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  1. I'll be at the National Rally, of course And after that, likely in Parsons.
  2. Yes, it is very, very common to have misinformation on the advertisement. And it is very, very common that the salespeople do not really know the stock they have on hand. Same for RV salespeople. But if you dig enough you can get the "facts".
  3. No real "lift" on the axle, but it did unload it enough to essentially do the same thing.....
  4. Yes it will fit that space. With room left over.
  5. So I was pretty close....... If you want to see a 182" wb it follows.....on my daily driver Volvo 610.
  6. That price sounds pretty much spot-on......
  7. Strictly a guess but I'd say 206-210". That will make a nice hauler.....
  8. He is in a status where each individual post has to have approval. And that is really all I know about it other than the reason he was zapped - which has been discussed.
  9. That would be John Tupper. He no longer has that rig. And, yes, he was banned. The rules are pretty clear, and you do get three points before being banned. You may not like the rules, and that is your choice.
  10. The admin in question works for Escapees. They are not a moderator - they are the admin. In general you get 3 points and you are banned. As far as I can tell Sibernut is not banned, but his posts have to be approved by a moderator. Perhaps a new way of handling things....I don't know. The forum software is a little different than in the past.
  11. If you have the skills you can weld something up. But there is more to it to have something that operates effectively and has longevity. Henry continues to refine the ET family of hitches. He has recently, for example, been working with us (RVHLifestyles) to build "preload" into the hitch for RVs that have light pin weights. This also reduces "bounce" on big bumps. This is just one example of continued refinement of the hitch. There are others. I'll provide some free advice - which is worth exactly nothing. The place to economize is not on running gear and hitches. IMO. Sure, if you want to engineer a replacement product like BMZero did, then that is a good thing.....choices are good. But he had the skills and was doing it as a longer-term business project. And that may also be your intention - in which case have at it...but it is not simple to get right.
  12. Here is the video where I compare the two versions of the smart. Hesitation on the new one is primarily turbo lag.
  13. I've had to repair a Bigfoot - on a Sunday. I called, left a message for their "pager carrier" and got a call back within the hour with the workaround. So I would consider that outstanding service. One example, though.
  14. This plan is basically on "hold" as noted above. There is a lot of questions as to its long term viability. Meaning Verizon may kill it like they did with Omnilynk. This is a little different and they claim to have done their homework. I'm signed up in the first batch....we will see how long it lasts.
  15. You will have to go fullsize if you want propane. As far as I can find there are no 24" separate propane dryers any more. At least I could not find any. Our plan on the next rig is to do 27 inch units....BUT that does have implications on interior design. They require more hall space to get them to their "home", and they are a little deeper. So you have to design for them. Just keep that in mind and it should not be an issue if you are building custom. But on production units it may not work. Just depends on the unit. Those who have the propane say they do not use "much" propane. I'll likely go that route, since I don't mind getting propane occasionally. The issue with 240 volt is that you are using dual 30 amp loads (30 on each leg, out of 50 available). When I did the energy map on the rig we are currently in it would have required managing power either manually or with an EMS. I chose not to go that route, for various reasons, but it is viable for some. On our next coach I will be using a LARGE LFP battery bank to drive the coach and probably don't want to do electric dryer on that. So I'm likely going to do propane. It really depends on what your lifestyle and goals are. But 27" is the way to go if you can.