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  1. I don't have any at this time, I will take some pictures of the lift and the way I have it mounted to my deck and post them this week. Roger
  2. New Rampage lift with optional 4K winch for sale, used one trip to the ECR. Located in Wichita, Ks. 2500.00 and it's yours, might help with delivery if going to the National Rally. Bought a new Smart car so it must go. Roger 316-617-4734
  3. I agree with David. Roger
  4. Pm sent
  5. If while here at the ECR, the DirectLink rep is going to try to program a unit for my 99 610 with a Cummins in it, and if so I will have a Hays for sale at a rock bottom price. Roger
  6. I also have a Pacific Pride card, that is also a FuelMan card, lots of locations including the local QT stores in Wichita. If you can use it at a convenience store you can save money. I am going to try it at the Walmart here in Crossville this week to see if it will work here. Roger
  7. Thanks for the link Scrap, but how did you know just this week I was looking for a radiator and air charge cooler for the Red Baron? Roger
  8. Not most could put that crowed to shame, man I wish I had me some of flames
  9. Here is a 200 Itasca Horizon RV that has a wheel chair door, shower and lift to the bed. I know he will take 30,000 for it, but might be bought cheaper at the auction, and I have seen it in person, it's in great shape, looks as good as new. He has it on a auction site, here is the link. gavelroads.com Look under the boat and RV section, hope this helps. Roger
  10. Jim, I thought we had the same transmission, I have the I-Grind 3 pedal version. Roger
  11. But have you stayed in a Holiday in Express lately.
  12. You talking about me?? Ya, and you have had some of the shine also, so smooth but gets to ya. Roger
  13. I for many hate this update. And thanks for the heads up on the update. Welcome to Buckee's where everything is not what it seams. Roger
  14. I believe he is Raton New Mexico.
  15. I have the Kelderman 4 link on my lgt truck, If I would ever do it again I would go with the Liquid Spring route, I took a test drive in a Ford F-350 and it was much improved over my Kellerman, but 1,500 dollars higher, but in my case well worth the cost.