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  1. Al, i agree, what they need to do an probably will not do it is. fix what we got rather then let it die. Greed is the ruler of all evil. Someone that is a billionaire , an needs more money is beyond me. I'm 100% for ACA. i lost a good friend , happen just prior to it (ACA) getting in the works. possible it could of saved him. as he had no insurance . I am very glad it got thrown out yesterday. as that would of made things worst. Heathcare should not be a GOP/DEM debate. It should be a humane debate. How to make ppl live more healthier, less pain, more in comfort less in stress.
  2. Oscar, Well now i pay about $620 a month for RV. So if i did go that route, 5th/with a truck, that number is surely going to go up. Trying to talk my other half into trading our new car 2016 for truck. <<<keyword trying.
  3. Thanks guys, I guess waiting for next RV show. as i always just looked at DP. One of the things i learn so far is that just ToyHaulers come with a Generator. (built in). Yup an the in-law part is going to be one H of an experience. lol.
  4. I agree "RV". If you had not posted that you are "rv" i would not of known it either.
  5. After i just made my 1st post with new format , i too went from Major Contributor to Senior Member with a post count loss?
  6. Hope this new format get's tossed.
  7. i have been slowly moving away from yahoo because of the amount of hacks an lack of notifications or yrs later they tell ya. Best to change your pw every week just to be safe. My problem is i had same email address since 1998.
  8. try this https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Your-account-settings-are-out-of-date-4484de9e-66b2-46a9-8459-6ca1fcc110b4
  9. With so many breach's mostly yahoo. it's best to change once a week, As when the company's post that they been hacked during a certain period of time you can be at ease knowing that you changed your password an the likely hood that you are affected is very small. altho most security officials say to change every 30-60 days best to do it more often.
  10. In a few Months might be thinking of trading in class a dp for a 5th wheeler. Only problem i know almost as jack sht does. about the 5'ers. I would also have to get a truck. It be for 2 ppl but i will also be inheriting a mother in law an a small dog. I know what's a good or top of line for class a but whiat is a good 5th wheeler. prob looking in the 34 ft range. Something like a 40 ft wouldn't be able to get in back yard. Is there any brands/models to stay away from. ? I was also thinking if i got a f250 or a 2500 truck would that pull the 5th. without straining the tranny. Also would need that extra bed or Couch that turns into a bed.
  11. here is what i did years ago. went to a dealer got a price, went to another dealer got cheaper price. then called first dealer, got a lower price. an back an forth started went from $485 a month payment down to $334.
  12. Wouldn't the wheels be part of the vechile as to them carrying it. Size of a wheel is ratio to what the weight it's carrying. so in a sense you be over burden on the tires left on .
  13. Bruce, ya right, this site is full of good ppl. always someone that has either had that problem, worked in that field. An plenty of good how to do this .... Was on another rv site. prior. This one is top of list. have not even gone back to that other one.
  14. New Chrome book. I had to do some work on one for a client fixed it in less than 5 minutes.
  15. I have the S7. if i keep wifi/data off battery life last a whole day. if i put it on. by mid afternoon i'm looking to plug in. an those old phones the one i use to have could last a long long time. On the S7 if i put it on Extended Power saver mode it would last 2 days but then it knocks off stuff that you bought the phone for in the first place.