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  1. So, not a Volvo owner, YET. But I have a question on this subject. Who is it that owns and has paid for the trucks in question?? Seems like Volvo needs to learn some customer serice skills and remember who it is that makes it possible for them to get paid.
  2. Dont forget about Jojoba Hills SKP park outside of Temecula. And Pechanga has VERY high ratings for their RV park. Then San Diego has lots of diversity in their geography, esp when West to East are considered. Also, consider some beach locations south of Oxnard where there are some beach camping. I used to use the facilities at Sycamore Canyon, mostly for mountain biking but they also have a small camping area. Its a state park facility.
  3. Dyna flex is good stuff. As a contractor, I use it a bunch but never on my coach. Only polyurethane.
  4. What about essential oils? Try Doterra On Guard in water. It does have an odor but not due to chemicals.
  5. As to battery life and maintaining a charge. It is my understanding that batteries, after being put into service, will discharge 10% per month without ANY load. For that reason, I prefer to put a small solar panel on them when not used. I have a 20W on my TV. It does a good job of keeping batteries up and compensates for normal non-use exercise of batteries, which in theory should give me maximum life on those puppies.
  6. Great ideas!!
  7. Might also consider using a flat connector for trailer lights, but it would depend on the power you are putting through it. Might be too small. A weather tight connector suitable for your application should work. Doesnt necessarily need to be RV specific. And maybe even mount in a box against the chassis of the coach, out of run off from the wall of the coach. Make sure it has a cover, you dont want to be dealing with mud etc getting into it during travel.
  8. Silicone is a NEVER to be used product on roofs esp EPDM. Use Dicor or polyurethane. I dont use silicone anywhere on the exterior of my coach. Poly mostly even to replace the dried out butyl around the windows. Cut it out and caulk with polyurethane. Dont use cheap stuff though.
  9. Find the wall studs. Anchor to that with a bracket that is perhaps long enough to allow for the unit to be located where you want it and secure the unit to the properly secured bracket. I shure wouldnt think that hollow wall anchors, which are rated at 75#, would hold, but not because of the weight, but rather because of the earthquake experienced while driving down the road. Vibration is a BAD thing for things like that.
  10. The thing I have learned as I have done more projects with this liner product, is 1) Dont use ANY crumb on surface that you will subject to traffic unless you overcoat the crumb product with some non crumb product. The crumb can be rubbed off and then you will have less protection. 2) Dont bother saving the material, dont be on a budget with this stuff. It will bite you in the butt later. The company applied products are thick for a reason. Follow their lead, LAY IT ON!! 3) Its nice to have color options. I coated a removable service bed I bought for my work truck. It was previoulsy painted white and I sprayed it grey. The only change I would make to it, #1 & 2.
  11. I am like you and have successfully used Liner Xtreme out of Texas. I sprayed it myself on many different things. I dont like powder coating anything that may get chipped, as once rust starts under powder coating, its just a free for all for the moisture on carbon steel leading to rust. The underside will do well with Por 15, topside spray liner.
  12. My Dad, brother and sister each had one. They were 122" long and were GREAT on fuel esp during rationing here in Cali. My brother used to get his picked up and moved around, mostly for laughs at school. He filed the under side edges of the bumper, they picked it once more and never again after that. I guess some people just learn the hard way. And yes they are hard to find. I saw one recently for $8000. My Dad bought his new off the lot for $1598.00. I still remember.
  13. How about a 1972 Honda 600? Pretty short car at 122".
  14. My experience tells me that any product will be different for painted parts and for gelcoat parts. I am working on the same type of thing and have 2 products. I dont trust Meguiars since it was sold and the formulas were changed. They dont seem to perform as they used to. I have some product that is working well made by 3D and for the painted parts using their #426.
  15. Check it out here for yourself. http://www.trailerlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Trailer-Life-Towing-Guide-2003.pdf. Looks like that isnt enough truck. I have a 07 GMC DRW CC with a 6.6 and I wont tow my 2004 Newmar Kountry Aire with it. Not enough truck. Even if the weight ratings worked, I wouldnt do it, not enough truck.