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  1. Great write up. Thanks. I like the idea of the smaller inverter for the fridge. I have the Magnum 3012 also and when I am running with solar I hate to see the lost Amp Hours. I will be looking more at your wiring set up for this. Thx again. dave
  2. Trostberg. The numbers in your scenario, including subsidies, are addressed in this article. (I do think that fulltimers costs, with subsidies, are higher than cited in the article because we need plans that allow coverage out of state but as set forth here the new proposal increases costs by 750% before we even get to deductibles. For a 64 year old with a $25,000.00 about $15,000.00 of that would need to go to premiums. http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/13/14914596/ahca-cbo-premiums-age This proposed legislation will devastate those in the 55-64 year age group. Dave H
  3. whj469 I agree with your comments just want to point out the US healthcare system is ranked 31st in the world.
  4. Ahhhhhh Good point Dave.
  5. I agree if it would be a good thing if younger users like this Kirk. Gotta say though I am 58 and don't know why these changes would be beneficial to those younger than me. An announcement stating the rationale and a user manual would have been a good start. I will stick with the forum and hope others do as well but they need some heavy customer service intervention here. This is a horrible roll out. I spent the first day trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer.
  6. Sen Bob Casey just said that In Adam Co Pa, the new proposal would increase cost to 50-64 year olds by $11,000.00. Everyone is making predictions without the benefit of CBO scoring. It seems insane to push this so fast without numbers telling you what may happen. Like Driving with your eyes closed.
  7. AARP is saying that 50-64 age group could see an out of pocket increase of around $8,000.00. Under current proposal this change would not hit until 2020 although I understand they are trying to pick up freedom caucus supporters by proposing 2018 implementation. This Kaiser article has a calculator to let you know specifically how you will be hit depending on your age and domicile. It is more optimistic than AARP but still ugly. http://kff.org/interactive/tax-credits-under-the-affordable-care-act-vs-replacement-proposal-interactive-map/
  8. Off topic but Yarome you either just added a new tagline or I just read it for the first time. Either way: Ha!
  9. This paragraph from today's Washington Post explains why it is impossible to predict what is going to happen: Over the next 45 minutes, according to Kasich and others briefed on the session, the governor made his pitch while the president eagerly called in several top aides and then got Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on the phone. At one point, senior adviser Jared Kushner reminded his father-in-law that House Republicans are sketching out a different approach to providing access to coverage. “Well, I like this better,” Trump replied, according to a Kasich adviser.
  10. Jack when you say things "with facts not counting" you are indirectly calling others liars. I not only provided a link to support my post but am prepared to extensively back up every statement I made in response to your post. I have now deleted my post because it responded to your deleted post. I do need to point out though Jack that you are a moderator and your post had absolutely do nothing to do with healthcare. I am on this thread because I am under 65 and looking for a healthcare solution. That is the sole reason I follow this thread. You stopped by and made a comment on immigration and then left in a huff telling others they needed to focus solely on healthcare. I am all for focusing on health insurance but when moderators stop by and make off topic comments on a highly inflammatory non related subject, they need to be corrected and called out just like anyone else.
  11. Yes, you are right of course Paul. I did read today two articles I will post later about the details of the house health proposal as submitted to the Governor's association. Gov Kasich was extremely critical. The upshot for us is that subsidies are lowered and the rates will be increased specifically for the 50- 64 age group. This of course is just the House proposal but the preliminary analysis has been very negative as it relates both to cost and coverage.
  12. Deleted as it responded factually to Jack Mayer's post which he has now deleted.
  13. I agree with Zulu, even Adam Smith knew the forces of capitalism needed to be restrained and managed for long term success and a moral society. Inequality is off the charts, not in my opinion, but as clearly established in data. Anyway, this is an interesting read on John Boehner's comments this week where he sees the ACA going. Too bad we have to wait for them to be out of office for frank and honest assessments. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/john-boehner-obamacare-republicans-235303
  14. Good question. Another thing to research.
  15. Is there a link to this ATT deal? I tried the one above but it did not work. Dave