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  1. I agree, It is probably some kind of loose connection! Hope it's an easy fix!
  2. Sounds like you've done everything you can. I'm a worrywort, so I would also agree with not using the area for food related stuff if at all possible.
  3. I would agree with trying to cycle camera inputs. Also, is there a way you can test if the camera is getting power? There could also be something wrong with that connection.
  4. As stated before, it depends greatly on location and season. But why not use any tools available to make it easier? As the Boy Scouts always say "be prepared" explore sites and the idea of your own personal database is spot on.
  5. dang, I missed it. Setting in my calendar for next year!
  6. Looks useful! thanks for the share.
  7. good overcharge video
  8. second this!
  9. This is a great mount!
  10. +1 on Allstays
  11. I'll check out bullet
  12. Well said
  13. Great advice!
  14. Rear View Safety has good selection of wireless systems as well as wired systems that would work for you. https://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety-solutions/backup-camera-systems/wireless-backup-camera-systems.html