wifi connection. The router doesn't even need to be on the internet since you are just using it as a medium to connect the two devices.
  11. I always thought the 730 was the least common one since it's the mid roof, but long sleeper? I love the look of the 730, but they seem to be the hardest to come by? The 630 is the shorter mid roof sleeper.
  12. You can stilll AOL these plans and they still are desirable as they are truly unlimited. However, there seems to be a bit more risk these days to actually go out and purchase one since Verizon seems to be actively targeting them, especially if you are not in contract. What plan is your UDP on and what are you currently paying for it? I'd have to read back through Technomadia's guide on the proper plan to be on when you want to AOL one of these from someone. Are you looking to sell your UDP line? I might be interested depending on what you are wanting? I'm pretty well setup with ATT with the Homebase & Mobley and we have Verizon's unlimited on our phones plus I was going to just add a hot spot to our plan when we got on the road, but the grandfathered UDP is still attractive if we can make it work.
  13. If you look back, he had the truck for sale previously and had some more pics then, but they are still very small pics. -
  14. This is interesting for sure. For my wife and I, once we are on the road, I'm still going to be working on the road so something like this would be a set back in our travels, but I would quickly have to find a place to live/work if the assumption is our TV and/or trailer both needed to be repaired or replaced. If say the trailer was totaled, then of course we would be shopping for a replacement, but ours isn't custom so probably not quite as tough as someone that ordered a custom one. I think in our case it would be a bit tougher if our HDT was totalled and couldn't be fixed. I think it would be a lot harder finding an HDT to replace our current one. Since we'll only be traveling with motorcycles as backup vehicles that makes carrying anything of size tougher too if we lose our TV. If we were displaced for a certain amount a time, renting a furnished apt was mentioned, but I think airbnb might work out pretty well, especially if you wanted to be able to continue to move around a bit. We would also have some family to fall back on too if needed, but that would only be a short term solution. Interesting things to think about.
  15. Thanks! That gives me some more ideas.