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  1. I've seen nylon carpet removed during "updating" of S&B's etc used on sand/dirt floored machine sheds. Just don't sit and turn the steering tires forth and back showing off... it bunches it up a bit...
  2. I'll be paying a bill next week to overhaul the roof of a truck camper I hardly use ... each incident of the demi$e and repair$ of "rv junky components" gets me thinking on an alternative way... lately I've been looking at nice clean air ride dry van trucks as a starting point to build out a simple conversion to a motorcycle hauler setup so I wouldn't need to tow anything. I'd use the lift gate to load a couple bikes in the living room. My needs are pretty simple but I do go places it can be cold sometimes so starting with an empty shell and clean frame rails below seems to be the simplest way to properly insulate as needed before applying the finishes. Units built for warm weather country always seem to have something left out in the wind to freeze and / or a rabbit warren of compartments and nooks and crannies to try to insulate... I would add skirting to the body below the sill to finish out the unit etc etc Interested in those websites too
  3. Kenworth does this as a safety feature: you move switch to deflate suspension, it stays deflated until human person moves switch to re-inflate. How can a suspension that re-inflates on it's own opposite to how you have set the controls when you key off the truck be a "safety feature"? Signed, Confused by Wolwo features sometimes
  4. Rust = hit the brakes... 600 hp ISX or not ... Rust ... no thanks
  5. I'm thumbing through the classifieds and I come across a vehicle of interest for you K dubbya T 2 folks: Ya it has many things "wrong" to conform to HDT RV specs... But tip the hood and what do we have here...
  6. Dollytrolley - after many moons in the commercial side of heavy trucks and so far resisting personal ownership of one due to it being a waste of good motorcycle money...if you / others start such an organization I may have to find an haytch dee tee in the bush someplace... it may be a political incorrect one complete with no mufflers, big gopher bonker front dozer blade bumper, 40 eleventeen lights etc. sheet metal hood... o.m.g.
  7. I carry a barrel of Pratt&Whitney coolant at all times.
  8. JimK - I ran Rickson & 19.5's and was not happy with them except when running fully loaded. Empty the truck ducked around following parallel ruts and cracks in the road surface. The assemblies are heavy and are unsprung weight which affected the handling, braking, acceleration, and fuel economy. With 5000lbs of water in a tank in the box of the SRW they ride and handle great. I took the 14pr Goodyear off and mounted 4 Michelin XZE smoothie tires, 12pr and they were an improvement in ride and were better in snow and ice with the teeth in the grooves of the tread. The 18" new take off fabric carcass tires work well and give 3720lbs capacity. My tire door sticker advises 40psi in rear empty and the truck rides nice (for a won ton) at those pressures on our busted roads.
  9. that's mr cob flying the chair and me demonstrating a wheel change while under way. No gophers were harmed.
  10. I edited my big story Kirk - I realized the OP was asking about inside stuff... I got story telling before coffee
  11. I'm convinced it's usually flatlanders who think heavy vehicles climbing grades are "in the way..." The rest of the world seems to understand "gravity, and it's effect on large clumsy rubber tired vehicles..."
  12. A secret emergency stash of 4 rolls of rv bum fluff.
  13. It's us you guys! We got the beer and curry...
  14. Paste the picture on yer desktop. Drag it into the box below v Use the + to put it in the post ^