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  1. I have spent time in a van conversion without a shower. Used a solar shower at times and a pump up garden spray. Both worked OK.
  2. There used to be a hidden GOTCHA in the Progressive small print. Your RV can not be the ONLY registered and insured vehicle. You must have a second vehicle, a 50 cc twist and go scoot will do as long as you have it registered in your name and insured in your name. You need to check and see if it is still there. Progressive were happy to take our money and only queried us after a year when we went to renew. I was OK as I had bought a M/C and a carrier which were insured through Progressive.
  3. My hoses which are blue and white striped were bought from Walmart 10 years ago and are still leak free. I suspect the reason for their longevity is their lack of UV exposure. I use them to fill the tanks then put them away.
  4. Do you expect to be living off the grid with access to LPG supplies for long periods of time.If the answer is yes you want to look at a 12 volt fridge. It should be a top opening compressor fridge. An ARB Fridge freezer is a self contained unit that you could take with you in the car. as well as using in the RV. But for maximum efficiency go for a top loading insulated box with at least 6 inches of insulation and a separate cooling unit. I have a Adler / Barbour SuperColdMachine CU-200 which I am very happy with. This can be run off 12 volt batteries without the inefficiency of an inverter. Otherwise go for a RV gas/110v fridge unit and run it off gas when you don't have lecky. Your salesman does not understand the relative efficiency of different systems.Running a domestic fridge off an inverter is about the most inefficient way to go.
  5. Leadville is worth a visit esp. the mining museum. Take the The Matchless Mine tour. Go gold prospecting see
  6. If you are in Texas PPL Houston is worth a visit. Their sales staff are not on commission so no hard sell.SEE Get Texas driving licences if you can. they will give you a much wider choice of insurance companies and save you $100s on the annual premiums. If you plan to visit the National Parks get a America the Beautiful 2017: National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass. At $80 US for both of you it is bargain.
  7. They do make some smaller fivers at around 24 ft. A fiver will be more stable on the road and less affected by crosswinds. It is also much easier to reverse.
  8. Look hard at the amount of 'STUFF' you are going to travel with. Then look hard at the amount of storage space each type of camper offers. Class As and SOME fivers have lots of storage. Travel trailers and some class Cs often have next to none. We drove around North America in with a geriatric GSD in a small class A for two and a half years and we completely filled all available storage lockers and cubbies with stuff. If you plan to move a lot a small Class A or C makes sense and you need not tow a car. However in your position I think I might look hard a fiver, yes you are going to need a pickup truck to tow it but at your budget 10 k on truck and 10 k on a fiver makes sense. You don't give a location but if you are close to Houston PPL have 10 or so fivers under 10k.
  9. Houstom to Cabo san Lucas on the Baja. Up to Alsaka via the ALCAN after visiting most of the West coast National Parks and some skiing at Mt Hood and Squaw. Back down the other side of the Rockies and across to Florida. We fitted in The Ranch [ unforgettable ] Quartzite [amazing] Carlsbad Caverns [deeply impressive] a day watching the Slough Creek wolf pack on a kill [ we did not know how lucky we were ], the fishing bears at Hyder [smelly] The Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula and so much more. All of this with a geriatric GSD. We rarely stayed anywhere more than 3 days except Jan/Feb when we stayed put. 21/2 fantastic years.
  10. We only made reservations for holiday weekends and always for popular National Parks like Denali and Yosemite. In fact I quickly learned to find out when the bookings were released and sat on the lappie at midnight poised to book at 1 second past. We always traveled with empty waste tanks and some water and were happy boondocking on the odd occasion we found our chosen park full.
  11. Make sure you do the logging tour in Forks. Hosted by former loggers you get to see different logging sights and a working mill. We saw elk end learned about timber production in the past as well as today. Well worth while. We also enjoyed Harry’s Ridge, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. 8 miles round trip; 200 feet gain. Best time: May through October The best way to understand what happened at Mount St. Helens in 1980 is to walk in the path of the blast. This trail takes hikers from the crowded Johnston Ridge Observatory to a point overlooking stark Spirit Lake. Hikers can see the regrowth close-up and get views of the volcano and blast zone.
  12. That was the route I went down but had a Yam 225 dual sport not a scoot. It is a real lightweight. It was OK on the freeway and great fun off road. Transverse carrier on the hitch made it easy to carry. I did not notice the difference when both were left behind.
  13. You are running on a set of time bombs. I had a 7 year old Michelin XZA blow out the inner sidewall with the well known 'zipper' type failure. The force of the blow out damaged the engine doghouse and the passenger side floor. The tire still had about half new tread depth A front tire blowout is not a trivial incident it often leads to loss of control and a major accident. Perceived wisdom is to replace RV tires at 7 years REGARDLESS OF WEAR.
  14. If you are going to be touring around moving every few days I would go for a Class A. We loved being able to pull up in the rain and put the kettle on with our feet up with out having to go outside. On the other hand A big 5er with slides is great if you don't move it much. Remember if you are boondocking with a 5er you need to think about generators, water tanks and grey/black water tanks.
  15. I faced a similar problem in 2006. I was able to store my rig in the Livingston SKP for about 2 1/2 months for a reasonable rate. There are some car rental places that will do a one way. I used Enterprise they will deliver for a fee.