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  1. Canada is 150 years old in 2017. As part of the celebrations, Parks Canada has dropped the entry fees to all National Parks in the country for the year. (Normal Camping Fees will still apply) http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/index.aspx John
  2. Not worth trouble shooting - junk it and buy a new computer. You can get a nice laptop for under $300, and Best Buy has a 19 inch all in one for under $300 on sale. Gift her your computer and buy a new one for yourself. John
  3. Have you checks for the Overlay Layers feature to see if water features is checked. John
  4. Take the bridge! John
  5. Probably very little - but that is the wrong question. Will it be harder to fit into a camping space? Will it be too big for some parks, including national parks? Will it be easy to sell when I want out? John
  6. I thought of another advantage of using a thumb drive for the file backup - Once the backup is completed, I eject the drive. This is a good practice because of the sophistication of the ransom-ware attacks. From the alerts, ransom-ware not only encrypts your files, it goes looking for backups on attached drives as well as in the cloud. So my thumb drive is not available to attack - its in my pocket. (the movies refer to this an an air-gap). John
  7. This is a great tool - I have been using since I got Win10. I keep a thumb drive on my key ring, and plug it in about once per week, and run the backup. When I leave the house, I have my key ring with me so I always have an 'off site' backup. John
  8. You can buy a Verizon phone for about $10 at Walmart, and buy a $100 card there too. I use the Gusto. http://www.walmart.com/search/?query=verison%20prepaid%20phone&typeahead=verison It costs about $0.25 per minute in the US and about $0.80 per minute in Canada. Plus you can access the internet for about $3 per day when you need it. And at Verizon http://www.verizonwireless.com/prepaid/ John
  9. Absolutely not true - I am a Canadian and use the phone in Canada and the US with no problems. John.
  10. I have Verizon and use the prepaid plan - I put $100 on the plan and it is good for a year and I add another $100 at the end of the year so that any unused balance rolls over. So I just pay for the time I use. This works great as an emergency phone. John
  11. Just my opinion - BUT - if your computer is so old as to be running Vista, it is not worth upgrading to Win 10. Time to retire it and buy a new WIN10 computer. You can by a Win10 laptop 14 inch screen for around $300 at Walmart, Bestbuy or Staples. eg http://www.walmart.com/ip/ASUS-Black-15.6-90NB0652-M30860-Laptop-PC-with-Intel-Core-i3-4005U-Haswell-Processor-4GB-Memory-500GB-Hard-Drive-and-Windows-10/46784945 John
  12. Hi RV, I know my way around Windows and had done that. The last release of maintenance went in and changed the default program for various graphic file extensions to Windows Photo. I changed them back to Irfanview, and a day later, Windows detected my change and changed it back again - my solution was to uninstall Windows Photo. That fixed it for now. My major complaint is the lightweight applets that MS is pushing us to use just to be compatible across platforms. They are downgrading the functionality of the laptop/desktop applications to match those on a smartphone. John
  13. My experience with WIn 10 upgrade on two laptops both running Win7.1. The upgrades went fine, but for the next couple of weeks I had minor driver problems with the touch pad - both machines, and the sound card on one. Both eventually were fixed. My issues with WIn 10 have been with Microsoft software - the biggest issue was when WIndows Essentials Live Mail stopped working - forcing me to use Win 10 Mail. Win10 Mail is a lightweight app that is missing many features that I use frequently - drag and drop attachments, distribution lists, ability to create new folders from within the app. I found work arounds for everything except distribution lists - eventually was able to fix Live mail and am again happy with that bit. The other annoyance with Win 10 trying to make me use their apps when I have preferred software - Firefox over Internet Explorer and Edge (another lightweight), Irfanview for photos, not Win 10 Photo. Solved these and happy until the next 'event'. I think that MS is making a mistake by forcing us to use the lightweight apps on our desktops just for compatibility with smartphones. My desktop is my workspace - I use it for serious work and I need serious full featured software. John
  14. After last night's updates, Win 10 started issuing messages saying that there was a problem with a default program and had changed the defaults. It changed the defaults for various graphic formats to Windows 10 Photo. I use Irfanview for my photos, so I changed the default photo viewer back to Irfanview and set it as the default program for BMP, JPG and a couple of other extension. Shortly after, Win10 changed them back again! So I uninstalled Photo. So take that Microsoft! Now I wait to see what will happen next. I found this (copy/paste below) on one site about default programs - what is interesting is that I do not use any of these programs (and I don't own a Smartphone so I don't care about compatibility) John Configure Stock Default AppsOn the splash page of the Default Apps section, you’ll see several different applications which have already been pre-selected to automatically use integrated Windows applications for seven of the main activities you’ll participate in while using the OS. At stock config, any email links clicked on or offline will launch using the default Windows Mail app, web links will open in Microsoft’s new web browser Edge, photos will be routed through the internal Photo Viewer, movies and video files will open in the Video Player app, and Map requests will automatically route to Bing Maps (from within a new tab of Edge).
  15. Do you know how to 'read the numbers'? eg 7*40 or 10*50? 7*40 are great for carrying about - 7 power magnification and 40mm front lens to gather light. 10*50 are 10 power magnification and 50mm front lens so they provide a bigger, brighter image, but are heavier. And the higher the magnification, the more shake affects the ability to study the 'target'. Nikon make a 10*25 which would be good for daytime bird watching, but not good on a boat due to movement. Then there are lens quality and lens coatings - and gas filled and zoom. Buy a recognized lens maker brand and you should be happy - we have Nikon and Cannon and they are both very good. John