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  1. Why not just put a panel on the truck. Or better yet, since you have power, why not put on a batteryMinder.
  2. Kenny, as you may know, Danielle and I used a Volvo 610 for three years as a daily driver. We had no other vehicle. It worked fine for us. It could easily be set up with appropriate seating in the back and would not be much longer than a crew cab dually. Our's was singled short to a 182" wheelbase - 6" longer than our F550 that it replaced. It could carry a motorcycle but not a car. Lots of storage.
  3. I've attempted two rebuilds on these - both unsuccessful on testing. I'm not saying you cannot rebuild - it just depends on what is wrong. But you might consider putting in a new one and keeping the other as a spare like Carl did. If you do the work yourself it is not too bad.....
  4. You could do something really nice with some of the sleeper boxes he has. On the right truck.
  5. Welcome to the forum, Kenny. Here is a video I did on weights and balances that will help to answer your hitch question. On the bath idea, it is going to take up quite a bit of space, along with the seating. So "short" is relative. It certainly will not fit into a 22' short singled truck. It "may" fit into a 30' truck if you are not carrying deck cargo and extend the cab. You could certainly do something in 30'. But it will be pretty custom and will be priced accordingly unless you build it all yourself. You can find Toterhomes that will do what you want, but even they will need modification for proper seating. And they will be over 30', typically.
  6. When people ask me - and they do - why a New Horizon costs so much I usually tell them "You get what you pay for...." and then amplify from there. And you do. It is just that most people are not willing to pay for higher quality, let alone custom higher quality. The difference between a higher quality unit and lower quality units is in infrastructure, mainly. And quality of materials used in the interior. And lastly, the craftsmanship.
  7. You are correct. The RV is quieter. How much, I don't know. But the truck APUs are pretty noisy, IMO. An Onan properly located on the truck would improve things considerably and give you more power than an apu.
  8. You have to bench bleed it - or you will regret it. Rig up something to do it with.
  9. You can use any adhesive caulk compatible with your roof covering. I've used 5200, but that is overkill. I also have used adhesive silicone caulk on fiberglass. VHB tape works well too.
  10. I'll be at the National Rally, of course And after that, likely in Parsons.
  11. Yes, it is very, very common to have misinformation on the advertisement. And it is very, very common that the salespeople do not really know the stock they have on hand. Same for RV salespeople. But if you dig enough you can get the "facts".
  12. No real "lift" on the axle, but it did unload it enough to essentially do the same thing.....
  13. Yes it will fit that space. With room left over.
  14. So I was pretty close....... If you want to see a 182" wb it follows.....on my daily driver Volvo 610.
  15. That price sounds pretty much spot-on......