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  1. We went with a Class B+ when we downsized. Our 2012 Phoenix Cruiser 2400 Sprinter was called a Class C by the dealer we bought it from; but Phoenix USA calls it a B+ , so sometimes it is just a matter of semantics. You might want to expand your search parameters unless the Winnebago is the one that "floats your boat".
  2. Have you considered a Class B+ motorhome? Here's an example of a 30 ft. model.
  3. Check out the Class B Forum farther down the Escapees opening forum page. You'll find a bit of active discussion about B's and B+'s. We looked at a Class B with multi-month trips in mind, and found B's to be too small for us and two Cocker Spaniels. Then we found our perfect fit for us with Phoenix Cruisers. Btw, we used to fulltime in a 40 ft Foretravel and a 30 ft Airstream trailer. Phoenix has models ranging from 21 ft to 31 ft. Here's a link to a used 26 ft model, then the link to the main website. No, we don't work for Phoenix...just like what they do.
  4. Deleted by member
  5. Sounds great! Maybe our trails will cross one of these days and we can swap look sees. After a month in the Houston, TX area in May (g'daughter's high school graduation) we'll stay home enjoying Chicagoland's temperate summer; then heading west in October to see old time fulltimer friends.
  6. Welcome to the "B Hive". Hope the tax man goes very easy on you so you can get that Nexus Viper. We looked at virtually every Class B that was anyway near our budget and specs, but with two Cocker Spaniels traveling with us, we needed more space. We stumbled on the Class B+ route, and after a factory tour of Phoenix USA (we live just 90 miles from Elkhart, IN) and saw the way they craft their motorhomes, we went with them. I see by your signature you guys are HDT Fivers. . .we fulltimed in a Foretravel U320 DP before downsizing; so most RV stuff is old hat. As I posted in the OP above, when we get back home after our two week "shakedown trip", I'll share some things that, at least to us are unique to Class B/Class B+ rving.
  7. No more Class Bs? I read your blog and noted that you and Dave are in an apartment in Minneapolis. Lucky for us, your vast experience is just what is needed for those of us who are just beginning the "Live Small" RV lifestyle, so hang on and we'll ask questions! My first one is, do you know anyone who has a used TravelScoot for sale? I looked at the new price and figured I'd have to take out a second mortgage to buy one. I even started a GoFundMe campaign, and three dear RV friends got me started, but I don't think it's going to go the distance. Looked at eBay but it's been a while so I'll check again. I would have never found TravelScoot if it weren't for your comment.
  8. This thread is a couple of years old, but we picked up the torch. Class B is open for business!
  9. We need our own M*A*S*H unit to follow us around.
  10. Anyone who knows us knows Two Hams in a Can are stage and small screen actors...but no fame and no fortune (and no autographs please) who were fulltimers until health issues turned us into sometimers. We were very active in The Class of 2006 thread, but dropped out until "hitch itch" got us back into the rv life. Since we have a B+ RV now, and since this Class B forum seems to be pitifully underused, Suzanne and I will be sharing our new found discoveries here ("newfound" even though we have been rving full and part time for seventeen years). After downsizing from a 40 ft Foretravel DP to a 24 ft Phoenix Cruiser Sprinter, we are finding any number of new ways of visiting old challenges. To paraphrase a song from the 1990s, "I like Class B's and I cannot lie...". I'm inviting all you B's and B+'s to add your insights, experiences and anything else that comes to mind to this stepchild part of The Escapees Discussion Forum. I'll post again later after our first real trip and it's challenges...not counting the journey from Sarasota FL to our home in Chicagoland after buying our rig in the dead of winter.
  11. Hey Steve! We remember that day fondly. That's what makes good rving memories. We have stopped in Deming in all three previous RVs we've owned, so we'll be stopping there in Fawkes, rv #4 on our western trip probably on our return in March 2018. We may be "Sometimers" now, but we stay out as long as our doctor appointments will allow! :-)
  12. What about this one?
  13. When we were fulltiming, we used "Apt. before our mail box number when # or P.O. Box wouldn't work.
  14. Schake. . .sent you a PM about used Foretravel coaches at Motorhomes of Texas
  15. You bet! All we need is a heads up as to when you will be here. I start the pork smoking at bedtime the night before the feast and it cooks all night. The closest RV park to us is 30 miles or so west in Joliet at the Hollywood Casino We've stayed there a few times and it wasn't too bad. Water & electric and a dump station. Illinois Beach State Park is really nice-wooded, quiet, deer grazing and reasonably priced; but it is around 80 miles up the Tri-State Tollway from us. If you prefer stix 'n brix accommodations, we have a guest bedroom we call Traveler's Rest. It has photos we've taken on our trips hanging on the wall; and is attended to by two girl Cocker Spaniels, Scout and Sydney. We'll show you "Fawkes", our Phoenix Cruiser which is serving as a great way to downsize when it's "Sometimer" not "Fulltimer" time.