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  1. We arrived in Prince George this afternoon along with a pretty serious rain. The campground we are in is almost empty compared to when we stopped here on our way to Alaska in "09". I thought that with such a good money exchange rate with Canada this year, that more rigs would be headed North.
  2. Consider joining the Elks. There are a few lodges that have RV spaces in that area at a reasonable rate.
  3. If you are an Elk, there are a few lodges in the San Diego area that have RV spaces at a reasonable rate. If you plan on doing very much traveling, the Elks can be a great option in your travels.
  4. We appreciate the advice. We went to Alaska in 2009 and already purchased the current Mile Post, received the Tour Guide and the coupon book. We also recomment everyone should read James Micheners "Alaska" prior to driving up there. We enterred BC today at Sumas. We had no problems coming through but 2 things caught us by surprise. The Canadian web site said they would confiscate any raw eggs. My wife boiled a whole new carton that we purchased the day before only to find out that is old information and we could have brought them in un-cooked. The other surprise was that we have heard numerous times that you can bring in a rifle or shotgun but not a revolver. The Canadian border agent said that is not accurate. If you fill out the appropriate form and pay the fee, you may bring in a hand gun. I'm not sure how accurate that information is so you might want to double check it. We stopped for the night in Merritt and plan on continuing tomorrow to Kamloops and then East to visit some snow birds we met years ago in So. California who live in Blind Bay. As soon as our forwarded mail shows, up we intend to head west to highway 1 and continue North. If anyone headed for Alaska looks like they will pass us by, please give us a shout. Larry
  5. We expect to enter BC on 5/18 at Sumas and stop at either Merritt or Kamloops. We had traveled Hwy 1 in 2009 so are taking the 5 this time for a change in scenery.
  6. We are currently in Monroe WA. and move up to Birch Bay WA. tomorrow for about a week. We expect to enter BC around 5/18. We heard about a group of Escapee's headed towards BC that weren't aware of this blog. We would like to hear from any others going up this year in RV's to see if we are going to cross paths. We did Alaska in "09" and are looking forward to our return visit.
  7. We left Southern California last week slowly headed North for our Alaska travels this year. We were there in "09" and have wanted to go back ever since. We are looking for any others headed to Alaska this year. We plan on entering BC in mid to late May. Please comment if you are on a similar schedule.
  8. It is now mid March and we are curious as to who might be headed to Alaska this year. We intend to enter BC in mid May from Washington and take 3 weeks to a month to work our way up to Tok. We hope to do more boon docking this trip than we did in "09". We are open to traveling with one or two others that have similar interests and time schedules.
  9. My wife and I did Alaska in 2009 with 2 other couples. We entered BC at Sumas on 5/21 and entered Alaska on 6/21. We only made reservations twice and had no problems getting into campgrounds when we showed up. We only boondocked twice. We are returning this year and plan on a lot more boondocking. Sumas is the place to cross on the West coast. Extra booze was not a problem as long as we declared it, but revolvers are a no no. Try to leave enough time to enjoy British Columbia and Yukon Territory as they have a lot to offer. Along with purchasing the Mile Post (mandatory), I strongly recommend reading James Michener's "Alaska". Leave enough time to drive at 50 MPH or less and you shouldn't have any problems. I would recommend you check in with this site on a regular basis. We ended up meeting with several other contributors on this site at Talketna for the Moose Dropping Festival. Hope to meet some of you on this years trip.
  10. I would tend to stay on the US side of the border until being further West due to higher fuel costs in Canada. We are looking to visit Banff and Lake Louise but will catch them on the way out. We are told that there would still be a good chance of catching snow if we went there in May. You should still be able to catch Albuquerque for the balloon fiesta as the weather may drive you South out of Alaska in September.
  11. We are returning to Alaska this summer having enjoyed an entire summer exploring the state in 2009. We had traveled with 2 other couples in "09" and did take the TOW route. We got very little to view due to low clouds and rain. I don't recall seeing many places where you could pull off and boon dock. We expect to enter BC around mid May and depart Dawson City around late June. We will leave via the Cassiar around September depending on the weather. We were one of the regular contributors to the Alaska 2009 blog in which most of us met up in Talketna for the Moose Dropping Festival. We only made reservations for the 4th of July week and when we were going to the Denali area. Everyone will tell you to purchase the Mile Post, which we totally agree with, and we also found the Tour Saver coupon book to pay for itself almost immediately. I also recommend you read James A. Michener's book "Alaska". It is quite long but excellent background info before going into Alaska. The best recommendation we can make is to not be in a hurry. That's where most of the vehicle damage occurs is to those that are on a short time schedule. We hope to see some of you this summer as we make the trek. We do have some opinions about where and how to cross the borders, what you can or shouldn't take, etc. Feel free to contact us if it looks like we might cross paths.
  12. We went into BC in mid May in "09" while it was 70 degrees in Blaine Washington and 85 degrees in Fairbanks. The Milepost is a necessity as it has a lot of points of interest noted and I strongly recommend reading James Micheners "Alaska". We took 30 days touring BC and Yukon Territory. We were held up twice for a few days due to wild fires along side the highway. We watched the caravans fly by us, in a hurry to get to Alaska, missing a lot of the local interests. If you go to Denali, we highly recommend the park shuttle over the more pricey tour buses. The shuttle drivers know as much about the park as the tour drivers. Try to time getting to Talketna for the Moose Dropping Festival. Traveling to Haines and then heading towards Skagway, you should seriously consider taking the ferry to save a lot of fuel and driving. We had found a coupon book on the internet for around $100 and it saved us several hundred dollars in tour and food prices. Our biggest recommendation is to not be in a hurry. The frost heaves are usually, but not always, marked and if you insist on driving 65 MPH, you are asking for problems. We will be going back in the next year or two as it is too beautiful to take in in just 1 trip.
  13. Fresh water is available that they will deliver for a fee. There is a dump station and fresh water at the La Posa South BLM area if you don't mind waiting in line for quite a while. If you stay close to town on BLM land, there is a 2 week fee of $40. If you go out a few miles, there is no fee. The Boomer group tends to run around 100 rigs and are one of the further out groups. There are owner association groups as well as groups that just share similar interests. If you can hook up with a friend for your first visit it helps quite a bit. There are several flea markets in the area that you want to visit. As stated above, there is so much stuff there that you didn't know you needed. Be sure to hit the Yacht Club for lunch and Silly Al's for an awesome pizza.