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  1. LEDs seem to be brighter but projection seems to be a problem, We went with a higher lumen spot light on our house kitchen track light system..lights are brighter but kitchen is actually darker. We don't boon dock much at the moment but most of our lights in teh rv are led.. We have had negative experience with LEDs for head lamps is our cars and have moved back to halogen. I like the idea of colour for indirect lighting under the rig.
  2. Thanks Roger (and J-T), I want to do some of what you are showing but wasn't quite sure how and haven't run into anyone who has done it.. Thanks and Safe travels, Ian
  3. Roger, Long time no talk. Not sure if I missed this, but can the batteries in your trailer support them or as you mentioned, they come on when you put you rig into reverse... are they run off your truck ? Different question, has anyone figured out how to install leds to the bottom of your running boards without using screws ? Thanks, Ian.
  4. Not sure if this helps, but I converted my registration from commercial to a "camper" and insured it under my home policy.
  5. Thanks. I think Darryl is right. Unfortunately, plate is on bottom of the turbo. The whole was so small I could not see..but felt the air coming out. Time to move on. Appreciate the advice.
  6. I have a plate on my turbo which has a slight leak. This does not affect the normal running or operqation but it does affect my pac brake. When it is on, all I get is an air escaping sound. My guys tried to seal this plate with high heat silicon w/o any joy. Their recommendation is to stop using the pac brake. My engine / turbo has only 136K miles. I would hate to spend a couple of K replacing a good turbo. Any ideas ?
  7. And you didn't wave as you drove by my town ? We are in in Port Williams..hope to see you sometime this summer If we are going to get anything like Ont / Que .. this rain is going to be a doozie. Ian.
  8. That would make sense... New Brunswick is just beside Nova Scotia..
  9. Thanks ! Where about are them from ? We are going to have brutal rain this weekend......
  10. This was taken by a friend. He saw this rig early in the morning in Nova Scotia. I asked him if he viewed the plate but he was running late and as mentioned, it was early. Anybody know the rig ? Ian
  11. Glen, That is my general opinion.. so I suspect that the "thefts" may be blown out of proportion.. Thanks
  12. My parents built their cottage in '46 I think. It was on a long point with cottages populating both sides. There were also cabins up the lake that you could only access by water. They (and many others) quickly found that it was much better to remove anything they didn't want to disappear and leave one door unlocked. Even with leaving some stuff.. like fishing rods etc., nothing was ever stolen. The camp had been used..but all was ok . When I store my rig, we clean it out and leave everything thing unlocked. ... actually, I wouldn't mind the TV and electrics walking away .. we have yet to have a problem. It is easier to replace "stuff" than to fix the damage caused be folks bashing their way inside.. I think one RV company I was talking to said that there were only x number of unique locks available to trailers so they are not hard for a determined thief to bypass.. What concerns us is the amount of theft we are hearing about in RV parks south of us... we don't know if this is common or just an a we need to lock up everything if we leave out lot ? We normally leave out a portable stereo, a barbecue and stove, chairs, bikes, etc..
  13. That is why the MDT was invented. I like climbing in and out of such a tall gives amazing can also handle quality seats which no pick up can handle. My cab, seats and rear axle are also air well as brakes which are heads / tails above hydraulic . It is quieter in my cab than my wife's Subaru. I could use it as my daily driver but I have a RAM and other toys for that. I do not require a small second vehicle . My maintenance of a MDT is less expensive than my truck because it doesn't rely on components but rather parts. Labour rate is the same. I get better gas mileage too..I don't need carefully selected campgrounds because my MDT has the same footprint as a one ton dually. Our MDT rides better than a one ton and has all the creature comforts of a quality car. I like my MDT and wish people would realize that stopping and turning is as important as pulling. I have been complimented by many profession truck drives on using an appropriate tow vehicle. Oh, for a low mileage model, I paid less that a 1/2 ton would have cost me. Dr. Phil once said that there are 2 types of people..those that get it and those that don't.... I wish more would pull with an appropriate sized TV.. I looked at a HDT but our needs didn't warrant it. It is interesting that LEOs are now looking at folks pulling a too large trailer as a source of income..