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  1. Ok, I think I have it figured out now, it looks as if the slide is a laminated floor with layers consisting of aluminum underside, plywood center and either aluminum or sheet metal on top just under the carpet, with the bolts hidden under the top layer. The only way to get to them is remove the underside of the slide, which i'm not doing. i'm gonna use a sawzall and cut through the lag bolts, replace the carpet then reinstall the sofa with L brackets on the floor and around the frame of the sofa. Why they installed the sofa this way ? I don't know but the L brackets will not be visible when installed. Thanks to all who helped.
  2. Thanks Jim, I will look again to see if i can figure it out, I don't feel like running to Home Depot for the Mexicans.
  3. Hey Biker56 how did you get to those 4 legs screws i see the hinge works for the pull out with screws going thru the frame of sofa but nothing that would look like it could loosen the legs.could they be behind some fabric?
  4. No bolts under the slide Jim, just a smooth underside, no access panels nuthin.
  5. I wish that was the case Becky, i'm 6'7" 260 and i can't budge it, it's bolted down some kinda way. or maybe i'm past my prime.
  6. Hey guys, I have an older sofa w/ sleeper in my Motor home, 2000 model, I want to re-carpet the dinette and sofa area which is in the slide, I can't see any bolts or brackets, inside or out, that hold the sofa down, when i open the bed i can see all the bracket works, No hold down hardware! the sofa has short legs and i can tell that is where it is held down because the four short legs/feet, are the only things touching the slide floor. It's like the legs were screwed down thru into the slide floor and also into the frame work of the sofa at the same time which is impossible, right? what am i missing?. i could break the legs to remove the sofa. but want to use again. anyone know?
  7. RMD3819 If using a brake buddy or blue ox system, they won't actuate the brakes on the tow vehicle every time you hit the brakes in the MOHO, soft braking usually won't trigger the unit, only when the sensitivity is breached does the brake system push on the brake peddle turning on the brake lights and sensitivity is adjustable on the unit. so the use for add on lights is needed good luck
  8. I'm pretty sure the dolly will put at least 500 LBS. to your tow weight, if you can haul the CRV with wheels down that would be the way to go, the curb weights they give is with a full tank of gas, so just put enough gas in, to keep the weight down, and to get to the next station where ever you go. And looking at the socket it seems to be the 7 blade socket which you can find an adapter to make it a 4 pin to fit magnetic lights and you will need your hitch, that needs to be rated at 5000+ lbs and a ball of the same weight rating, the wire was at one time, a ground probably, don't forget your tow lights, either magnetic or integrated to the crv. also most states require a towing brake, each state is different, tow brakes are well worth the expense. look for used tow bars like stowmaster, blue ox towing brakes like brake buddy or blue ox used,will save you thousands, unless you want new then get new i use l.e.d tow lights i picked up from ebay try Craigs list for used towing items, also do the research for the tow bars as there are several types to consider and will need to be attached the the tow vehicle in a safe fashion and one more thing go weigh your CRV at a scale get an actual tow weight with tow bar and all accessories your gvwr is not your vehicle weight Good Luck
  9. You say you plugged in to the aux port next to the cig lighter?that is not (large) enough to carry the current needed, go straight off the battery/s with the inverter, we're talking maybe 12/14 ga. wire compared to right from the source.
  10. Yarome is right, i just visually checked my 2652 and mine is disconnected on the one end also, good luck
  11. OK here is a question for you, how do you level your trailer now?
  12. Kirk i know that, it's for parking, why both? why add air bags, could he NOT level his RV before with just the stabilizers? how was the trailer leveled before adding air bags? if the stabilizers were used to level the rig before, why add the air bags WHY both? seems to me having air bags to level the rig then using the stabilizer is redundant what reason for adding bags HOW WAS THE TRAILER LEVELED BEFORE ????
  13. i don't have a trailer, so having stabilizers and levelers seems redundant, is it the time to use the stabilizers the problem? or they don't support enough weight ? whats the benefit? i am not being sarcastic just want to know why both. iv'e seen some of your stuff and they are cool additions, this one(probably cuz i don't have a trailer) has me wondering why let me know
  14. A little late but we have a camp chef oven with burner and top grill i loved this thing when we used it on our trips until we bought a Moho that has all the appliances now it sits home, it works well in spring to fall, but the oven only gets to 275 degs in winter. If you want to bake in the summer and don't want to heat up the RV this works great. One time I cooked corn bread in the oven, steak on the grill and beans on the side burner all at once, so it's handy in general. i give it an 8 spring to fall and a 5 in winter