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  1. It's actually a bit more complicated than that. You really need to check with the test strips before adding. Then either by adding a supplement or in my case a new filter that slowly releases the necessary additives you can maintain the proper chemical levels. It's somewhat complicated and quite important in a diesel to get this correct.
  2. The CX28 is your model I believe. No personal experience but the consensus is; Built like a tank but very firm shifting which is good for transmission life, but if you want a car-like feel... not so good.
  3. This is an example of where You don't have to engineer anything. Speak to an engineer at a supplier and let them specify a solution for you. There are multiple places where you can apply this practice.
  4. I'd recommend ChemPrime from Al-Con Chemical
  5. Or just click
  6. Thanks Dave, that give a much clearer picture. I'll add that "self-contained" means different things to different ins. companies. Some are blck & grey tanks with a permanent toilet, and running water, cooking etc. Some are just the microwave fridge bunk porta-potty. Best of luck either way -Steve
  7. wtgeodog What is your vehicle (in detail)? Singled? Motorhome? Where registered? etc.?
  8. will accommodate 75'
  10. Sculptor, Did you notice that the latest entry is 2011? With all the changes in the insurance industry along with Randy's point make the cited list worthless.
  11. Thanks Lou Apparently not all companies supply those numbers. I've only seen the yearly cost which includes the electrical side as well.
  12. Is it the engine pulling down with clutch engagement or a hesitation? If you're not familiar driving a vehicle with a clutch, that might be what you are experiencing. Try varying levels of throttle on launch and let us know if there's any difference. Sometimes a small clutch adjustment can make a big difference. There are safety features that keep the power level low until the clutch is fully engaged.
  13. I'd love to have an all electric trailer with substantial solar, but I don't think it's at all realistic (economically) if you do an energy study. I've never seen a breakout of the volume of propane or NG required for a given load of laundry which makes it tough. I also don't have the nerve to not have propane on board if only for those really cold days or for that really hot shower. Thank you for your inputs guys.
  14. Propane, 220V electric, 110V electric? Trying to decide which. I'll only use it when on a 50 AMP hook-up. Wondering about performance and propane consumption. I'm strongly leaning towards electric. What are your experiences? (no combo units) 27" max width.
  15. i think it will be more a matrix than a list, for all the reasons you've mentioned. With, w/o trailer, singled, tandem, state, etc. It's a jungle out there!