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  1. Rv. I ran chkdsk before and not using both image programs at once just tried Amoie after windows imaging failed. Saving the image to external hard drive which I ran chkdsk and formatted first. Keep getting this message from the windos imaging. Incorrect function (0x80070001) Been looking online for a solution to this error code but so far none working. Although on my external hard drive it looks like the windows back up file is there .
  2. Using windows system image and AOMIE. It seems to run all the way through then comes up with the error. Arrg
  3. RV , every time I try to make an image of disk ,it always come up with a fault which I'm thinking might be due to the bad sector on hd I'm trying to image. Does that sound right to you?
  4. Oops, window 10,not sure if it is creator update on it. Replacing it with a 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive - 500 GB. Only use the desktop in morning and taxes. Other than that on my tablet. So I cant make a boot drive and boot from that then restore from my external HD? thanks for your help.
  5. Hard drive is failing so I ordered a new one but just wondering if anyone would recomend a good free cloning program. Want to be able to get OS and files on new drive. Or if you know a easy way to do this. I have an external hard drive which I have back up on but will need to get windows on new drive also. THANKS
  6. Thanks for all the input people, appreciate it I new I would get some good answers here
  7. Yes , I do have a temp gauge for trans. This locks out the high gear ,with overdrive on rpms are a lot lower.
  8. Kirk, the gulfstream specs are Year: 2014 Make: Conquest Model: 218MB Ship Weight: 3,710 lbs. GVW: 5,720 lbs. Hitch Weight: 400 lbs. Length: 22' 7" Fresh Water: 30 gal. Grey Water: 37 gal. Black Water: 37 gal. and the Ford is a 5.4 Triton V-8 with a 4 speed auto. Thanks for the input.
  9. I have a Ford F-250 super duty that I have been pulling a 21 ft. gulfstream with for a year, on long flat sections of road I had been putting the overdrive on thinking about saving gas money and all , my neighbor who has been doing this a long time says never to use overdrive that it kills the engine overtime. I am at a loss why as it does not seem to be straining or excessive downshifting. So putting this out there for all the pros. Overdrive or not?
  10. Thought someone might be interested
  11. south to I-10 just like 2gypsies said. I-40 gets shut down whenever there is bad weather and always accidents
  12. Kirk, Have a cocktail or glass of wine on El Tovars outside patio at sunset. Stroll though Kolb Studio as they always have a art show downstairs. Lounge in El Tovars lobby especially if the fireplace is going. We are always on the lookout for the Condors and Elk and have been spotting Bighorn sheep below the rim. If you bicycle there are a lot of great bike trails to cruise. Rim trail is great for just walking and wildlife spotting. Bright Angel Lodge has a room with some nice old history of canyon. Take the shuttle out to hermits rest,many stops on the way. This is all free stuff to do except the drink on the patio.
  13. Check your pressure relief valve, they love to leak.
  14. Kirk ,tested fuse is good as bathroom lights still work which were on same fuse as exhaust fan. Scratching my head on this.
  15. Good morning all , my fan switch (on/off button broke) so I unhooked the wires from wires feeding it power now the red light is on in the fuse box but changed the fuse even though other looked good and everything is working in rv but light in fuse box still on.Would removing the fan from loop cause it to sense an open circuit? thanks still figuring out this 12 volt stuff.