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  1. I think you mean .250 wall. Did you happen to weigh your truck before beginning?
  2. Read the load ratings at the end.
  3. WHOA! Have you done any pressure testing? Much more likely a water separator air leak causing loss of prime, but jeez, do some diagnostics and don't just start throwing parts at it.
  4. Far from it. You are ignoring the offset of the wheel.
  5. Guys, these are automated MANUAL transmissions. Not automatics with valve bodies and a converter. Just make sure you bring it in hot and they let it fully drain.
  6. here ya go
  7. Let me add some metallurgical science. A 10% reduction in load equates to a 50% increase in life. Wrknrvr is undoughtingly increasing his hub and wheel bearing load but, it was never near the load limit to begin with, so it works. Personally: I would never do it because I just have this respect thing for machinery, but you do see people do things (redneck engineering) everyday and get away with it. (if it ain't Boeing, we ain't going) You can thank the margins engineers build in. It isn't efficient, but it goes to the rule that every time we make something idiot proof, someone finds a better idiot.
  8. Has anyone found where the "SURVEY's" have gone? Just curious
  9. Great recap on the baptism by fire VT. Just remember, as with a pilot's licence, "it's a licence to learn". Not a confirmation you're all checked out and good to go. If you keep that mentality for the rest of your days, you'll be richly rewarded. Just my perspective of life, and it's served me well. -Steve
  10. From the look of it, more like M1 Abrams!
  11. Freightliner: 36.5 deflated, 40.5 inflated unladen (Cascadia)
  12. We have one (RDS 4500 6speed) behind an 8.9 Cummins 345 HP/1100 lb-ft. It's tagged at 65K but usually runs around at 40K ish. Remember putting the racing shift kit in your car instead of the street/strip one? Yeah that's what it's like in traffic or at low speed.
  13. The girl across the street that used to be my daughter's baby sitter 20 years ago, graduated from Yale as an actuarial. I'm pretty good at math but, YIKES! Talk about analyzing down to the gnat's ass. We don't have a chance of figuring this one out.
  14. That's a rather myopic statement. Transmission/torque converter, final drive ratio, and tire diameter will determine the total performance along with the engine performance.
  15. I'd call the local marina and ask for a reccomendation