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  1. Here's a thread on full-timer's insurance. Some good information was provided to me by other members when I questioned my 44% increase.
  2. Had a similar issue with my Onan. Would run 30 to 45 seconds and die. Through a low oil pressure code. The bottom line problem was the fuel filter (algae) and resetting the oil pressure sensor (disconnect and reconnect the wire to sensor). Fuel to generator is from the main tank.
  3. I did a brief search in this forum but could not find my answer. Is anyone relying on cellular data (think IPad WIFI + Cellular or 4G) for their primary internet connection? I have a Verizon JetPack that I use but am picking up an IPad with cellular soon. Would like to give up the JetPack and rely on the IPad for the internet connection/surfing.
  4. Have only been full timing for a little over two years. Have not experienced any real defense situations yet. The link below will take you to a good write up on defense while in your RV. Safe Travels.
  5. Good post. Thanks
  6. Agree that AT&T's is similar. The AT&T manager told me the truth at the beginning of our discussion. That is the real difference I'm evaluating at this point. There are no good choices.
  7. My, my. My first two months on Verizon's unlimited plan with my new 7730L did not see any throttling. May, my third month, throttled me to 3G until the end of my billing cycle (27 more days of iffy-ness and no speed at all). Now taking a hard look at AT&T's plan.
  8. This is my third billing period for unlimited. No throttling during the first two months. I should have know this would be an issue since the agent's lips were moving. After visiting the Verizon store in Cleveland, TX today, I stopped at the AT&T store in Livingston. The manager stated their unlimited on the MIFI could drop to 3G after 10GB of 4G IF the cell towers in my location were real busy. Other than that, I would have 4G. By the way this is the same description the Verizon agent in Cleveland stated when I moved to the unlimited plan. Looking hard at making the switch AT&T.
  9. Today in Livingston my Verizon MIFI is experiencing extremely slow speeds. Starting getting sloe mid afternoon. Speedtest showed .61 Mps down and less for upload. I was worried about the throttling possibility with my unlimited plan being implemented. I also signed on to the park network, for my $3 fee, and it is much slower than normal. Anyone else experiencing a Mother's Day slow down?
  10. My previous insurance company was my first RV insurance company. We bought our first RV (2005 Newmar Mountainaire) April 2015 and moved in the day we made the purchase. I would have preferred to stay with the same company but not at that rate increase.
  11. This is our second month on Verizon's unlimited plan. I primarily use a Jetpack (MIFI) and connect five devices (2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and one Epson wireless printer). Last month the MIFI hit 99.0GB without any slow down that I could notice. My Phones are not set up as Hotspots. We just use the cellular data for the iPhones. IPad connect only to the MIFI. This month, ten days into the cycle at 25GB on the MIFI with no throttling. So far, with a DW that surfs Pinterst much of the day, I like the new plan.
  12. Insurance update. I did get three quotes as suggested. There were definite differences between the quotes and my renewal. One was $700 less than my renewal amount and the other two were about $500 above. I went with the lowest quote which was from Miller Insurance Agency with National General Insurance being the insurance company. This quote was for the RV and my tow vehicle. It provided increased liability amounts on the tow vehicle and doubled my personal effects coverage. Happy with the insurance cost for this year. I do get a $150 refund for the remaining time on my Geico auto policy. Thanks for all of the advice and comments.
  13. Thanks for the information on Miller Insurance.  I will call Cheryl tomorrow.


    Mike Wilson (a WTAMU aggie '71;~))

  14. Agree with Kirk. I just had the insurance experience since my current policy expires tomorrow. I requested several quotes. Blue Sky did provide a quote but it was 1/3 higher than my best quote. I went with Miller Insurance as the agent and National General Insurance as the insurer. They provided the best quote for my Texas based, full-timer insurance and included my tow vehicle in one policy. My Miller Insurance was Cheryl Howarth.
  15. Somebody at National Interstate, surely sitting at a bar scribbling on a napkin, decided to see if I would renew my full-time policy with a 44% increase. Yes 44%. Answer is no way. Will be shopping for a new company first week in April.