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  1. Don't think Dw can load a car like this got to keep it easy.
  2. Well we finally got our telephone line fixed and back on line we made up our mind and are going with a 20 ft bed speaking of witch I found a twenty footer in a orchard about 2 hours from home wood deck is shot but steel frame has a lot of potential phoenix I sure like your bed . supposed to pic up bed on fifth and haul it home. Once it is here the work begins. Demo and redesign .For $350.00 I figure it would be cheaper than building one from scratch
  3. So I am planning to haul a vehicle that is 14ft or a little less possibly a jeep fiat our a mini cooper. How long does the bed need to be to do this and haul my fifth wheel? And when the car is unloaded and fifth wheel is hooked up does the truck bounce more because of the hitch being so far back behind the back axle?
  4. Got new toy today. Tried it out so far no leaks detected. Air ride suspension bleeds off in about two days air bags are weather checked .Any ideas?
  5. Ordered air leek tester last night should be here tomorrow should be a good weekend to test it out. thanks for the help finding this thing
  6. Put it in my favorites file thanks. Chad I like your idea
  7. I am trying to get a good deal on a air leak detector. went to amazon and e bay found out there is a verity of different prices how can I tell what is a good one and witch ones to stay away from?
  8. Divorce course. definitely not a timed event. Here is the explanation set up a obstacle course using traffic cones ,can be a slalom course with corners and backing disciplines now you start out with 500 pts for every cone you run over it cost you fifty points. The team with the most points wins . Sounds simple wright here is the rub . Couple has to choose who is driving dose not matter. For this explanation we chose the wife .she gets blind folded and has to take directions from husband ridding shot gun. all of this is being broad cast over p.a. audience can hear every thing that is being said in cab .Now let the fun begin. Did this at a four x four rally and it was a lot of fun.
  9. Divorce driving course at the truck rally These are a lot of fun.
  10. Thanks sounds like a good idea
  11. Ha ha guys are funny .So wife had a good idea take a stainless steel dish scratcher and stick in the hole. about a $1.00 at any grocery store .cheap but effective I will work on trying to be cool. its going to take a while .Hmmmm I wonder if there's a forum for that?
  12. Good start but I have a round hole the cover is 51/8 inch diameter like to keep it round. If possible
  13. So last weekend went to hitch up the trailer to go camping.(actually to take care of a little hitch itch problem) Stuck finger in hole to lift door to push cord back into trailer. And to my surprise there was a wasp nest being built on the inside. Needless to say they was not very happy with me invading there space. Fortunately nobody got stung This could have a potential to be a big problem . With the former tenant's evicted I figure it is time for a up grade. I have 51/8 inch diameter p&d rv cord outlet want to up grade to same diameter twist lock . Rv dealers ideas around here seem to want to jerry rig up something. want it to look professional looking when finished . Got any ideas ?
  14. Ok lets make sure every body know if it is a defensive maneuver I believe it is justified but thinking it is cool to deliberately scaring Ms Scrub at a rail road crossing definitely not cool. So the best thing to do instead of following him to his next stop and beating the crap out of him would be call Big 5r up and let him give him a ticket for disturbing the piece. I would like to tell you a little about myself I am a journeyman carpenter I have a little over 2 years til I can retire I am what young kids call an old geezer live on I b prophen Tylenol cortisone shots in left knee to keep going. I don't think I am much of a threat to any one. No I am not full of road rage . And definitely not young punk running around trying to impress Mr Scrub with how loud I can blow my horn. to old and don't have the energy. Big5 if your in around Wenatchee Wash some time I would like to buy you a cup of coffee. to all you guys that are with me on this thanks agian
  15. I under stand that buying batteries at the dealer is where to get best buy how about tires?