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  1. Central, Texas. 800lbs.
  2. I have a 5K water cooled diesel generator for sale. The generator is a model MEP-802A military surplus with 1428 hours on it. It is built by Fermont and has a 1800 rpm Lister 2 cyclinder water cooled diesel engine. The unit is single phase 120/240 or three phase 208 it has a auxiliary fuel pump and fuel line that can be plumbed into any fuel source along with the fuel tank on the unit. This generator puts out 52amps on 120v 26amps on 240v and if my memory serves correct the noise level under a load is around 72db. I no that you can caring on a conversation when standing beside. The generator uses a 24v system for starting and the batteries were just replaced June 2017. I am asking $1,800.00 for the unit. If you are interested PM for pictures any other info needed. Richard (aka Heavymetal)
  3. 24 years using LPC's and rucking. Airborne, air assault, pathfinder US Army infantry.
  4. Advance to be recognized.
  5. With the adaptive cruise on the Detroit DD12 transmission you can set it at 3,5 or no limit and the engine brake automatically controls your speed as set but it does not activate my brake lights.
  6. My brake lights don't activate when my Jake activates during cruise braking.
  7. We started a Facebook page just for this reason. The page is HDT's it makes posting pics so simple. At this time there is 120 HDT members on the page.
  8. Don't use the installer in Weatherford Texas they butchered my RV, but big foot made it good themselves.
  9. X2
  10. I just started mine today! I mounted the ones under the steps first. I also am using the IP68 in the blue color for the exterior and bright white for my custom built lights to replace my fluorescent interior lights that are so dang uuugllly. There is a company called Alpineglow that builds a great light that we used when we lived on our sailboat but now that I am retired I can't afford the $125 price tag.
  11. You must know by now that here in Texas Dr Pepper is the drink of choice. It was invented in Waco, Texas if I am not mistaken. Big 5er can correct me if I am wrong on that. When my son was growing up he like D.P. So everytime I would want one they would all be gone so I started drinking A&W Cream Soda because he didn't like it and I still drink it to this day. I have to bring a supply with me when we travel because you can't get just any and everywhere. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
  12. First of all welcome! David we bought our first hauler a 2010 Freightliner Cascadia for $36k and put on all new tires and brakes along with a few smaller items. The truck had 500k on it and a drove like a dream. We used it on one long 4 month trip and ordered a new truck. We had $45k in the Freightliner and sold it for $45k. So yes you can get a nice/good truck for 30-50k. Richard
  13. I have a new Acutemp AX56L freezer/refrigerator for sale. I have one that I use in my storage compartment and love it. The Accutemp runs off 100v-240v A/C 50/60hz or 12v-24v D/C it also has internal batteries that will keep a freezer temperature of -21c for up to 48 hours when boondocking. The freezer/refrigerator compartment holds 56 liters and has two settings freezer (-21c or / -8 degrees f )or refrigerator (2c or 39 degrees f). This is a new unit in the box when I bought it (military surplus) the price the military paid is over $10,000 (your tax dollars at work) I bought two units at an auction but only need one. If you think you maybe interested you can look it up on the web site medexsupply.com to get all the details. PM me if you would like to have this freezer. This freezer is built for the battlefield so it is one tough thing Sorry I forgot to put a price. I am wanting $950.00 for the freezer. https://www.medexsupply.com/popup_image.php?pID=17199
  14. Not telling I might end up selling it.
  15. Amen to that!