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  1. X2 on Por 15. Really works.
  2. I think you are on the right track. I use a 20W on my MDT.
  3. I was think 5W like this .. In my opinion that 5W is a waste of $ for what you are trying to do. Step up a bunch.
  4. and an Asian was a automatic transmission available in Ram pickups!.. I always thought those were Aisans. My BIL is Japanese, so he would an Asian, right? Or perhaps I missed the intent of the comment.
  5. Try some drywall shims under the 5/8 ply to get it perfect.
  6. I will ask a question so that I can understand the "rules" associated with posting. If I was to post that I did not buy a certain HDT because the odor in the cab was offensive to me(albeit I have bronchial issues that are exacerbated but these odors), but that odor was due to a practice common to truck drivers that sit in their seats for many long hours, would this post be in violation of this "rule"?
  7. I, like Glen, am a welder and fabricator. I have talked to Henry and will buy his hitch when I get to that place. Why? Because he has done the work of design and engineering and didnt do it for just 1 hitch. As a side note-I own 7 welding machines, of various types and capabilities. And I am a 1 man shop. There is NO one size fits all available. I respect and appreciate all that Henry does, communicates and delivers in his product.
  8. After nearly 25 years with Sprint, I gave in and switched to Verizon. My service was getting to be unusable. I work near the border in CA & AZ and often it was charging me for roaming and I seldom had service. I was loyal to them and with the rumors of their collaboration with T-Mobile, I waited, and waited and waited but my business was suffering due to their lack of investing in their equipment and their inability to meet my needs. So, good bye. The 2 year contracts also were a big part of my decision. Now, a month with Verizon and I have NO regrets. Yes, a bit more expensive BUT I am getting what I am paying for, and that is service not PROMISES.
  9. See if that happens at Lippert
  10. I have both the Level Up and the Big Foot. I will be installing the Big Foot myself on my Newmar Kountry Aire as I am a fabricator and do all sorts of fabrication and installation. I install equipment in warehouses for a living. Too bad OP is so far away, (I'm in So Cal) I could do that install for you. I dont favor the Lippert product mostly because the cylinders are aluminum and where hydraulics are concerned, I would rather have the parts made robustly. Aluminum cylinders in this application dont fit that description. Esp if you should forget to raise them and bend the rod. Replacement cylinders are WAY expensive from Lippert. We have a thread on this very subject. You may be able to find someone with the necessary skills other than Quadra to install the system.
  11. I say I agree. I will never do that again. And so is the reason why I am sharing my experience here. I am grateful is was only $3800. Some have been stuck with far more. Once the dealer learns of your vulnerability(ie you are fulltime and no other place to go and you have possession of the unit), they will exploit it. The only caviat for us is that we got a good deal on the coach. So that was some help. But NOT what we had agreed to.
  12. To the OP: I had an experience in '07 which is when we bought a Monaco Monarch from a show from a dealer in So Cal. We took it with contracts to get things repaired, corrected etc that were part of the deal. Some were significant and others piddly. We took the coach to dealers service center and after they had the coach for 3 weeks without looking at it, we decided to take it to an independent service center that we had had good experience with. They made us sing a promissory note that we guaranteed that they would be paid. Didnt think much of it, since they have an ongoing relationship with Monaco. Long story short, we didnt know that Monaco was in bankruptcy, but they all did! We ate the $3800 in warranty work for things like the drivers seat had a tear in it, the rear window in the bedroom had a D/N shade that only covered half the window(DWs pet peeve), and a bunch of other things needing attention and we had included in our contract. The dealer did NONE of them. I will NEVER use that dealer again, no matter how good the deal on a coach is. I wont let them make a penny off of me. It wasnt fair what they did and it appeared that they knew the situation with Monaco. So much for taking care of the customer. Let the buyer beware.
  13. Have you considered a solar panel permanently mounted on the battery box? Sure have plenty of sun in Ramona. I'm in Wildomar and its what I do instead of relying on charging ONLY when I use it. A small panel is pretty inexpensive. I would use at least a 10W. I keep a 20W on my IH 4700 for maintenance. Use a charge controller for sure, tho.
  14. I have upgraded to round key locks on a few of my RVs, they are easier to operate. I/we lock them as part of our departure checklist. This was added to the checklist after we got flagged down my a passing motorist that the bay door had come open. By using the checklist to ensure the doors are locked, we dont have that happen anymore. I guess leaving them unlatched, which was our habit at the time, when we were in a CG, was something that caught up to us. So now they get locked and then we know that they are latched.
  15. I recently upgraded the tires on an enclosed trailer from the supplied 15" on 5200# axles to 16". Same lug pattern though. The difference in how it tows was AMAZING and the peace of mind knowing that I am in a position of having excess capacity, read safety margin, is very comforting. I imagine that it is similar to those that have gone from those dreaded Load Range Gs on 16" wheels to the Load Range Hs on 17.5" wheels. Wish I had done it sooner.