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  1. I know of one particular individual who was permanently banned two years ago based on a single post. The post was blunt, but no racism, sexism, profanity or anything of that type. He received an email advising of the ban with a link to the post and no other explanation. There were no points, warnings, discussion, appeal or otherwise. He was a long time contributor who had never received any points, warnings, or communication of any type from admin. Like I said, I agree with the three strikes system, just know that it hasn't always been adhered to.
  2. I don't really blame Verizon in this. They entered this with the idea of helping a small segment of society with special internet needs. Then, when word got out about the plan, everybody and his brother is all of a sudden joining FMCA to take advantage of the offer whether they had a motorhome or even did RV'ing. I liken this to the other plan rolled out by the school district in Alabama. Verizon was trying to help out the students and parents of the district, who didn't have good alternatives for internet access. Then, the school decides to capitalize on the plan and make some money by selling it to anyone who signed up. JMO
  3. When did this 3 points system begin? If that is indeed the policy then I think it is a good one. It has not always been that way, however.
  4. I'm with you on this one, but rude and inconsiderate driving is a different issue, isn't it?
  5. So, you believe that all those popup campers should be towed by 2500 or larger pickups? A half ton pickup is more than adequate to tow many of the bumper pull travel trailers out there today. And, yes, they are very capable of towing some of the smaller fifth wheels. That being said, I certainly believe that one should tow well within the tow ratings of whatever vehicle they are using.
  6. Finally, they are charging what their service is actually worth.
  7. Who got banned?
  8. What type of vehicle? What type of door handle? Can you post a snapshot?
  9. If you're going to play lawyer, you might want to learn how to spell Supreme Court.
  10. I understand what you're saying. However, when it comes to a driver's license, the term endorsement has a very specific meaning. An endorsement is opposite of a restriction, which is also a specific term when relating to a driver's license. An endorsement enables the license holder to perform additional tasks, such as hauling hazardous material or operating a motorcycle. A restriction prevents certain activities, such as operating a motor vehicle without wearing eyeglasses. The generic definition of endorsement as found in a dictionary does not apply here.
  11. A CDL is a commercial driver's license. It can be Class A, Class B, or Class C, depending on type of vehicle. Endorsements can be added to a commercial driver's license for additional skills like hazardous material, tankers, buses, double towing, etc. A commercial driver's license is not an endorsement on a basic driver's license.
  12. Maybe you could give an example of a State which issues a CDL which is not really a CDL. There is no such animal as a Non Commercial CDL. All 50 States in the USA offer a CDL which meets or exceeds Federal Standards. If you have a CDL from any of the 50 States, you can legally drive a commercial vehicle in any of the 50 States and not be arrested or fined or otherwise penalized for simply doing so.