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  1. All good ideas, thanks for starting the thread.
  2. I don't know where you're located, but if I were anywhere near Houston, I'd go to PPL and try a bunch of different ones. I've had motorhomes since 1977 & I've not (that I can remember anyway) ever heard a diesel pusher owner say he wished he had a similar gasser. I have heard several gasser owners, myself included, comment that they wish they a diesel. If you drive it, it's gotta be diesel, if you park it, it matters not, and a gasser gives more value in that case. Just something to think about.
  3. I went to the AT&T store in Lufkin today, wish I had seen this earlier, thanks Gary ! I went to ask about a plan to use in Canada, had 4 guys waiting on me, thought I was gonna have to explain where & what Canada was !
  4. Must be something in the air. My BIL has a Morningstar that is wanting to charge a 15 v, it's set at 14.4v. Have you checked you equalize settings ?
  5. A Motorhome tank most likely has an ASME certification, no need for recertification unless you've welded on the tank body.
  6. No longer have a clinic.
  7. One of those air beds outta control ?
  8. Seems to me that it would be pretty simple to make a software correction that would pair a antenna to a receiver, protected by using the IEME on the receiver as a PIN.
  9. Yep, tried it, took one trip pulling the 5th wheel, being restricted as to where we could go, the PITA to find a place to pull over to use the facilities &&&. But, it depends on you, and what you want in your travels.
  10. When I head for Alaska again next summer I'll be carrying an unmounted used carcass. Normally on 22.5’s I don't carry a spare.
  11. Gary, tried T-Mobile 2-3 yrs good at RE. Just accept it, we live in a Black Hole !
  12. Pretty divisive last statement there grasshopper. Not like a real SKP.
  13. Closer still is the trailer repair place on 1988 out the back door of Rainbows end. Nice guy, access doesn't look good but he has plenty of space. PM me if you want his phone # 3224 E. FM 1988 Goodrich TX77335 United States
  14. Put some translucent panels in the side walls to lighten things up.