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  1. I will probably be in WI this summer working on a new style Smart loader.
  2. I will be at both the ECR and the WCR coming from Texas so if you are along my route I can drop them off.
  3. I am not a Volvo person so not sure what they are. I looked at the one in Waco pretty close and the exterior was in great shape. I won't no a 610 from a 780 myself. I am a freight shaker/ Western Star guy.
  4. If anyone is in the need of a set of full tandem fenders for you HDT I have a new set that was on our truck for a week. They have all the mounting hardware and are free of charge. We will be at both the ECR and the WCR so I can deliver them to you. I hate to throw them away they run about $1,100 dollars with the mounts.
  5. Just a FYI here. I was at the Freightliner dealer today and they had 2 VNL 660 sitting on the lot. D13 engine, I shift 2.64 rear ends 250 gal fuel 220" wheel base Alcoa rims. I walked around the the trucks and they seem to be in really nice shape. They have the 70" sleeper with the double bunk set up mileage was 542k and 574k . They have trouble selling Volvo's in this part of Texas and are looking to make a deal on these trucks. They have had the trucks since July and are asking 42k but after talking with them they are ready for offers. If anyone is interested I would be willing to drive over and take better photos for you. You can see the trucks on there web site Lonestar truck group the salesman name is Jim Hollis, just tell him you are looking to tow a RV and need a deal. If you want some more pics just pm me they are pretty close to me in Texas miles and I don't mind doing a favor.
  6. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  7. Run a little sea foam threw your tank. It will clean that carb right up. My hobby before RVing was generation 5 ford high boy trucks. I would run a full tank of new fuel and sea foam in the old 390's before I tore them down and the intake would be almost free of carbon build up and the carb was clean.
  8. I use Sony 700 and a looping Dvr. It is the same cameras that I use when towing.
  9. Hello from Texas and welcome. Nice red truck but I have to ask why are you limited to a bumper pull in FL? Richard
  10. Went over this afternoon to meet Jeremy and was able to see Big Ugly up close. She is coming together and is long and sleek, but Jeremy could not be convinced that the rally was more important then work, so we won't get to see him at the rally this year. There is always next year!
  11. In case anyone is in the need of a few extra lights for their hauler beds or need some replacements I will be placing a order for some spares next week and can add on some extras for you. The following are the items and prices of what I will be ordering. 6" oval 26 LED lights with the rubber ring and the three wire plugin. Red and Amber cost are $4.05 each white light cost is $4.25 each the 2" round side marker lights with the rubber mounting ring and two wire plugin. Red or Amber are $1.60 each. I will also be getting a box of the lashing rings. The rating on the ones I am ordering 2k lb breaking strength these will be the flush mount rings. The cost of the lashing rings are $1.00. If you or someone you know are in the need of any of these items let me know, I don't mind adding them to my order. Heavymetal
  12. I think they both have there pros and cons and they both do a good job in helping to maintain the health of our rigs. When we all decide to upgrade to our HDT's I think it is a must have to insure the RV is not shaken and bounced to pieces.
  13. Need some advice from the west side of this great country. We will be coming in from CO about 2 weeks before the rally starts and need to find a place to hang out that will not cost a arm and foot. Maybe a few days of good boondocking and then someplace close to refill and empty tanks. We have never been to this side of the world so any hints?
  14. Sounds like my Comfort Ride hitch! I have the 30k CRH and it uses up to 9 bump stops that I can add or remove depending on my pin weight or the road conditions, and it came with a extension handle. No chunking here.
  15. It was sad to hear and so sudden. I talked with Cole at the Tampa show right after Phil passed, and he said he just caught himself trying to call him to tell Phil of some good news. Cole said when things slowed down after the show it would hit him.