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  1. Yeah, this will be one problem sorted...now if I can only find the leak I thought I had fixed!!!
  2. The GFCI outlets (bathroom and kitchen wall outlets) are on their own circuit and that circuit has it's own breaker in the panel. I will check the panel this weekend when it dries up a little and get back to you on the rest...hopefully it is simple.
  3. Wow, so much information to digest. 3) First, the GFCI outlets are on a separate circuit to the regular outlets...they have a dedicated breaker. There are two GFCI outlets inside...one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. They both work when the converter breaker is off. I believe there is a GFCI outlet outside as well. The regular outlets do NOT have power when just the GFCI breaker is on. I haven't had the chance to pull the panel apart yet, due to the weather (lovely Wyoming rain) and mud, so I'm not sure if the converter and outlets are actually on the same circuit, or just hooked into the same breaker. Is that even possible? The converter is right behind the panel...I can hear the fan when I flip the breaker on...so I'm guessing it shouldn't be too hard to wire it to a new breaker. 6) Huh? I would like to understand what that said as it sounds important but not sure I get what it all means. Thanks everyone...getting there slowly.
  4. When I was isolating why I was tripping a GFCI outlet a few years ago (misplaced screw in the wall) I made sure to write down all the circuits on the panel...and the converter and outlets are both definitely hooked into the same breaker. I can hear the converter fan come on when I flip the breaker and I have power to the outlets, and if I don't flip it on I have no power at the outlets, or I should say, only power to the GFCI outlets which is on a separate breaker. Would it make more sense to add a new breaker or is it okay to move the wiring for my outlets to the same breaker as the GFCI breaker? Is this safe since GFCI outlets are only in the bathroom, or would I be creating more problems for myself than just adding a new breaker?
  5. I have recently installed my new batteries and inverter, and all that goes with it except for the solar which will be coming in the next 4-6 weeks. Since all I am really needing the inverter for is to power the outlets I was just planning to plug my RV plug into the inverter when off-grid rather than rewiring everything. However...I know that the converter needs to be off if I plan to do this, BUT it is on the same breaker as the outlets...not helpful. So how easy is it to add a new breaker and just hook the outlet wiring to that breaker? I have two more spots for breakers in the panel, and if it's fairly simple where do I buy a new breaker, and what size for outlets (used for TV, blu-ray, computer and occasionally a microwave), and does the panel also need a fuse?
  6. It's all pretty exciting that we're all in our departure year and ready to fly coop, and seeing those ahead of us get out and soar
  7. Welcome. As a slightly-older-than-you but younger than most of the RVing type folks I would also recommend checking out cheaperrvliving.com...there's a lot of younger folks over there that are of a similar mindset to you and I.
  8. The only thing I don't like so far (other than the jarring surprise and no warning) is the most recent post in a thread appearing under the thread title. When I'm scanning posts I might want to read it just feels like unnecessary clutter and distracting. I want to scan thread titles only.
  9. I'm gradually getting stuff sold too for the house (my parents' house) to go on the market in May. I'd much prefer to get it all sold sooner than later but since they will be here for the summer they kinda want furniture and cook pots and plates to use while they're here (bummer). I'm looking at September as my launch date...but I will be done with work May 5th for other travel.
  10. Hem it?? Lol...I'm useless with sewing. I did find a fabric I like in the local Ben Franklin...just waiting to hear back from the lady who did the backing for my wall hanging.
  11. That may be what I end up doing, but I'm hoping to find something that fits a little closer to my medieval theme. Maybe I'll just find a local tailor and see how much it would cost.
  12. I'll try to get one either tonight or this weekend...we just got three inches of snow. I'm really just looking for something like a fabric shower curtain with grommets, but thicker.
  13. I've Googled for hours trying to find curtains that will fit on a track divider between the bedroom and living area. I need to replace the curtain that hangs there but I can't seem to find a place online or locally that sells curtains with small grommets, like a shower curtain but thicker. Every search for "curtains with grommets" lands me in a place for curtains with large grommets to be used on a pole in a house. Any place you can recommend or send me to that sells curtains with small grommets?
  14. I don't see a problem with it either especially if you keep an eye on the RPMs and aren't letting the engine lug down consistently. I use cruise on my equivalent truck (although it's a manual) on long flat sections with a 27ft trailer.
  15. Yeah, that's pretty much what I had in mind, although probably not with the big chunk of wood but something for leverage like that