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  1. Let me know where you are or are willing to go and I may have a solution to your singling dilemma. You can email me....email in my profile.
  2. I've been finding that mimo outperforms amps probably 50% or more of the time- even amps with the best antennas on them. Assuming everything is set up correctly. That is in MY set of circumstances. Smitty, I'll be interested in your findings.
  3. David, where are you staying in that area? We are looking for a stopping point headed North.
  4. Proper driving technique, along with some safety training helps a great deal. So does equipment - for example Safe-T-Plus (or a like product) might have helped mitigate this some. It is a combination of factors that typically leads to this type of tragedy. Having good rubber on the vehicle, and a tire monitoring system can also help. Although a TPMS will not help with a catastrophic, sudden blowout, many of those are preceded by conditions that the TPMS "could" help with.
  5. Chad, buy a keyboard case for the iPad. They work well. I have one for my Android tablet and it makes it into a "real" computer As far as the topic, I'll let Chad continue on it as he is doing very well.... I'll chime in if I see anything to add. I'm kinda tied up on other projects at the moment.
  6. How does a power cord give better amplification?
  7. I agree with Chad's assessment of the RV industry and buyers. MOST manufacturers will not install proper solar because there is little demand. And most manufacturers do not have the expertise to do a proper job. Even the custom manufacturers are challenged with getting it right.....I've worked with them to educate them on proper wiring and component selection. But they simply do not do enough of them to build an expertise in-house. I'm talking about large systems like Chad, Smitty and I have. It is hard for most users to justify spending $15K on an advanced, large system installed by a manufacturer. And that is what it is going to run if you include everything. Of course, you can write off about 30% if you fall within the laws. Chad is correct that I'm working on a design with an entire roof of solar....the airconditioning will be capable of running off the solar/battery bank, and there will be nothing else on the roof except solar. Which will help cool the rig The battery bank will be a large LFP bank. There will be about 4kw of solar, perhaps a little more. But this is not a coach most weekenders would buy. It will be a coach/truck "system" that will compete at the level of a Newmar King Aire, but will cost far less. Same amenities and a little less "flash" in the style.
  8. Try Retama Village, Mission, TX. All different size homes and prices, from "tiny houses" at 480 sq. ft. to regular homes. And several in between. They are described in the rental website, but the sales site has more. www.retamarentals.com
  9. The smaller 120 volt dorm refrigerators will generally fit the opening if you are looking for a low-priced refrigerator replacement. You have to use an inverter with it. And it will not look "built in" in the same way the Volvo fridge does. Truckfridge is the place to go for aftermarket alternatives that are 12-volt. They have good stuff at pretty good prices.
  10. Or, you can cut a sim down to the proper size with an Xacto knife, if you are careful. Be sure not to get any blood on the contacts.
  11. It is pretty sensitive. I recommend a better headset than comes with it.....but it can find leaks soap and water cannot.
  12. Smitty, my order was one of the "backlogged" scheduled to ship by late March. I got it early and it works as it should. 250G plan, verified. Livingston address. All is well, but where I am now the speeds are slow. Other places they were fine. I cannot determine if it is the tower, or if I'm throttled because I'm "out of area". I'm out of contract so I can junk it and go to a Mobley if I have to.
  13. It will be custom so the spot will be there. Probably a ceiling mount or a cabinet mount unit, not the bigger wall mount. I'll be interested in your results....I'll move that discussion to your other thread, once you get it up and running.
  14. It is very, very important to remove all direct connects to the battery bank and move them to a distribution hub or (better) a bus bar like Chad did. It makes things much neater, for one, and expandable. It also allows proper placement of the shunt.
  15. Nice job Chad. If we manage to get to the WCR I'll be expecting some "solar talk". A "less than" $4K price for all that is spectacular. Others should not realistically expect to duplicate that. But you CAN save a bunch by installing it yourself, building your own cables, and buying in bulk and sharing. Which was the entire premise of the winter "solar rally" we did two years ago in Mayo, FL. Anyone that is a DIY oriented person can install this stuff. Just follow best practices. There is a LOT of info on my website. And I'm happy to answer questions.