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  1. When it goes out, in time, the transmission will shift into neutral and I can only drive in low gear until I pull over and reset it. Chuck
  2. Kirk, I did have the speed sensor replaced and all was well for about a week. Then, a few days ago the speedometer dropped out again. If I stop and restart the engine, it starts working. So to date there is no answer. The problem with intermittent problems is that unless it is happening, taking it in for service is a waste of time and money. I don't know what to do at this point, especially since we have about 8,000 miles left on this trip. Chuck
  3. While driving on some local back roads we had a strange thing happen. We had been driving for a few hours that day and are into about a month of our current U.S. tour. Only doing 35 to 40 MPH and on hilly roads we suddenly lost the speedometer. Shortly thereafter while going up a small hill the transmission acted like it shifted itself into neutral. Shifting into drive 2 did nothing but downshifting into low gear, drive 1, downshifted the transmission and it shifted OK in drive for a while. Then suddenly it happened again. I have an SCT device connected to the OBD and the transmission was not showing above average temps and no error codes came up. We found a spot to pull over and check things. Fluid levels were right on and nothing appeared to be loose or disconnected. Just for grins, I reinstalled the 5 Star Tune and the speedometer came back and for the last few days, the transmission has behaved itself. But in the back of my mind every day, I worry about another episode. Has anyone else had something like this happen? 1999 F53 Bounder, V10. Chuck
  4. Ray, What is SMART? Chuck
  5. The issues seem to be in the weight of the dish and the main motor mount. The DirecTV dish is much larger and heavier than the Dish dish. The Winegard Dish model will not support this weight. Chuck
  6. The Winegard will go from DirecTV to Dish but not from Dish to DirecTV. Doing a swap will not help the other person. Chuck
  7. The Winegard can be switched from DirecTV to Dish but not from Dish to DirecTV. I also beleive the control box needs to be reprogramed. Chuck
  8. 2+ years in Florida and it looks as good today as the first day it was applied. Most who criticize using ZEP have never used it, have "heard" of problems or report on cases where the preparation was not done properly and the ZEP failed. Those of us that have done everything correctly, see no issues and lots of benefit. Chuck
  9. Yep, Because it has turned out to be such a poor service with so many problems, they need to almost give it away to get people signed up. Chuck
  10. As far as I know, DirecTV Now is not an on demand service. It simply allows you to watch the channels that you would normally watch using streaming instead of a dish and receiver. They do not have recording capabilities.
  11. Because this is not a player. It is a recorder/player. You simply connect the OTA antenna coax to the input on the recorder/player and the coax output to the TV Connection. Set it to record whatever channel you want at whatever time, make sure a DVD disc is in the unit and it will record to the DVD disc. Chuck
  12. We have a DVD recorder/player that we don't use anymore. Since we got the DVR for DirecTV, it has plenty of recorded shows for when we don't have satellite reception. Be glad to sell the reorder/player. Chuck
  13. Worst changes I have ever encountered. I suspect I'll be visiting a lot less often. Whoever made the decision to change to this format needs to have all their computers locked where they can't get to them. This is a mess. Chuck
  14. Ours has been up in 35 MPH winds and never moved or made any sounds. I would suggest further inspection since it "sounds" like there is some other issue rather than the wind. Chuck
  15. Here is an excellent comparison of the big 4 "unlimited" plans. . Chuck