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  1. I am not necessarily a skeptic Kirk. The ACA ministry share exempt programs have been around quite a few years. As I always say it is not true insurance. However, it may make sense in this environment to consider this as an option especially to use in conjunction with a catastrophic insurance policy which may become available if the ACA is repealed. . People just need to make sure they understand exactly what they are getting.
  2. I got my Zim-5 unit with an AC adapter. Shipped as promised. Went to ATT to get sim card and followed instructions sent by Zim. I am writing this on my new ATT car connection. No problems. As promised. $79.00 more than ATT but they are in stock on Amazon.
  3. CoPilot does not need wifi to work.
  4. Glenn How many states have you used this in and have you had any problems with Drs not taking it? Do you need to discuss prices with them ahead of time? Insurance cos have the clout to negotiate prices and sometimes the prices for those without insurance are much higher.
  5. If I was looking to resell in the near future I probably would eliminate your option 1.
  6. Here is what I did when I had the urge to upgrade. I bought a new Samsung 8 inch tablet and installed Co Pilot RV on it. This got me at least two toys for the price of one. I got a windshield mount for the tablet and then use it for my GPS and all kinds of other things. Nice that I can just take it inside for route planning etc. I still have my Garmin around which I use at times as backup or second opinion but quite paaesed with CoPilot..
  7. I assume they have some relationship to Kaiser Permanente insurance company but I have always found them to be factual with great analysis. Probably my favorite health care resource.
  8. If you go to the Health section of the forum there are a few long threads about healthcare for those under 65. You will need to wade though a bit as the posts can drift off into a policy debate at times. The big issues are that (1) you need to change your domicile to the one you will be ordering insurance through. Simply having a mailing address in a state is not enough. There are articles about domicile in the information section and we have members familiar with the requirements. (2) For under 65's getting coverage on the ACA exchange can be difficult or impossible in some states since we need a policy that will provide out of state coverage. I am not up to date on the details but generally the three big RVer domicile states---Fl, Texas and South Dakota do not offer plans that provide good out of state coverage. Almost all, if not all, plans provide coverage for out of state emergencies however the issue is what if you need regular care out of state or what if you are somewhere and there is a dispute whether a condition which requires your hospitalization still constitutes emergency care. Because of this concerns under 65's seek out plans with out of state coverage. These plans are most often called PPO plans (this is different that multistate plans which just means the plan is offered in several states, not that it provides coverage in all states). The problem is that if insurers aren't getting out of the ACA market all together they are limiting their network of coverage and getting away from the PPO plans. So the pickings are getting slim and you may find it is best to maintain your residency using a friend or relatives mailing address if they have better offerings than Texas, Fl. I have maintained my residency in Michigan for insurance purposes mostly for medical insurance reasons. As far as prescriptions many just get there prescriptions at the big chains as once you are in the system with them you can go online and just change the pharmacy where you will pick it up. Also, many of us use the mail order places such as express scripts for 90 day supplies and you again can just go online and put in your mailing address. http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/125570-state-residency-and-aca-obamacare-health-plans/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/127027-an-aca-obamacare-strategy-sep/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/126062-where-will-healthcare-go-in-the-near-future/ http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/124397-20152016-aca-ppo-plans-in-26-states/
  9. Yes they are in Canada. I have been following my shipment online with the USPS. It has take about a week but Canada had a holiday last Monday and this Monday, of course, is Memorial day.
  10. Well the Zim-5 Enterprises thing concerns me as I have one that will arrive here on Tuesday. I will let you all know how it goes. I talked to them on the phone and they were very helpful and seemed knowledgeable. I held off recommending them until I got one in hand.
  11. Yep Chad sums it up nicely. I just got a cheap subpanel at Lowes. If you go for specialty RV parts things become expensive. I think jack has some recommendations in his write up.
  12. Bill---you are confused because it is confusing. I still need to refer Jack's page after I have been away from things for a while. I was going to recommend Jack's website but the man himself beat me to it. Read through his material and then look at the diagrams he has posted.
  13. Well this discussion has been quiet. I guess everyone is just mesmerized by the slow speed train wreck unfolding before us.
  14. I have not encountered any campground that counts both the vehicle and trailer or fifth wheel length. Always just the length of the trailer or fifth wheel without the vehicle so it makes no difference for length whether you have fifth wheel or trailer. Older campgrounds don't accommodate long fifth wheel or trailers as well because they were built for smaller rigs. We have a 40 foot fifth wheel and have not had problems although we tend to avoid the national parks now that we full time as you find nearby parks and recreational areas with the same to offer but without the crowds. You can get into many of the national parks however.
  15. What are the odds. I was thinking about this question less than two hours ago and had never really wondered about it before. An Airstream, not that big, came in with two AC units and I got to wondering whether that was overkill and then got to wondering whether you run them both on low and what exactly is the difference between low and high.