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  1. You have me confused. You state " " I’m an HDT newbie. Plan to go full-time next year and still finalizing the RV and tow-vehicle decisions. I been in lots of the technical discussions on 5500/F-550 vs HDT. So, this is NOT a technical discussion on the merits of one over another. It’s an economics question. " A 5500 and HDT are not the same animal nor in the same class towing wise. And economically speaking, a MDT (5500/550/freightliner /international) is probably cheaper (for many reasons) in the long run.. In my experience, buying the RV is primary..then the rest can fall into place.. Good luck with the hunt...
  2. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. If you are looking at a 5500/550 you are actually looking at a MDT or class 5. And HDTs are Class 7/8. Both MDTs and HDTs have their pros and cons. I am getting 11's mpg with mine plus no extra vehicle is required to go to town so to speak. Good luck on your hunt,
  3. You will need it for some of the suggestions.
  4. I always enjoy hearing people comment about the province I live in. Excellent suggestions above. If you like to partake in the odd alcoholic drink, NS has a world class reputation for wineries (both red and white...and rose), distilleries and craft beer and cider makers. BTW, I would take hwy 30 through Quebec to bypass the bridge/tunnel constipated traffic.. I think Quebecers get their licenses in their froot loop cereal boxes so be prepared to drive defensively. We bought a dash cam specifically for our jaunts through Quebec. I hope you have booked your sites.. our rv parks are now suffering an affliction called "seasonals"... I understand the business concept behind it but it really hurts the traveler. Many of our RV parks are older so be sure to ask about drive throughs or if they can handle a rig of your size. Sometimes, you may have to do with 2 way hook up but many places have a honey trucks so full black tanks should not be an issue. 50 amp doesn't seem to be a problem but 30 is the most common. The one thing you will find about NS is that the landscapes are diverse as you drive around.. PM me if you like.. Ian
  5. I have had a cpap for 4 years now. I use water out of the tap and clean the beast ever so often..clean the mask a bit more. I use essential oil in the water..was told that they would hurt the machine..haven't seen it yet. I am able to run the humid all night on battery power in the 5th..added a 12 v power supply in my bedroom. have used it in 3 countries so far..I never leave home without it
  6. Great post. We travel with 2 Beagles as well.. Faffy and Lulu... 32 and 20 pounds. This post is of interest because we will be spending a big portion of our time in the winter down south... Ian.
  7. According to a guy on the radio today, we will all be driving electric cars by 2030..there no longer be car dealerships, etc....all the cars will be corporation owned..and trucks will be un manned (or woman-ed).. Other than thinking that electric cars create a massive carbon footprint at the moment and are totally useless for folks that do not live in city center my son dropped this one on me... and he is an electrician. Charging of electric cars like we do on a minor bases now is ok.. but if we wrap up the number to a large scale, the charging infrastructure will become a nightmare. At the present time, neither windmill nor solar power is even remotely commercially viable. My area produces a lot of it's energy with coal... The future will be interesting..
  8. Jack, I had heard a rumor yes..I cannot remember where...but very limited.. I was lucky enough to find a gently used one... and really like it. I apologize for my really useless answer :(. Ian.
  9. I have a '01 fl 60 sport chassis. I installed a McCall hitch with a binkley head. ( it came with a ball hitch) 4 bags, 4 shocks. Love it. PM me if you want pics. Ian.
  10. I appreciate the heads up. I had never heard of the battery minder. I had thought about using a std battery charger since I have the power available but was uncomfortable with this possible solution. This is better. Thanks
  11. Darryl, No, not during occupancy. We really don't use our set up that much. My truck and trailer just sit in my driveway. Apparently, there is enough draw within my truck to run the battery down below optimal levels which buggers up my ultrashift. My trailer is always plugged in while at home because we leave our fridge on. There is zero draw from the trailer's solar panel. I think it is 400 watt ish.. You allude to the usual caveats.. would you mind listing them out.. I was thinking just to tap into the 2 wires that run to the trailer batteries.. maybe with a fuse and allagator clip to attach to my truck's batteries.. this would save me multi hundreds of dollars for a portable set up. During winter storage, the batteries are disconnected. Once we start hitting the road, i don't think this will be a problem. Thanks.
  12. Another off the wall question. I have a large solar panel on top of my RV. I usually park my TV in front of my RV. Can I extend the solar panel cables that connect to my rv batteries to my batteries in my my truck ? Or just parallel the two sets of batteries ? Thanks
  13. yup..that is why I am now looking for 30 w or larger...:)
  14. If there is something that I have never been able to drum into my thick skull is electricity... I understand the concepts general form and I have wired an older MOPAR ( and have kept several British cars ion the road) but the process for me is incredible painful... I think I have a 400 watt on top of my 5th but since we have stopped boondocking I tend to ignore it until we put the rig away... then I make sure it isn't trying to charge nothing.. I was think 5W like this .. Ok..min 30 w... I would want to keep it mobile so I can set up and take down at will. Thanks...time to go on the hunt.