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  1. We have a DVD recorder/player that we don't use anymore. Since we got the DVR for DirecTV, it has plenty of recorded shows for when we don't have satellite reception. Be glad to sell the reorder/player. Chuck
  2. The problem I have with buying these adapters is that they were about $15,00 until the Mobley got popular. Now they are $35 to $40 and I seriously doubt the cost of parts prices skyrocketed in a short period. This to me is just price gouging. The parts can be had for $5 to $10 and they are very, very easy to make. Chuck
  3. Or not leave it on 24/7. Chuck
  4. Worst changes I have ever encountered. I suspect I'll be visiting a lot less often. Whoever made the decision to change to this format needs to have all their computers locked where they can't get to them. This is a mess. Chuck
  5. That's my conclusion also. Chuck
  6. Here's some information taken from that might help...or confuse the issue even more. Chuck Almost all equipment used in a control instrumentation strategy makes use of a common signal ground as a reference for its analog signals. Introducing any additional grounds into a control circuit will almost certainly cause ground loops to occur. To minimize the danger of introducing these loops into a complicated network, you should use a dedicated instrumentation system ground bus and connect grounds from the signal common, cabinet ground, and instrumentation AC power ground to it. The bus is tied to earth via the building ground and plant ground grid. But, this can be much more complicated than it appears. For example, you will rarely have just one instrumentation loop. In fact, you could have hundreds or even thousands. Many are packaged together in vendor-supplied instrumentation system cabinets. Generally, these contain a DC signal common bus and power supply common bus. The manufacturer normally ties these busses together within the cabinets at a master ground bus. The cabinet ground is a safety ground that protects equipment and personnel from accidental shock hazards. It also provides a direct drain line for any static charges or electromagnetic interference (EMI) that may affect the cabinets. This cabinet ground remains separate from the DC signal ground until it terminates at the master ground bus.
  7. Sorry, I don't understand your comment, when what is OBD-II compliant? We have been talking about building an adapter using a 110 volt to 12 volt brick wired to an OBD plug to power the Mobley. The OBD-II in our coach is only on when the key is on. My 12 volt outlets are never below 12 volts and mostly in the 13 to 14 volt range, and always hot. If the cig lighter plug drops to 11 volts, the OBD for the coach plug will also be 11 volts. So my question is the same. Instead of using a 120 volt to 12 volt, 1 amp brick that needs 110 volts of power, why not use a 12 volt power supply and not rely on shore power, generator or inverter to power the Mobley? Chuck
  8. What about a 12 volt DC cigarette lighter type connector to the adapter? My batteries are never below 12 volts, but can be as high as 14 volts. Chuck
  9. Is this something you built or bought ready made for $5.68? Chuck
  10. This keeps getting referenced. If you read the line in note 2, "Requires eligible vehicle, eligible aftermarket device and new or existing AT&T wireless account." The AT&T reps keep telling me that means an account with at least 2 smart phones and then the Mobley account can be activated for $20.00 per month. So just getting the service is not all that simple. Some may be able to get it and others may not. To me, this is no way to do business. So perhaps the cost savings is not worth the price to do business with AT&T. Chuck
  11. I realize what is says, I read that too. But if you try and buy the plan on the website, it will only offer 1GB per month for $20.00 and with the Mobley device. So I contact customer service via the website and was told the same as I posted above. The only way to get $20.00 a month unlimited data with the Mobley is if you already have an account with AT&T and have at least 2 smart phones. Otherwise $20.00 a month buys you 1GB of data. I argued that the website says differently and was told, well, that's wrong. So if anyone that does not have an AT&T account and has this unlimited service for $20.00 per month, not just referring to the website, etc., please let me know how you were able to do it. the terminology, "new or existing AT&T wireless account", is the requirement of setting up an account with 2 smart phones. Thanks. Chuck
  12. I was just told by AT&T that the only way to get $20.00 a month unlimited data with the Mobley is if you already have an account with AT&T and have at least 2 smart phones. Otherwise $20.00 a month buys you 1GB of data. Chuck
  13. Ours has been up in 35 MPH winds and never moved or made any sounds. I would suggest further inspection since it "sounds" like there is some other issue rather than the wind. Chuck
  14. Here is an excellent comparison of the big 4 "unlimited" plans. . Chuck
  15. While Roy has been promoting DirecTV Now on every RV Discussion Forum about how great it's working for him, the reality is that for many, many, many other folks using the service, it's having lots of problems. From the inherent limitations to days of no service to a multitude of other issues, the reviews are in and they are not good. I only say this because I have no horse in the race and it would be sad if too many of us jump in and cancel our current service and expect DirecTV Now to be the latest and greatest. Especially since it's far from it. I just hope anyone will do their due diligence and make the decision based on unbiased and extensive research before making a decision. Especially since most of us in the RV category are exposed to many, many limitations and challenges when it comes to streaming services compared to traditional forms of entertainment options. A Google search of honest reviews will bring up a wealth of information. Here is just one example. Chuck