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  1. I got a Garmin Nuvi 2689 with lifetime maps and traffic John
  2. I had the same problem - after a big update the GPS became very slow - searches took forever and sometimes failed. So I bought a new one with bigger screen and lots of new features. It has been great - very fast and that nice big screen. Useful new features include voice command, and some nice 'look ahead' features like approaching school zones (speed limit reminder), gas stations and rest areas. John
  3. It is easy to get rid of the tiles. Here is an article on 'how to.'. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2960788/windows/how-to-customize-windows-10s-start-menu.html I go rid of all the tiles and just added the ones I wanted - Control Panel, Backup, and windows update. My desktop looks like a traditional Win7 desktop and my frequent apps are pinned to the task bar. In other words, my Windows looks and works the way I want and not the default Microsoft way. John
  4. right click on the defender icon on the taskbar, and 'open' - then click on the Virus & Threat Protect icon and you get the Scan Now option. John
  5. I did the update on two laptops with no real problems, just a couple of observations. The new Defender has a couple of new checks - it want to protect your files on the cloud and your access to the Microsoft Apps store. I do not use either, but had to turn on those features to get rid of a 'system may be unprotected' warning. The new install must have reset the fonts, as one of our favourite fonts disappeared (again). No problem to download and reinstall. John
  6. Did some more digging. Verizon was using CDMA for voice comms, and the Canadian services (Bell, Telus etc) are shutting down CDMA in favor of newer technology -GSM and 4GLTE. But if you have a smart phone with a SIM card, you still need to check your phone for roaming in Canada as there are many different frequency bands and your phone may not be compatible with the Canadian towers. John
  7. Verizon users be aware that Verizon has changed how some cell phones may work - or NOT work in Canada. Although a Verizon customer for many years, I received no advance warning of this change. Background - We have two Verizon Pay as you go flip phones - cheap and convenient and meet our simple calling needs. We spend the summer in Canada and for thet past number of years our cell phones worked just fine in Canada on pay as you go roaming and less than $1. per minute. Just arrived in British Columbia and neither cell phone works!!!! We have hundred of $$ prepaid credit on these phones and they are currently useless. After spending time with customer support and reviewing teir web site, they have discontinued coverage in Canada for some models of phone - even though they worked in the past. To find out if your phone will 'roam' in Canada, check out this Verizon web page. They have various roaming options, including pre-paid, but only on certain models. https://www.verizonwireless.com/solutions-and-services/international-travel/ Now I have to wait until I get back to the USA so I can buy new Verizon cell phones that are on the 'approved' list, so I am without cell phones foe the summer. Not a happy camper! John
  8. Kofa web site is here http://kofako-op.com/ also by email to office@kofako-op.com John
  9. Canada is 150 years old in 2017. As part of the celebrations, Parks Canada has dropped the entry fees to all National Parks in the country for the year. (Normal Camping Fees will still apply) http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/index.aspx John
  10. Not worth trouble shooting - junk it and buy a new computer. You can get a nice laptop for under $300, and Best Buy has a 19 inch all in one for under $300 on sale. Gift her your computer and buy a new one for yourself. John
  11. Have you checks for the Overlay Layers feature to see if water features is checked. John
  12. Take the bridge! John
  13. Probably very little - but that is the wrong question. Will it be harder to fit into a camping space? Will it be too big for some parks, including national parks? Will it be easy to sell when I want out? John
  14. I thought of another advantage of using a thumb drive for the file backup - Once the backup is completed, I eject the drive. This is a good practice because of the sophistication of the ransom-ware attacks. From the alerts, ransom-ware not only encrypts your files, it goes looking for backups on attached drives as well as in the cloud. So my thumb drive is not available to attack - its in my pocket. (the movies refer to this an an air-gap). John
  15. This is a great tool - I have been using since I got Win10. I keep a thumb drive on my key ring, and plug it in about once per week, and run the backup. When I leave the house, I have my key ring with me so I always have an 'off site' backup. John